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Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, April 7, 2015
U.S. Drought Monitor, April 28, 2015

As parched California faces tough restrictions, Texas drought getting better -- California’s drought is moving into it’s fourth year, but in Texas some locations are moving out of drought conditions. Only a quarter of state remains in a severe drought or worse. Texas is fortunate enough to not have to issue a statewide executive order for water management like California.
The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Matt Dotray, April 6, 2015

Texas is recovering from the drought, but lakes are still suffering -- Over half of the state is out of drought conditions. This is a big change from 4 years ago when San Antonio had only received 0.01 inches of rain in March compared to the 3 inches they’ve had last March alone. The entire state was also under some kind of drought condition in 2011. Even though drought conditions are improving, some Texas lakes are still sitting at nearly empty.
The San Antonio Express-News, Chris Eudaily, April 6, 2015

Researchers seek drought-resistant grain -- The drought is still affecting some wheat farmers across the state, especially in the High Plains. This is leading researchers to try to discover a way to make wheat drought-resistant, as it would solve a lot of problems. The Texas Wheat Producers Board has approved $250,000 for a statewide breeding program and research into this idea.
The Amarillo Globe-News, Mollie Bryant, April 12, 2015

Drought shrivels Rio Grande, altering a region -- In West Texas, the Rio Grande River drying up is causing big life changes to many that live in the area. Farmers used to use the water for growing crops but now that the water is for the majority gone, they have to use water from the city sewage plant in order to water their plants.
El Paso Inc., Michael Wines, April 20, 2015

Drought persisting in part of Central Texas -- In Austin, rainfall totals stand at more than 10 inches, which puts them out of drought conditions. However, parts of the Hill Country are still experiencing the drought. Some locations have received less than 2 inches since the start of the year. Water reservoirs in the area remain extremely low and Lakes Travis and Buchanan are incredibly dry.
KVUE, Jared Plushnick, April 24, 2015

Water Supply

Wichita Falls will continue to recycle water -- The city of Wichita Falls is being forced to continue to recycle water for another year by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Drought is still affecting the city, so in order to save water a direct potable reuse system for water is being used.
KWTX, Staff Writer, April 3, 2015

Recent rains benefit reservoirs, avoid more restrictions -- The rain has helped some North Texas water reservoirs but caused a wet Easter Sunday for most people. Rainfall totals definitely helped with conservation efforts but some reservoirs such as Eagle Mountain Lake still need more help in order to reach full capacity.
NBC DFW, Chris Van Horne, April 6, 2015

Harker Heights council absorbs water updates -- The Brazos River Authority has been in Stage 1 of a drought conservation plan since February. Belton Lake is running about 10 feet below normal, which has prompted a voluntary conservation of water under Stage 1. Harker Heights uses Belton Lake so the water levels are being watched closely to determine whether or not a mandatory Stage 1 conversation is needed.
The Killeen Daily Herald, Rachael Riley, April 8, 2015

North Texas water district to ease sprinkler restrictions as lakes fill -- The recent rainfall has allowed some North Texas lakes to gain some much needed water. This means that the water restrictions that have been in effect for a while are finally being allowed to end. Since 2013, sprinkler use was limited to once every two weeks. Now that restriction has been lifted.
The Dallas Morning News, Michael E. Young, April 10, 2015

Lakes on the rise in Central Texas -- Recent severe thunderstorms have done some good for lakes in Central Texas. All the rainfall from the storms has caused lakes such as Lake Whitney to increase storage to 76 percent full, which is its highest level since 2012. Lake Waco is more than 100 percent full; it is one foot above its normal level.
KWTX, Nathan Gogo, April 29, 2015


Fort Davis wildfire ushers in wildfire season -- South of Fort Davis a wildfire torched more than 700 acres of land. The flames began in the Puertacitas Mountains in Jeff Davis County and were able to be put out within a day. Jeff Davis County has a rich history of having wildfires develop.
The Midland Reporter-Telegram, Brandon Mulder, April 5, 2015


Texas spring onion season looks promising -- Experts stated that the crops out of Mexico that cross into South Texas are lighter than expected, which has created a stronger market for them. The onions are expected have a longer shelf life and they arrived with less bruising and fewer arrival problems.
Produce News, Tim Linden, April 2, 2015

