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College Station Monthly Summary: August 1999

This bulletin has been created on 06-01-2012 from historical climate data. No climate narrative is available.

  Daily Temperature Daily Precipitation Monthly Temperature Summary
Day Maximum Minimum *Departure Total Mean Value *Departure
1 98°F 72°F 0°F   Maximum 100.3°F +5.5°F
2 98°F 72°F 0°F   Minimum 73.5°F +0.3°F
3 100°F 74°F +2°F 0.18" Average 86.9°F +2.9°F
4 99°F 73°F +1°F   Degree Days Total *Departure
5 101°F 71°F +1°F   Heating 0 0
6 99°F 73°F +1°F   Cooling 683 +94
7 98°F 74°F +1°F   Numberof Days: Total *Departure
8 99°F 77°F +3°F   Maximum ≥ 90°F 31 +3
9 99°F 76°F +2°F   Maximum ≤ 32°F 0 0
10 101°F 76°F +4°F   Minimum ≤ 32°F 0 0
11 99°F 76°F +2°F    
12 101°F 76°F +4°F   Monthly Precipitation Summary
13 100°F 78°F +5°F   Precipitation Value *Departure
14 103°F 75°F +5°F T Monthly Total 0.77" ‑1.65"
15 101°F 74°F +4°F   Year-to-date Total 19.93" ‑4.49"
16 100°F 69°F +0°F   Days ≥ 0.01" 5 ‑1
17 99°F 69°F 0°F 0.19"  
18 98°F 73°F +2°F   Monthly Extremes
19 104°F 72°F +4°F   Extreme Value Date(s)
20 107°F 72°F +6°F   Highest Temperature 107°F 20th
21 103°F 71°F +3°F   Lowest Temperature 69°F 16th, 17th
22 98°F 73°F +2°F   Max. 24-hour Precip. 0.27" 28th
23 96°F 74°F +1°F 0.12" Maximum Wind Gust 34 mph 17th
24 100°F 74°F +4°F    
25 101°F 74°F +4°F 0.01" Record Book for August
26 103°F 73°F +5°F   Highest Temperature 108°F 1951
27 102°F 78°F +7°F   Lowest Temperature 58°F 1940
28 99°F 75°F +4°F 0.27" Highest Minimum 82°F 1915
29 102°F 73°F +4°F   Lowest Maximum 74°F 1945
30 100°F 70°F +3°F   Wettest Month 11.25" 1915
31 100°F 70°F +3°F   Driest Month 0.00" 1952
  Wettest 24 Hours 6.19" 1915
"T" indicates daily precipitation ≤ 0.005".
BOLDFACE indicates an extreme daily value for the month.
ITALICS indicates a daily record was set or tied.
*Departure from the 1961‑1990 normal.

*New Records Set

Day Parameter Value Old Record Year
20th Tied highest maximum temperature 107°F 107°F 1999
26th Tied highest maximum temperature 103°F 103°F 1924
27th Tied highest minimum temperature 78°F 78°F 1999

*Near Records Set

Day Parameter Value Record Year
8th Tied 4th highest minimum temperature 77°F 78°F 1948
13th Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 78°F 79°F 1925
14th Tied 4th highest maximum temperature 103°F 106°F 1951
17th Tied 4th lowest minimum temperature 69°F 62°F 1992
19th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 104°F 105°F 1948
21st Tied 4th highest maximum temperature 103°F 108°F 1925
25th Tied 3rd highest maximum temperature 101°F 103°F 1952
27th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 102°F 104°F 1990
29th Tied 4th highest maximum temperature 102°F 103°F 1913
*NOTE: Records from 1910 through July 1951 are based on observations taken at the Texas Agricultural
Experiment Station main farm located 7 miles SW of College Station. Records from August 1951 through
the present are based on observations taken at Easterwood Field.

September Normals for College Station

Beginning of the month: 92°F/71°F Monthly precipitation: 4.87"
Middle of the month: 88°F/69°F Precipitation days: 6
End of the month: 84°F/64°F Days ≥ 90°F:  17
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