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September 2023 Climate Summary

Significant Weather Events:

With September being the start of meteorological fall, increased storm activity over the month’s course is typically expected. This was indeed the case for September 2023 with 198 total storm reports (August’s total was 69). Some of the most notable events are as follows:

  • September 16 - Hidalgo County - A landspout formed near La Villa. A video was posted of this event, depicting a condensation funnel at the ground reaching about halfway up to the parent storm above.
  • September 19 - Hardeman County - 2.75” hail fell in Quanah.
  • September 22 - Hutchinson County - Winds as strong as 87 mph were recorded near Fritch. Reports of overturned RVs and damage to houses were made in conjunction with the wind report.
  • September 25 -  Williamson County - The Round Rock area experienced hail as large as 4.0” causing massive damage across the area.


As has been the case for the past few months, monthly temperature averages were above normal. The warmest portions had temperatures near 90 degrees Fahrenheit with the highest average recorded at 89.5 degrees in La Salle County. The majority of the state had temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees while parts of the Panhandle fell below 75 degrees. The coolest monthly average was 72.0 degrees in Castro County. Overall, temperatures were warmer than normal with some areas reaching up to 5 degrees above the average.


Almost the entire state saw much-needed rainfall over the course of September. Some areas were fortunate to receive very high accumulations while others were left with just a trace of rain for the duration of the month. The highest rainfall total recorded for the month was 12.95” in Harris County.


Warm temperatures and varying rainfall made for some widespread improvements as well as widespread degradations in various parts of the state. As of this week, 97% of the state is experiencing dryness versus 98% a month ago. The portion of the state in drought has risen to 81% versus 76% at the start of September. The area of Texas in moderate drought is 21% (14% one month ago), 22% is in severe drought (29% one month ago), 25% is in extreme drought (20% last month), and 13% is in exceptional drought (same as last month).

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