Recent rains could improve outlook for Texas cattle herds -- The above average rainfall that some areas of North Texas has been getting is creating more favorable conditions for cattle. Although the rains have not been enough yet in order to fill the stock tanks. DFW Airport has received 9.11 inches of rain for the year, which is 1.58 inches above normal.
The Eagle, Bill Hanna, April 3, 2015

Stripe rust epidemic possible in Texas Wheat crop -- Experts are worried at the spawning of stripe rust in wheat, which could lead to an epidemic in infections. Growers are now working hard to apply fungicide to kill off the stripe rust before it destroys the crops. Stripe rust develops most rapidly when temperatures are in between 50-64 degrees and favor intermittent rain, which is similar to what some portions of Texas are getting.
The Waco Tribune-Herald, Kay Ledbetter, April 4, 2015

In North Texas, the best of bluebonnet is yet to come -- Even though bluebonnets have begun to spawn earlier and more beautiful than ever, experts say that the best has yet to come. The peak viewing season of bluebonnets is towards the end of May, especially along the highways and roadways in North Texas.
WFAA, Bill Hanna, April 7, 2015

Outlook good for the Hill Country peach crop -- Peaches out in the Hill Country are doing better than ever due to the cold winter. The chilly winter temperatures allow for a spike in the flavor-giving acid and sugar content, which means that the peaches will have amazing quality and taste.
The San Antonio Express-News, Lynn Brezosky, April 7, 2015

Texas town goes green with 100% renewable electricity -- The city of Georgetown is planning on going completely green and use all renewable resources. City officials are planning to have all of the electricity come from renewable resources starting in 2016.
Sys-Con Media, Staff Writer, April 14, 2015

Bastard cabbage running wild in north Texas --The wetter than normal winter has caused an invasive plant to spread across the northern part of the state. This plant is called Bastard Cabbage and it is known as a weed that can destroy other plants that grows around it. They can grow to be near one meter tall and create enough shade to kill off other plants.
The Weather Network, Cheryl Santa Maria, April 14, 2015

Monday’s rainfall just in time for cotton planting season -- The recent rainfall came just in time for the planting of cotton. The rains help prepare the fields to be planted and since temperatures will be heating up soon, it will help the cotton get off to a good start. Places around central and southern Texas saw close to half an inch of rain with the latest rainfall earlier in the week.
The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Staff Writer, April 28, 2015

Heavy rains continue to benefit wheat but delay other plantings -- The recent rains that portions of the state have received have done wonders for wheat, but is negatively affecting other crops. Corn, rice, and soybeans are currently lagging behind the five-year average because of the soggy conditions. Some locations across the state have seen 10-15 inches of rainfall so far this year.
AgriLife Today, Robert Burns, April 29, 2015

Inclement Weather

Warm Weather

Clouds expected to remain as temperatures climb in Central Texas -- Cloud cover is expected to linger around, keeping in a chance of drizzle throughout the day. Temperatures throughout the week are expected to reach the low-to-mid 80s for cities in Central Texas, which is above average for this time of year.
The Austin American-Statesman, Staff Writer, April 5, 2015

Mostly cloudy, highs in mid-80s Tuesday for Central Texas -- Cloud cover along with warm temperatures will create some muggy weather for areas in Central Texas. Temperatures are expected to reach into the mid 80s along with wind gusts as high as 20 mph. To top that all off, cloud cover will be sticking around which will make for some warm nights as well.
The Austin American-Statesman, Nicole Chavez, April 7, 2015

Cool start, sunshine and a high near 80 -- After a very eventful start to severe weather season for majority of Texas, the weather is finally calming down and bringing along cooler temperatures. Most areas saw morning temperatures in the 50s. In the afternoon hours, temperatures will approach the 80 degree mark which is a bit cooler than the mid to upper 80s that was experienced last week. The best part is that there is no rain in the forecast across Texas until the first week of May.
The Austin American-Statesman, Nicole Chavez, April 30, 2015

Severe Weather

Flooding, heavy rain, hail in parts of North Texas -- Springtime thunderstorms moved through Tarrant and Denton counties in North Texas and brought some heavy rain and even hail damage. The storm dropped tennis ball sized hail in the city of Haslet and even caused some damage to vehicles and windows.
WFAA, Staff Writer, April 1, 2015

Update: Severe storms are exiting Tarrant County, but more possible this evening -- The severe storms are making their way out of North Texas but there is still a possibility for more to come through later on in the evening. Quarter sized hail was reported at Alliance Airport.
The Dallas Morning News, Robert Wilonsky, April 1, 2015

