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Burn Bans/WildFire

County-wide burn bans through September 1

Risk of wildfires increasing for fall, winter -- With the end of the El Niño season, La Niña conditions are approaching and expected by the summer and fall. For Texas, this means hotter and drier weather conditions for the Lone Star State. The coming spring may have more droughts and water resources being used more. All of these ingredients add to mean more wildfire risks.
KXAN, Rosie Newberry, August 4, 2016


Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, August 2, 2016
U.S. Drought Monitor, August 30, 2016

Drought conditions spread throughout Texas -- According to the Texas Water Development Board, a third of the Lone Star State was experiencing some form of drought or abnormally dry conditions. Overall, 31% of the state is under Abnormally Dry conditions, 6 % is under moderate drought and portions of Fannin and Lamar counties are under severe drought conditions. Summer conditions are expected to stay through September.
Herald Democrat, Michael Hutchins, August 5, 2016


Harvest underway, new varieties showing promise -- The harvest has begun for the High Plains and the city of Amarillo is underway. Potato crops are the primary focus of this harvest, and we have learned that psyllids are threatening unharvested fields and new varieties are showing promise.
KFDA, Angie WInn, August 2, 2016

Weather and fishing cycling upwards -- Fishing in Texas has been on a major upswing and fishermen are reaping. Experts say that the fishing suffers typically with westerly wind flow, and now recently with the easterly wind flow, fishing is at a high. Fisherman also state that this could be the result of higher concentrations of freshwater in the bay areas, and more fish are coming in with the tide. Storms and low pressure systems have swollen the tide and made fishing even more rewarding. Historically August tends to be a good fishing month, so fishermen this year are hoping that the trend continues.
The Victoria Advocate, Bink Grimes, August 2, 2016

Texas Crop and Weather Report - Aug. 2 -- Some farmers have had to turn to alternative crops such as sesame seeds and sunflowers as drought-tolerant options. One farmer in Ellis County said his sunflower crop performed better than any of his other crops. West Texas farmers use legumes as their drought-tolerant alternative crop.
AgriLife Today, Adam Russell, August 2, 2016

Texas Crop and Weather Report - August 9 -- Rainfall aided with irrigation for the southwest portion of the state. Due to low prices some farmers plowed up onion fields. The successful crops this year depended on planting times and location of the crop. This year was good for vegetables compared to past years.
AgriLife Today, Adam Russell, August 9, 2016

August rainfall cheers some West Texas producers; others still wait -- Most of the vegetables did well this growing season. Many farmers in West Texas needed just one more rainfall event to improve their cotton harvest. The cotton farmers in the high plains received some well timed rain for their crops.
Southwest Farm Press, Ron Smith, August 10, 2016

East Texas emerges as grape-growing region -- Wineries are popping up across Texas with over 400 now in the state covering 7,000 acres. The grape industry in Texas has been overall trending upwards and East and Central Texas have been booming. West Texas has not shown as much growth due to its drier climate.
Longview News-Journal, Adam Russel, August 11, 2016

Gardening for the hottest time of year -- While most people try to avoid the outdoors in the extreme heat, there are necessary activities for gardeners to have a beautiful garden. The first step is to assess what is thriving, and consider replacing struggling things with the plants, which do better in your area. They should also be wise on their water usage to avoid wasting. It is also time to start planting for fall so that plants can be sturdy and established before winter comes.
Victoria Advocate, Suzann Herricks, August 13, 2016

Changing weather may keep drought in check -- Storms coming through the State were not slated to improve conditions of the drought in Southern texas. Statewide however, it was not predicted to have any large impacts on the summer harvest for grain and cotton. In fact, more hot dry weather in the Rio Grande Valley would help with the production of the cotton.
Waco Tribune, Rod Santa Ana, August 20, 2016

