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Severe Weather in Texas: 2015

Severe weather in Texas can be categorized by two factors: loss of life and the cost of damage estimating over $1 million. The following events were included because they caused an extensive amount of destruction and in some cases, fatalities were also a result of the severe weather.


May 4, 2015: Flood. Lubbock. Dozens of vehicles from Lubbock to Tahoka required rescuing after motorists drove into deep floodwaters and became stranded. Combined damage to vehicles, homes and thousands of acres of wheat crops exceeded $300 million in crop and property damage.

May 8, 2015: Hail. Lubbock. Widespread hail damage occurred to homes, businesses, vehicles, and wheat crops. The area sustained nearly $500 million of combined property damages and $100 million in crop damage.

May 23-30, 2015: Flash Food. South Central. Over 25 deaths resulted from flash flooding and destructive tornadoes from North Central to South Central. Flood waters inundated at least 2,585 homes and 73 commercial buildings. Over $1 billion in property damages occurred.

October 23-24, 2015: Flash Flood. North Central. Heavy rain led to flash flooding across portions of North Central Texas with rainfall totals in flood damaged areas ranged from 5 to 21+ inches within a 36 hour period. Total property damage throughout the region was estimated to be $1 billion dollars.

December 26-27, 2015: Tornado. North. A potent storm system brought blizzard conditions to Lubbock and 12 deadly tornadoes to North Texas followed by significant flooding across parts of North and Central Texas. In total, 15 people died, over 600 were injured, and tens of thousands of dairy cows in West Texas were killed.

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