Another round of showers, storms move into South Texas -- Areas around San Antonio are seeing some wet weather as showers and storms make their way through. More rain is expected to develop throughout the day with the help of daytime temperatures warming up into the lower 80s.
KBMT, RJ Marquez, April 1, 2015

Severe weather leaves thousands in the dark -- Severe weather in the northeastern part of the state caused power to go out for over 1,000 customers near Texarkana. Deputies reported that there was a tornado on the ground in Marshall, Texas around this time as well. A nursing home in Longview had to evacuate their patients due to storm damage to the roof of their facility.
KSLA, Staff Writer, April 9, 2015

Severe weather damages across East Texas -- In the eastern portion of the state, severe weather is to blame for a lot of damage to homes. There were several reports of trees down as well as car damage and home damage as severe storms moved through the area. Luckily there were no reports of any injuries.
KLTV, Anissa Centers, April 9, 2015

Friday showers, storms fire up across South Texas -- Another round of strong storms is moving through the San Antonio area. These caused the National Weather Service to issue Flood Advisories for areas near San Antonio. Gate 1 at Dick Friedrick and Devine and Gate 2 at Devine and Jones Maltsberger were closed due to the rains.
KSAT, RJ Marquez, April 10, 2015

Tornadoes strike Longview area Thursday evening -- Numerous reports of tornadoes were received near the Longview area as a tornadic thunderstorm moved through the area. There were also reports of damage to trees and homes.
KTBS, Staff Writer, April 10, 2015

Beneficial rain possible across northwest Texas -- Rain continues to be in the forecast area for northern Texas near Lubbock. Meteorologists are expecting some of the storms to be severe with high wind gusts, heavy rain, and hail. There is a chance that some areas could see over 2 inches of rain by the end of the day.
KCBD, Cutter Martin, April 12, 2015

Rain likely next few days, severe threat low -- A chance for rain lingers throughout the week which means that more drought relief for North Texas is in the works. There were reports from Lorenzo that 2”-diameter hail caused damage to windows from a severe thunderstorm. Most areas near Lubbock missed out on the severe weather.
KJTV, Matt Ernst, April 12, 2015

Reports of flooding in North Texas -- Heavy rain prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Flash Flood Warning for Denton and Grayson Counties after 2 inches of rain fell. The rain caused flooding in numerous locations in Tarrant and Denton Counties. A report was also received that the floods in the Fort Worth area ripped up two roads.
WFAA, WFAA Weather Team, April 13, 2015

Strong storms possible across Central Texas -- Forecasters are expecting the possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms that could bring hail up to an inch in diameter and winds up to 60 mph. Travis, Hays, and Williamson Counties are where severe weather is most likely to happen. Other areas could see heavy downpours of rain.
The Austin American-Statesman, Nicole Chavez, April 13, 2015

Storms lead to street flooding in parts of North Texas -- A few drivers in the Dallas area were forced to leave their vehicles after they were flooded out. Forecasters stated that Fort Worth received nearly 2 inches of rain and Gainesville received nearly 5 inches of rain. Lightning was blamed for storage tank fires in West Texas as well.
Eagle Ford Texas, Staff Writer, April 14, 2015
More severe storms heading to South Plains as floodwater still lingers -- The water from the recent rains are still sitting around the Lubbock area as more severe weather looks to move through. One of the highways was still shut down due to being flooded as more rain was expected in the forecast in the coming week, which is causing concern for road workers.
The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Adam Young, April 15, 2015

Severe weather moving through southeast Houston -- The severe weather that has been moving throughout the state made its way down into Houston which brought along gusty winds along with hail and heavy rains. A lot of people commented on the frequent lightning associated with the storms as well.
KTRK, Staff Writer, April 16, 2015

Hail, 70 mph winds in forecast for South Central Texas -- Severe weather is expected for areas in South Central Texas near Austin and San Antonio. Forecasters are expecting the possibility of hail up to the size of golf balls and winds up to 70 mph in these thunderstorms. The National Weather Service even issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch to be in effect for the area for the day.
The San Antonio Express-News, Mark D. Wilson, April 16, 2015

