FAQ: Texas drought 2011

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Q: Is Texas still undergoing the worst drought in recorded history?

A: The 2011 drought was the worst one-year drought in recorded history.  As of early April 2012, only portions of the state are experiencing any form of drought. North central, central, and east Texas have been cleared of the drought due to recent rains in February and March. However, parts of west Texas, the Panhandle, and south Texas continue to endure extreme or exceptional drought conditions. For the current drought conditions in Texas, please visit the DROUGHT section of the OSC website. 

FAQ: What does a climatologist do?

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Q: What does a climatologist do?

A: While most climatologists are meteorologists or geographers by training, they focus on the broad trends and consistencies that are evident in our small-scale and large-scale climatic regions. Some develop and run climate models while others focus on improving our knowledge of present and past climate through observations.  A State Climatologist is a particular type of climatologist who focuses on providing climate services at the state and local level and conducting applied climatology research of particular relevance to the region.