Texas Crop and Weather Report -- August 24 -- Rains benefited making hay for many farmers. The rain at first kept farmers from harvesting the hay, but the result was gaining more good quality hay from growing after the storms. Also, over the state pasture fields were improving.
AgriLife Today, Adam Russell, August 24, 2016

South Texas cotton sprouting after heavy rains -- Some areas between Sugar Land and Victoria received about 18 inches of rain over the week. This harmed their cotton fields, which were just about ready to be harvested. Farmers have to wait for the sprouts to dry now before harvesting. The hardships started in the beginning of the planting season as well, since they were delayed by flooding. Farmers mentioned that their corn and sorghum crops were doing better than their cotton crops.
Southwest Farm Press, Logan Hawkes, August 24, 2016

Texas weather makes for great grape-growing, local winemaker says -- The El Paso area took advantage of the mild weather and low winds to make great grapes this year. Texas is already the fifth largest wine producer in the county. The recent rains, though, brought challenges in collecting the grapes, since people actually go through and pick the grapes by hand.
KFOX, Ashley Claster, August 25, 2016

Valley cotton growers need a few more days of hot, dry weather to finish harvesting -- The cotton harvesters in the Rio Grande Valley area were hoping for a few more days without rainfall. However, the rest of the community would welcome the rain since the area was under dry to moderate drought conditions.
The Monitor, Rod Santa Ana, August 26, 2016

Cool, damp weather coming at the wrong time -- Many farmers are nearing their harvesting season, when dry conditions are preferable to be able to gather the crops. In some ways it is a double edged sword with many crops. For corn the rain as it can help with spider mites, but the fungal diseases can spread easier after rain. The rain also brought some bollworm moth flights which put the cotton crops at risk to worm infestation.
The Plainview Daily Herald, Doug McDonough, August 27, 2016

Time to think winter: Management of annual ryegrass/legume winter pastures -- Winter pastures are hard to think about when the summer is full of 100 degree days. There is time to plant annual ryegrass however if it has not been already.
The Eagle, Robert Fears, August 29, 2016

Significant Weather


4 reasons to care about the developing storm in the Atlantic -- Storms developing in the South Atlantic prove a valid threat to Texans. This is because tropical storms have a good chance of driving up the gulf and since the Texas coast line takes up a good portion this just further increases the chances of getting hit by such storms. Also, even if the storm missed to the East/South there is a good chance that some of the rainbands would have a good chance of still hitting Texas.
KXAN, David Yeomans, August 1, 2016

Rainy weather in key markets drags down U.S. Concrete’s stock -- US Concrete Inc. was affected by poor weather conditions. Competitors also struggled this season. The volume of business was mainly hurt by the amount of rain in their major market areas.
The Dallas Morning News, Wire Services, August 4, 2016

Thunderstorms in the forecast -- North and west of Lubbock storms pop up storms expected with 10% chance for storms in Lubbock. Storms remained possible for the area through Thursday. Saturday downpours were predicted.
KABC, Meteorologist Cary Allen, August 8, 2016

Texas Residents ‘Enjoy Floods’, Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack Says -- People were apparently loving the flooding because it allows them to redo their houses and buy new cars. Many people were saddened and angered by the above statement. However, this statement was only to bring light to the fact that some people actually use floods as a way to take advantage of FEMA and their insurance companies. The current proposed solution is to increase taxes.
The Weather Channel, Eric Chaney, August 11, 2016

Summer cold front will bring rain to North Texas -- A cold front is predicted to bring rain to the North Texas area. By Saturday the chance of rain is scattered showers and thunderstorms (50%). Sunday has an increased chance with 60% chance.
WFAA, Colleen Coyle, August 11, 2016

Weather Extra - Heat Erased, Rain Penciled In -- Humidity with the triple digit heat made it feel more unbearable. However, the Austin area was in for some relief in the form of isolated showers, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. The storms will bring an end to the triple digit heat for a bit and lawns will be thankful for the rain.
KVUE, Jared Plushnick, August 12, 2016