Lightning strikes Edinburg home -- The storms that were moving through caused a house to catch on fire with a lightning strike to the attic. The family in the home was forced to move out of their home by the fire. Thankfully there were no reports of any injuries and they will be able to move back into their home in a few months.
KRGV, Staff Writer, April 17, 2015

Storm knock down trees, damage buildings in Houston area -- Severe thunderstorms caused some damage to places near the Houston area. In New Waverly, a tree fell down onto a home and an 18-wheeler overturned due to the winds from the storms. Sam Houston State University in Huntsville had a big problem with flooding during these storms as well as 14 inches of water flooded the recreational center.
KHOU, Josh Chapin, April 17, 2015

Severe storms could impact events across DFW area -- Thunderstorms moving across the DFW area caused those in Tarrant County at the American Country Music event to take shelter inside of Globe life Park. There was frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, heavy rain, and gusty winds up to 40 mph. There were even reports of structure fires that may have been caused by lightning.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bill Hanna, April 17, 2015

Tornado, hail on another stormy night in North Texas -- Another night of severe weather struck the DFW area with storms bring wind gusts up to 70 mph along with hail and heavy downpours. A brief tornado was confirmed in Oak Trail Shores, which is just north of Granbury. There were only reports of tree damage as a result of the tornado.
WFAA, Staff Writer, April 18, 2015

Hail, severe thunderstorms hit Houston -- Heavy thunderstorms brought along heavy downpours and even hail as big as two inches in diameter to Jersey Village and Hempstead. The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for this storm as it kept moving southward towards the coast.
The Houston Chronicle, Sarah Scully, April 19, 2015

Severe weather likely Wednesday evening through Thursday morning -- Another round of severe weather looks likely for the eastern portion of the state. The Storm Prediction Center has issued an enhanced risk for severe weather for east Texas with the greatest risk of large hail and winds over 60 mph.
KLTV, Mark Scirto and Sarah Fletcher, April 21, 2015

Area at risk of severe storms today -- The Storm Prediction Center’s enhanced risk of severe weather also includes Wichita Falls which appear to be the bull’s-eye for the severe weather today. The odds of large hail stand at 30% and wind speeds could reach up to 70-80 mph. Hail sizes could reach the size of golf balls and tennis balls.
Times Record News, Lynn Walker, April 22, 2015

Portions of the South, Rolling Plains under Tornado Watch -- A Tornado Watch was issued by the National Weather Service for areas in North Texas, including Lubbock. Meteorologists expected that any storms that form could produce hail up to 2.5 inches in diameter, wind gusts up to 60 mph, and an isolated tornado or two.
KLBK, Staff Writer, April 22, 2015

Chance for severe storms in today’s forecast -- Severe thunderstorms are in the forecast for areas around San Antonio with the main threats being heavy rain, large hail, and damaging winds. There are no indications that tornadoes are possible, and the threat for severe weather lingers into the next day.
KSAT, RJ Marquez, April 23, 2015

Roof torn off East Texas school district during bout of severe weather -- In East Texas out in Upshur County, severe weather was the cause of a roof to be torn off of Union Hill High School. A transformer that provided power to the school was torn off of the power lines, which means that the school has no electricity. There are no reports of any injuries.
KLTV, Bob Hallmark, April 24, 2015

First North Texas tornado of the season confirmed -- The first tornado of the season in North Texas has been confirmed. An EF0 tornado moved through the southeast side of Midlothian and uprooted several trees and knocked down a few power lines. The path was around 0.87 miles longwith a path width of roughly 60 yards.
WFAA, Ashton Altieri, April 25, 2015

Severe weather leaves several people homeless -- Residents in the Mid Valley are cleaning up after a round of severe weather came through and caused damage to some homes. Winds of up to 75 mph blew off roofs and knocked out power to several residents in the area. There is no indication that it was a tornado; all signs point to straight-line winds being the cause.
KRGV, Staff Writer, April 25, 2015

Storm leaves thousands in North Texas without power -- Severe storms with winds of up to 80 mph and golf-ball sized hail has knocked out power to at least 60,000 customers in the Dallas area. Authorities from Johnson County stated that there are several homes that lost their roofs as a result of the severe weather.
KWTX, Staff Writer, April 26, 2015

Extremely dangerous mile-wide tornado roars through North Texas -- A mile-wide tornado was reported in north-central Texas as severe storms moved through the area. The tornado moved through the town of Rio Vista causing damage, then moved into the rural parts of Johnson County. There were numerous reports of overturned 18-wheelers, roofs being blown off, flooded roadways, and uprooted trees.
NBC News, Alex Johnson, April 26, 2015

