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Weekly Climate Summary: 01/09/2022

The past 2 weeks in Texas weather continued the dry trend from December. Outside of the Piney Woods region and Gulf Coast, the majority of the state experienced less than 0.1” of precipitation across this period. Certain Counties in the Panhandle, Big Bend Country, and Lakes and Prairies region experienced slightly higher precipitation up to 1” however most of these regions remained very dry.  In addition to those counties, counties along the gulf coast also observed 0.1-1” of precipitation. The Piney Woods region was the wettest in the state across this period with precipitation between  0.5-2.5” in most counties. Jasper County and Tyler County recorded the most amount of precipitation across this period with 4.75-5.5”.



While still positive across the state, temperatures departures became less extreme compared to December. In the Panhandle, temperatures were observed to be 0-3 °F warmer than normal. Furthermore, Lipscomb County in the Panhandle was the only County in the state which recorded a negative temperature departure of 0-3 °F cooler than normal. North Texas, the Big Bend Country, and the Hill Country saw higher departures of 3-9 °F warmer than normal. The South Texas Plains, southern Gulf Coast, and northern Piney Woods observed temperatures 6-9 °F warmer than normal. The warmest area of the state was the northern Gulf Coast and southern Piney Woods where temperatures were 9-12 °F warmer than normal. Refugio, Aransas, and Calhoun counties saw the most extreme departure of at least 15 °F warmer than normal.



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