Slow Moving Storm Moves Into Southeast Texas This Weekend -- The Houston area weather is predicted to shift from hot to wet weather. Over the weekend forecasters expect 3-5 inches with possibly 4-6 inches overall due to the tropical nature ofthe storms. The main concern from the storms are bayous overflowing and roads flooding.
KTRK, Staff Writer, August 13, 2016

First Alert: Flash Flood Watch extended through Wednesday -- Meteorologist Jared Silverman noted rain and flooding was possible for the San Antonio area. They were predicting 3 more inches of rain at least. Another Meteorologist, Jeremy Baker put the rain chances for the area at 80%. Temperatures felt warmer than the thermostat readings due to the humidity coming in from the gulf.
KENS5, Staff Writer, August 17, 2016

Rain likely for rest of week -- Highs were forecasted in the 80s and 90s with lows in the 70s for the Killeen area. The cold front coupled with gulf moisture is working to bring good conditions for rain. They had a 40-50% chance of rain Sunday to Wednesday, and still a 30% chance on Thursday to Friday
Killeen Daily Herald, David A. Bryant, August 13, 2016

Rain brings weekend relief from heat -- Rain was predicted for the weekend. With it cooler temperatures were expected with highs around 79 degrees on Sunday. Overall, September has been more wet than normal this year. The area has received 4.5 more inches of rain than normal, which is 24.5 inches.
Texarkana Gazette, Lori Dunn, August 13, 2016

Flash flood watch issued for Central Texas -- Four counties, Travis, Williamson, Hays, and Bastrop counties were under the flash flood watch lasting form 1a.m. Monday to 1p.m. Tuesday. Showers from the thunderstorms were predicted to stay overnight and increase in coverage.
The Austin American-Statesman, Staff Writer, August 14, 2016

Wet weather expected to continue throughout the week -- After suffering through triple digit temperatures, residents in Central Texas could look forward to highs in the 80s and rain during the week. Police did have to respond to some minor wrecks due to the rain, but no one was seriously injured.
Waco Tribune, Kristin Hoppa, August 15, 2016

Flood threat to shift over eastern Texas after devastating rainfall inundates Louisiana -- Houston, Corpus Christi, Austin and San Antonio were at risk of flooding. The flooding was much worse for Louisiana residents. The average amount of rainfall expected over the Texas area was 1-3 inches.
AccuWeather, Meteorologist Jordan Root, August 16, 2016

Wet stretch in Texas to continue, fronts to eventually cool the Southeast -- Texas was expected to experience more rain. The front over Texas was still mostly stationary. Another front is expected to move the rain to the Northeast and bring storms with it then out of Texas.
AcuWeather, Staff Writer, August 17, 2016

Week of storms dumped a foot of rain on some parts of Central Texas -- The storms brought more than 12 inches of rain over the Austin area. However, the storms are not over with one more storm in the forecast. The downpour did help to bring down the unbearably warm temperatures for the area.
The Austin American-Statesman, Mark D. Wilson, August 18, 2016

Wet Weekend, But Unusual Pattern Won’t Last -- Usually August is warm and dry for Texas, but it has not been that way this year. The rain over many parts of the state brought relief to the heat and left cooler temperatures. The North Texas area was expected to return to the normal August conditions.
NBC DFW, Grant Johnston, August 19, 2016

Heavy Rain Swamps Texas; Water Rescues Reported in San Antonio -- Several water rescues were performed in the San Antonio area after the storms hit the area. So far three rescues were reported. Some flooding on roads caused cars to stall. In some areas over a half a foot of rain fell within a 24 hour period.
The Weather Channel, Staff Writer, August 21, 2016

Area nears year’s worth of rain; it’s only August - With four months left in the year, Southeast Texas is nearing a full year’s worth of rain according to the National Weather Service. So far, the region has had 54.4 inches of rain, just shy of the usual 60.47 inches normal of rain in a year.
Beaumont Enterprise, Dan Wallach, August 23, 2016

