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College Station Monthly Summary: August 2011

The city of College Station endured a blistering month of August this year with only one day (25th) observing a high temperature less than 100 degrees. Everyday this month saw a record fall or came within a few degrees of a record with 21 new records made based on extreme temperature, the majority of which were highest minimum temperature records. Overall the average temperature for the month of August was 90.9 degrees, 6.2 degrees above average and the highest monthly average temperature on record. Only 0.29’’ of rain were recorded this month putting the monthly deficit to 2.34’’ and the yearly deficit to 14.21’’, thus keeping the county deep into a D4 exceptional drought.

  Daily Temperature Daily Precipitation Monthly Temperature Summary
Day Maximum Minimum *Departure Total Mean Value *Departure
1 106°F 78°F +7°F   Maximum 103.8°F +7.6°F
2 105°F 80°F +8°F   Minimum 78.0°F +4.8°F
3 106°F 79°F +8°F   Average 90.9°F +6.2°F
4 105°F 77°F +5°F   Degree Days Total *Departure
5 105°F 79°F +6°F   Heating 0 0
6 103°F 78°F +6°F   Cooling 813 +202
7 102°F 80°F +6°F   Numberof Days: Total *Departure
8 104°F 79°F +6°F   Maximum ≥ 90°F 31 +3
9 105°F 79°F +7°F   Maximum ≤ 32°F 0 0
10 104°F 79°F +6°F   Minimum ≤ 32°F 0 0
11 103°F 80°F +6°F    
12 104°F 81°F +8°F   Monthly Precipitation Summary
13 101°F 80°F +6°F   Precipitation Value *Departure
14 103°F 81°F +7°F   Monthly Total 0.29" ‑2.34"
15 102°F 77°F +4°F   Year-to-date Total 10.92" ‑14.21"
16 103°F 77°F +5°F   Days ≥ 0.01" 2 ‑4
17 104°F 76°F +5°F    
18 105°F 78°F +6°F   Monthly Extremes
19 105°F 78°F +6°F   Extreme Value Date(s)
20 105°F 80°F +8°F   Highest Temperature 109°F 27th, 28th
21 104°F 76°F +5°F   Lowest Temperature 74°F 26th
22 102°F 77°F +4°F   Max. 24-hour Precip. 0.30" 25th
23 103°F 78°F +6°F   Maximum Wind Gust 46 mph 24th
24 103°F 77°F +6°F 0.10"  
25 96°F 75°F +2°F 0.19" Record Book for August
26 102°F 74°F +4°F   Highest Temperature 109°F 2011
27 109°F 77°F +9°F   Lowest Temperature 58°F 1940
28 109°F 78°F +10°F   Highest Minimum 82°F 1915
29 106°F 77°F +8°F   Lowest Maximum 74°F 1945
30 104°F 77°F +8°F   Wettest Month 11.25" 1915
31 101°F 77°F +6°F   Driest Month 0.00" 1947
  Wettest 24 Hours 6.19" 1915
"T" indicates daily precipitation ≤ 0.005".
BOLDFACE indicates an extreme daily value for the month.
ITALICS indicates a daily record was set or tied.
*Departure from the 1971‑2000 normal.

*New Records Set

Day Parameter Value Old Record Year
1st Tied highest maximum temperature 106°F 106°F 1998
2nd Tied highest maximum temperature 105°F 105°F 1998
3rd Tied highest minimum temperature 79°F 79°F 1996
3rd Tied highest maximum temperature 106°F 106°F 1998
5th Tied highest minimum temperature 79°F 79°F 1951
7th Tied highest minimum temperature 80°F 80°F 2011
8th Tied highest minimum temperature 79°F 79°F 2011
10th Tied highest minimum temperature 79°F 79°F 1980
12th Tied highest minimum temperature 81°F 81°F 2011
13th Tied highest minimum temperature 80°F 80°F 2011
14th Tied highest minimum temperature 81°F 81°F 2011
19th Tied highest maximum temperature 105°F 105°F 1948
27th **Tied highest maximum temperature 109°F 109°F 2011
28th **Tied highest maximum temperature 109°F 109°F 2011
29th Tied highest minimum temperature 77°F 77°F 1956
29th Tied highest maximum temperature 106°F 106°F 2011
**Set record for the entire month.

*Near Records Set

Day Parameter Value Record Year
1st Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 78°F 82°F 1915
2nd Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 80°F 81°F 1914
4th Tied 3rd highest maximum temperature 105°F 107°F 1951
5th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 105°F 106°F 1951
6th Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 78°F 80°F 1951
6th Tied 3rd highest maximum temperature 103°F 105°F 1913
8th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 104°F 106°F 1988
9th Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 79°F 81°F 1915
9th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 105°F 107°F 1962
10th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 104°F 107°F 1962
11th Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 80°F 81°F 2010
12th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 104°F 105°F 2000
14th Tied 4th highest maximum temperature 103°F 106°F 1951
15th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 77°F 80°F 2007
18th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 105°F 106°F 1945
18th Tied 4th highest minimum temperature 78°F 81°F 1982
19th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 78°F 79°F 1926
20th Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 80°F 81°F 1914
20th Tied 3rd highest maximum temperature 105°F 107°F 1999
21st Tied 4th highest maximum temperature 104°F 108°F 1925
23rd Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 78°F 79°F 1977
23rd Tied 4th highest maximum temperature 103°F 108°F 1917
24th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 77°F 78°F 1970
24th Tied 4th highest maximum temperature 103°F 107°F 2010
26th Tied 3rd highest maximum temperature 102°F 103°F 1924
27th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 77°F 78°F 1999
28th Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 78°F 79°F 2006
30th Tied 3rd highest maximum temperature 104°F 107°F 1954
31st Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 77°F 78°F 1962
*NOTE: Records from 1910 through July 1951 are based on observations taken at the Texas Agricultural
Experiment Station main farm located 7 miles SW of College Station. Records from August 1951 through
the present are based on observations taken at Easterwood Field.

September Normals for College Station

Beginning of the month: 94°F/71°F Monthly precipitation: 3.91"
Middle of the month: 91°F/68°F Precipitation days: 8
End of the month: 86°F/64°F Days ≥ 90°F:  17
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