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College Station Monthly Summary: June 2008

June was uncharacteristically dry throughout the entire month. Apart from the 0.02" that fell on the 6th, College Station received its only rainfall on the last day of the month, when a thundershower passed over the city. This followed precipitation patterns elsewhere in the state, as most of Texas experienced severely dry conditions during much of June. Dryness in College Station was only exacerbated by unusually warm temperatures throughout the month, with the only below average temperature day occurring on the last day of the month. Average daily temperatures, especially during the first half of the month, ran generally 5-7°F above normal. During the latter part of June, temperatures were still above average about 2-4°F, still a significant difference from average for late spring and early summer. Many near records were set this month for both maximum and minimum extremes.

  Daily Temperature Daily Precipitation Monthly Temperature Summary
Day Maximum Minimum *Departure Total Mean Value *Departure
1 94°F 73°F +4°F   Maximum 96.3°F +4.6°F
2 96°F 74°F +6°F   Minimum 74.6°F +3.1°F
3 96°F 75°F +6°F   Average 85.4°F +3.8°F
4 95°F 76°F +6°F T Degree Days Total *Departure
5 95°F 79°F +7°F T Heating 0 0
6 96°F 78°F +7°F 0.02" Cooling 620 +123
7 96°F 78°F +7°F T Numberof Days: Total *Departure
8 96°F 78°F +7°F   Maximum ≥ 90°F 30 +9
9 96°F 78°F +6°F   Maximum ≤ 32°F 0 0
10 91°F 74°F +2°F   Minimum ≤ 32°F 0 0
11 96°F 74°F +4°F    
12 96°F 74°F +4°F T Monthly Precipitation Summary
13 95°F 74°F +4°F T Precipitation Value *Departure
14 96°F 74°F +3°F   Monthly Total 0.29" ‑3.50"
15 97°F 75°F +4°F   Year-to-date Total 16.48" ‑4.10"
16 97°F 76°F +4°F   Days ≥ 0.01" 2 ‑5
17 98°F 75°F +4°F T  
18 99°F 72°F +4°F   Monthly Extremes
19 95°F 74°F +2°F   Extreme Value Date(s)
20 95°F 74°F +2°F   Highest Temperature 99°F 3 times
21 99°F 72°F +2°F T Lowest Temperature 71°F 22nd
22 97°F 71°F +1°F   Max. 24-hour Precip. 0.27" 30th
23 98°F 72°F +2°F   Maximum Wind Gust 43 mph 5th
24 94°F 73°F +0°F    
25 98°F 73°F +2°deg;F   Record Book for June
26 98°F 76°F +4°F   Highest Temperature 107°F 1998
27 98°F 76°F +4°F   Lowest Temperature 53°F 1970
28 98°F 74°F +3°F   Highest Minimum 82°F 1915
29 99°F 74°F +4°F T Lowest Maximum 69°F 1912
30 94°F 72°F ‑1°F 0.27" Wettest Month 12.63" 1968
  Driest Month Trace 1998
  Wettest 24 Hours 6.70" 1905
"T" indicates daily precipitation ≤ 0.005".
BOLDFACE indicates an extreme daily value for the month.
ITALICS indicates a daily record was set or tied.
*Departure from the 1971‑2000 normal.

*New Records Set

Day Parameter Value Old Record Year
5th Tied highest minimum temperature 79°F 79°F 2008
6th Tied highest minimum temperature 78°F 78°F 2008
7th Tied highest minimum temperature 78°F 78°F 1974

*Near Records Set

Day Parameter Value Record Year
4th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 76°F 79°F 1998
8th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 78°F 80°F 1974
9th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 78°F 81°F 1995
*NOTE: Records from 1910 through July 1951 are based on observations taken at the Texas Agricultural
Experiment Station main farm located 7 miles SW of College Station. Records from August 1951 through
the present are based on observations taken at Easterwood Field.

July Normals for College Station

Beginning of the month: 94°F/73°F Monthly precipitation: 1.92"
Middle of the month: 96°F/74°F Precipitation days: 5
End of the month: 96°F/73°F Days ≥ 90°F:  27
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