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Weekly Climate Summary: 01/23/2022

Another week in Texas weather went by with the southeast receiving the most substantial rainfall in the state. Similar to many weeks this winter, the Panhandle, Big Bend Country, Hill Country, Central Texas, and North Texas all experienced especially dry conditions. These regions observed 0.1” of precipitation or less throughout this period. The Lower Rio Grande Valley observed slightly higher accumulation at 0.15-1.5”. The wettest region however was the northeast Gulf Coast and Southern Piney Woods Region, where rainfall was observed to be 0.3-2.4”. Hardin, Orange, and Newton counties were the wettest counties across the period with a precipitation accumulation of 2.1-2.4”.





This week in Texas weather finally saw cooler than normal temperatures across the state. In almost the entire state including the Panhandle, Big Bend Country, South Texas Plains, Gulf Coast, Piney Woods, and Lakes and Prairies region, temperatures were 0-10 °F cooler than normal. The most extreme negative departure was in Henderson County where temperatures were observed to be 10-15 °F cooler than normal. Outside of the majority of the state, a few areas record positive temperature departures. Along the Rio Grande, temperature departure was slightly positive with temperatures 0-5 °F warmer than normal. Aransas, Refugio, and Calhoun counties had very extreme positive departures with temperatures of at least 25 °F warmer than normal.



On January 19th, several storm systems brought hail to counties in the Piney Woods region. Gregg County was the first to make reports, with observations of 1.25 hail impacting the county specifically in Longview. To the east of Gregg County, Harrison County was the next to make reports of hail ranging from 1- 2.5” in diameter. The larger hail was reported to the southwest of Marshall while the smaller hail was reported in Waskom. Finally Nacogdoches County was the last to make reports, with observations of 1” hail north of Lufkin.




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