Storms bring tornadoes, damage, flooding to North Texas -- Severe storms that moved through North Texas dropped an abundant amount of tornadoes along with hail and flooding. There were 19 reports of tornadoes, some of which were confirmed. Rio Vista was the hardest hit by tornadoes and prompted classes to be cancelled for the next day due to the damage.
WFAA, Colleen Coyle, April 27, 2015

Hundreds still affected by outages after storms -- As the severe storms made their way across the central portion of the state, power has been knocked out for nearly 8,000 customers. The storms dropped over an inch of rain in some locations such as Oak Hill. The storms did not cause much damage other than downed trees.
The Austin American-Statesman, Staff Writer, April 27, 2015

Weather service spotters say 3 tornadoes hit Rio Vista area, another in Glen Rose -- National Weather Service survey teams have confirmed the reports that three tornadoes touched down in the Rio Vista area. All of them have been rated at EF-0, which have winds of up to 85 mph. A fourth tornado was confirmed to touch down near Glen Rose in Johnson County. That one was also rated as an EF-0 tornado.
The Dallas Morning News, Matt Peterson, April 27, 2015

Storms rake SE Texas -- A tornado touched down in Grimes County as a line of thunderstorms made its way across southeast Texas. The tornado occurred just to the east of Anderson. The storm system also brought heavy downpours and also knocked out power to many customers in the path. Trees were knocked down in Montgomery County and caused Navasota ISD to cancel classes for the day due to the lack of electricity.
The Houston Chronicle, Dale Lezon, April 27, 2015

Storm damage in Grimes and Walker Counties -- Straight-line winds were believed to be the cause of power lines being knocked down and trees uprooted in Roans Prairie and Shiro. The winds also knocked down the steeple on Shiro Presbyterian Church and knocked out power for many residents.
KBTX, Patrina Adger, April 28, 2015

Strong winds cause damage in Kaufman -- Strong straight-line winds from a severe thunderstorm caused damage for those in and around the Kaufman area. The inside ceiling of a Chevrolet dealership dropping down along with trees being toppled over were a part of the scene. Roofs were also ripped off of buildings and several warehouses were in need of repairs. There were even overturned 18-wheelers due to the high winds.
CBS DFW, Jennifer Lindgren, April 28, 2015

National Weather Service confirms 11 tornadoes in North Texas -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that 11 tornadoes touched down in North Texas was the severe weather outbreak from earlier in the week. Rio Vista had four tornadoes hit the city and Glen Rose had one. The Waxahachie Police Headquarters suffered water damage when several inches of water flooded the building.
KWTX, Staff Writer, April 28, 2015

Storms hit Co-ops in Texas and Louisiana -- A Texas based co-op in Gilmer was hit hard about a week ago when a severe thunderstorm that had about 100 mph winds that knocked trees down onto distribution lines. This caused power to be knocked out for more than 13,000 customers. Workers had to work hard to clear the lines and then reroute the circuits in order to get the power back on for everyone. This was slightly hampered due to the wet grounds.
ECT COOP, Derrill Holly, April 29, 2015

April storms cause estimated $65M damage across Texas -- An insurance company stated that there has been at least $65 million in damages to vehicles due to all the severe weather that has occurred throughout April. This is mostly caused by large hail from severe storms and also the 11 tornadoes that caused damage in North Texas earlier in the month. There have been over 60,000 auto insurance claims as a result of the adverse weather as well.
CBS DFW, John Collins, April 30, 2015

Other Climate Impacts


Power outages, school start delays reported -- The storms that moved through South Texas caused power outages in the Corpus Christi area. Parts of Nueces, Jim Wells, and Webb Counties still had power outages the next morning. A few area schools were forced to close down for the day due to the lack of electricity.
The Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Elaine Marsilio, April 14, 2015


Road closures in Longview following severe weather -- After the severe weather and possible tornado moved through the city of Longview, several roads were closed due to debris. There were several trees down that blocked roadways.
KLTV, Jeff Wright, April 10, 2015

Nobody hurt when United jet lands in Houston, into grass-- Rain in the Houston area caused wet runways at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. A United Airlines plane slid off the runway during a period of heavy rain. There were no reports of injuries and the plane was still able to safely take off.
The Houston Chronicle, Staff Writer, April 13, 2015

