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Drought Monitor Coordination Call Summary, 27 January 2014

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Another dry week for the state, with the only precipitation in the southern corer of the state, but as snow and freezing rain with such low accumulations that it had no positive impact at all. Conditions remain cooler than normal, though at this point January has been dry enough that conditions are degrading in spite of it, with streamflows continuing their decline across the state. Though reservoirs are holding steady, they are again back at historically low levels unless a big precipitation event brings their levels up substantially, which does not seem like a viable option this week with no substantial rainfall on the horizon.

Drought Monitor Coordination Call Summary, 20 January 2014

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As was the case with the last few weeks, conditions were cold and dry across the state this week. having gone the better part of the past two months without much precipitation at all, parts of the state are seeing their short term deficits grow rapidly and impacts begin to show themselves in spite of the mild temperatures. Streamflows are down across the state and crop moisture has begun to become a concern, especially in the Panhandle. Fortunately, reservoirs are holding steady at least. More cold weather in expected next week, though nothing more than half an inch or so, so degradations could keep coming after this week.

Drought Monitor Coordination Call Summary, 13 January 2014

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Another cold week, with some moderate precipitation in the eastern half of the state, particularly for the Brazos and Trinity River Valleys and much of northeast Texas. West and southern Texas, however, were dry, including far southeast Texas and the eastern Panhandle, two regions that have beens seeing development in short-term drought impacts. Unfortunately, the model outlook for the coming week is dry as well, with no parts of the state expected to se significant precipitation.