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College Station Monthly Summary: October 2007

Like the end of September, October 2007 started off unseasonably warm to say the least. In fact, the first 18 days of the month experienced above average daily mean temperatures. A new record for highest minimum temperature (76°F on the 6th) was set, and several near records for highest minimum and maximum temperature were set as well. Overall, the month saw 9 days with high temperatures of 90°F or higher, all above the average. The first significant cold front of the season arrived on the 22nd, putting an end to the above average temperatures. The rest of the month saw pleasant weather conditions with highs in the low to middle 70s and lows in the middle 40s. A near record was established on the morning of the 26th when the low temperature dipped to 40°F. Temperatures slowly moderated to seasonal normals by the end of the month. Despite the passage of the cold front, the average monthly temperature of 72.2°F was still almost 2°F above normal. The monthly precipitation total of 2.67" was 1.55" below normal.

  Daily Temperature Daily Precipitation Monthly Temperature Summary
Day Maximum Minimum *Departure Total Mean Value *Departure
1 90°F 74°F +7°F 0.59" Maximum 84.0°F +2.0°F
2 90°F 71°F +6°F T Minimum 60.4°F +1.4°F
3 90°F 66°F +3°F   Average 72.2°F +1.7°F
4 92°F 66°F +4°F   Degree Days Total *Departure
5 89°F 72°F +6°F 0.08" Heating 38 +13
6 90°F 76°F +9°F 0.02" Cooling 269 +73
7 90°F 75°F +8°F T Numberof Days: Total *Departure
8 92°F 74°F +10°F T Maximum ≥ 90°F 10 +7
9 91°F 73°F +9°F T Maximum ≤ 32°F 0 0
10 88°F 67°F +4°F   Minimum ≤ 32°F 0 0
11 89°F 60°F +2°F    
12 88°F 60°F +2°F   Monthly Precipitation Summary
13 87°F 62°F +2°F   Precipitation Value *Departure
14 89°F 64°F +6°F 0.45" Monthly Total 2.67" ‑1.55"
15 85°F 64°F +4°F 1.02" Year-to-date Total 33.78" +0.52"
16 78°F 66°F +1°F   Days ≥ 0.01" 6 0
17 90°F 69°F +10°F T  
18 91°F 67°F +9°F   Monthly Extremes
19 86°F 53°F 0°F   Extreme Value Date(s)
20 88°F 56°F +3°F   Highest Temperature 92°F 4th, 8th
21 87°F 63°F +6°F   Lowest Temperature 40°F 26th
22 71°F 52°F ‑6°F 0.51" Max. 24-hour Precip. 1.47" 14th-15th
23 70°F 48°F ‑9°F   Maximum Wind Gust 35 mph 22nd
24 77°F 46°F ‑6°F    
25 69°F 43°F ‑11°F   Record Book for October
26 73°F 40°F ‑10°F   Highest Temperature 102°F 1938
27 75°F 46°F ‑6°F   Lowest Temperature 29°F 1993
28 76°F 48°F ‑4°F   Highest Minimum 81°F 1914
29 76°F 52°F ‑2°F   Lowest Maximum 40°F 1925
30 78°F 49°F ‑2°F   Wettest Month 18.77" 1994
31 80°F 50°F 0°F   Driest Month 0.00" 1952
  Wettest 24 Hours 13.39" 1994
"T" indicates daily precipitation ≤ 0.005".
BOLDFACE indicates an extreme daily value for the month.
ITALICS indicates a daily record was set or tied.
*Departure from the 1971‑2000 normal.

*New Records Set

Day Parameter Value Old Record Year
No new records were set or tied in October 2007.

*Near Records Set

Day Parameter Value Record Year
6th Tied 2nd highest minimum temperature 76°F 80°F 1914
7th Tied 4th highest minimum temperature 75°F 77°F 1962
8th Tied 3rd highest minimum temperature 74°F 81°F 1914
18th Tied 2nd highest maximum temperature 91°F 92°F 2004
26th Tied 4th lowest minimum temperature 40°F 38°F 1957
*NOTE: Records from 1910 through July 1951 are based on observations taken at the Texas Agricultural
Experiment Station main farm located 7 miles SW of College Station. Records from August 1951 through
the present are based on observations taken at Easterwood Field.

November Normals for College Station

Beginning of the month: 76°F/54°F Monthly precipitation: 3.18"
Middle of the month: 71°F/49°F Precipitation days: 7
End of the month: 67°F/45°F Days ≤ 32°F:  3
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