Weekend rain delays ramp project by two weeks -- The rains over the past weekend has caused TxDOT to delay their project on the northbound entrance/exit ramps on Highway 6 between Briarcrest and Boonville by two weeks. The ramp is now not expected to be open until the week of May 4th.
KBTX, Staff Writer, April 21, 2015

Slick morning commute as storms roll out of DFW -- Storms that moved through overnight in the DFW area has created some wet roads for the drivers heading to work in the morning. Some locations received heavy downpours while others only received a few drops of rain. Springtime thunderstorms are very spotty with rainfall.
WFAA, Staff Writer, April 23, 2015


DFW’s rainy weather dampens home starts 22% despite strong sales -- The rainy weather in this first part of the year has created a dismal start to home construction. There has been a 22% percent decline from last year with less homes being constructed this year. Workers cannot lay the foundation for a new home unless the ground underneath it is dry.
Dallas Business Journal, Candace Carlisle, April 2, 2015

NASCAR Fans on Guard for Severe Weather at TMS -- With the possibility of strong storms over the weekend, NASCAR fans are on edge about getting news about a delay or postponement of the race. Some fans reminisced about the time where there was a tornado warning during a race and everyone had to run down into the bathrooms for protection.
NBC DFW, Brian Scott, April 9, 2015

Potential Weather forces double-header for Auburn softball -- Due to the potential rainfall that will be moving through College Station, the softball series between Auburn and Texas A&M was forced to turn into a double header. This was in order to beat the storms that were expected to move through the area on the next day.
Auburn Tigers, Staff Writer, April 11, 2015

Wet weather again alters schedule for area sports -- The rainy weather is causing delays all cross the Longview area for sporting events. Several baseball and softball games were postponed and rescheduled to occur at either the nighttime or the next day. Some games such as LeTourneau University versus University of Dallas were completely canceled.
Longview News-Journal, Jack Stallard, April 15, 2015

Day 1 of BP MS 150 canceled due to weather conditions -- The harsh weather conditions and the concerns for more severe weather caused the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to cancel the first day of the BP MS 150. Officials stated that the weather would make conditions unsafe for riding. The 2nd day is still set to go from La Grange to Austin.
KXAN, Calily Bien, April 17, 2015

Air show ended early Saturday due to rain -- Severe weather put an early end to the Wings Over South Texas Air Show. Organizers of the event made the decision as the storms were beginning to come into the area and had to make the call to end the show for the safety of the public and the pilots. The show is expected to continue the next day in the morning.
KIII, Staff Writer, April 18, 2015

Bad weather drowns out Superstar Duets at ACMs music fest -- For a second day in a row, an event that’s a part of the American Country Music festival was affected due to the adverse weather conditions. Severe weather delayed the AMC Superstar Duets television special and forced the audience to take shelter in the park’s concourse, as it was unsafe to sit in the stands during lightning.
The Dallas Morning News, Hunter Hauk, April 18, 2015

Reggae Fest cancelled due to wet grounds -- Mother Nature does not seem like a big music fan as severe storms caused another music festival to be canceled. The Austin Reggae Festival was canceled due to the severe weather that was moving through the central portion of the state. The grounds were too wet for an abundance of people to be on them, so officials decided to cancel the festival all together.
KVUE, Christy Millweard, April 19, 2015

Texas’ Residual Property Insurance Markets hit with severe weather claims -- With all the severe weather that has been occurring all across the state, there have been many severe weather claims made to insurance companies. As of today, there have been over 1,000 claims and the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is expected to receive another 1,000.
Insurance Journal, Staff Writer, April 20, 2015

Storm leaves 200 orphaned, injured animals in need of shelter -- Severe storms don’t only affect us humans and our homes. The recent storms washed away the homes of many birds, possums, squirrels, and raccoons in southeast Texas. About 200 of the animals were brought to the Wildlife Center of Texas in order to provide them shelter.
The Houston Chronicle, Dylan Baddour, April 20, 2015

Series opener with Texas postponed due to rain -- With the severe weather moving through Central Texas, the series opener between TCU and the University of Texas was forced to be postponed. The game was rescheduled for the next day as a doubleheader starting in the mid-afternoon.
Texas Christian University, Jordan Ray, April 24, 2015

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