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Full Network Estimated Precipitation

Alternative dataset for precipitation

A new homogeneous climate division monthly precipitation dataset [based on full network estimated precipitation (FNEP)] was created as an alternative to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) climate division dataset. These alternative climate division monthly precipitation values were estimated using an equal-weighted average of Cooperative Observer Program stations that contained serially complete time series. Missing station observations were estimated by a procedure that was optimized through testing on U.S. Historical Climate Network stations.

Inhomogeneities in the NCDC dataset arise from two principal causes. The pre-1931 estimation of NCDC climate division monthly precipitation from statewide averages led to a significant time series discontinuity in several climate divisions. From 1931 to the present, NCDC climate division averages have been calculated from a subset of available station data within each climate division, and temporal changes in the location of available stations have caused artificial changes in the time series. The FNEP climate division dataset is recommended over theNCDCdataset for studies involving climate trends or long-term climate variability. According to the FNEP data, the 1895–2009 linear precipitation trend is positive across most of the United States, and trends exceed 10% per century across the southern plains and the Corn Belt. Remaining inhomogeneities from changes in gauge technology and station location may be responsible for an artificial trend of 1%–3% per century. (Abstract from A New Homogenized Climate Division Precippitation Dataset - see below.)

A New Homogenized Climate Division Precipitation Dataset for Analysis of Climate Variability and Climate Change


Current version of FNEP: updated through end of April 2015

Complete FNEP monthly data set

Complete "Merged" monthly data set

Complete FNEP station list

Current version of NCDC: updated through end of April 2015

Complete NCDC monthly data set

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