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Severe Weather in Texas: 1995

Severe weather in Texas can be categorized by two factors: loss of life and the cost of damage estimating over $1 million. The following events were included because they caused an extensive amount of destruction and in some cases, fatalities were also a result of the severe weather.

May 5, 1995: A thunderstorm moved across the Dallas/Fort Worth area with 70 mph wind gusts and rainfall rates of almost three inches in 30 minutes (five inches in one hour). Twenty people lost their lives as a result of this storm, 109 people were injured by large hail and, with more than $2 billion in damage, NOAA dubbed it the “costliest thunderstorm event in history.”

May 28, 1995: A supercell thunderstorm produced extreme winds and giant hail in San Angelo, injuring at least 80 people and causing about $120 million in damage. Sixty-one homes were destroyed, and more than 9,000 were slightly damaged. In some areas, hail was six inches deep, with drifts to two feet.

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