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weather centerNielson-Gammon, center and pointing, with students in the Atmospheric Sciences weather center.The Office of the Texas State Climatologist (OSC) is housed in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, College of Geosciences, Texas A&M University. The OSC is an AASC-Recognized State Climate Office. The OSC receives its base funding from Texas A&M University. 

The State Climatologist is John Nielsen-Gammon, who became State Climatologist in 2000 following the retirement of John Griffiths. Also affiliated with OSC are postdoc Brent McRoberts, graduate assistant David Coates, and undergraduate assistants Emily Lewis and Ryan Gonzalez. 

Currently active research projects include a study of the local and regional causes of summertime drought in Texas, an assessment of meteorological conditions that lead to high levels of air pollution in eastern Texas, the development of tools to better monitor rapidly-changing drought conditions at the county scale, the production of a decade-by-decade climate atlas for Texas, and an investigation of decade-scale historical variations in climate in Texas and New Mexico.