First Alert Weather: Spotty storms possible Tuesday -- The highs in the Lubbock area were expected to be in the 80s and 90s. Some thunderstorms were also possible in the afternoon. For those picking kids up from school be sure to bring an umbrella for them.
KCBD, Meteorologist Cary Allen, August 23, 2016

Rainy weather benefits Lake Travis homeowner -- For homeowners, the value of their lakefront homes increases somewhat drastically when the lake levels are higher. This year it is also a good time for buyers to purchase lake houses because the prices are still under the median price for the area. This was a 28% increase in price since 2014.
KHOU, Jason Puckett, August 23, 2016

Flood protection grants approved by Texas Water Development Board -- The help will come in the form of financing early warning systems, improved flood response strategies and protection planning. The fund is $3.5 million dollars from the Disaster Contingency Fund. Because of the ability to help protect people and their health, these projects had priority for receiving funding.
KSAT, Dawn Brooks, August 25, 2016

Afternoon stray t-shower possible for West-Central Texas -- The tropical moisture coming into West Central Texas will help fuel thunderstorms as the day heats up. Football games were probably not going to be canceled, as the thunderstorm chances dwindled down for the evening hours.
KTXS, Hayden Nix, August 26, 2016

Flooding to continue in Seminole, cross Permian Basin -- Over 5 inches of rain fell in Seminole Sunday night, which prompted the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood warning. Now residents are trying to recover from water in their homes or businesses. One store owner points to poor irrigation systems in the area, which can cause water to linger and stop business for a few days.
KWES, Gerald Tracy, August 29, 2016

Constant rain brings woes for East Texas yards -- East Texas has seen more rain than normal for the month of August. Affordable Lawn Care, a lawn mowing business, has taken some hits due to being unable to cut grass with stagnant water. A large amount of insects and snakes have been spotted by the lawn crew when working in tall grasses. The rain is much appreciated, but too much rain can cause problems. However, water bills are noticeable lower for homeowners right now.
KTRE, Caleb Beames, August 29, 2016

Rising water: South Plains drivers cautioned as rain keeps falling -- Rain continued to fall in the South plains and is not expected to stop until the Labor Day weekend. The rain was blamed for multiple car crashes, which left one woman in critical condition. Some areas have seen upwards of 7 inches of rainfall since Saturday and many farm-to-market roads were underwater. The Texas Department of Transportation urges drivers to take caution when travelling and to “turn around, don’t drown”.
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Lucinda Holt, August 30, 2016

Coastal flood advisory to continue through Wednesday -- Multiple inches of rain fell in the Corpus Christi area and along the Coastal Bend and Aransas pass Tuesday. A coastal flood advisory was in effect until 4 p.m. Tuesday for the Coastal Bend and extended to 8 a.m. for Nueces, San Patricio, and Kleberg counties. Rain is expected in the area again on Thursday.
Corpus Christi Caller Times, Natalia Contreras, August 30, 2016

Wet August brings pest problems to yards, homes -- Typically one of the hottest times of the year, August has been unusually cool and wet. The dry, hot weather has kept the mosquitoes away, but with recent weather they are back and being pesky. A local pest control agency has seen an increase in business and says keeping lawns cut and removing standing water from the yard will help keep the insects away.
KBTX, Clay Falls, August 30, 2016

Heavy rains causing flash flooding in Lubbock, surrounding areas -- The Covenant Children’s ER area was flooding. One road, 19th street was closed due to flooding from University to Indiana. It caused many people to be trapped in their cars and the Police Department was helping them out. Citibus, a bus system in the area had to cancel all services until the flooding receded. During the event the Fire Department responded to eight water rescues.
KWES, Meteorologist Cary Allen, August 31, 2016

Warm Weather

National Weather Service: 100-degree temps expected Wednesday, Thursday -- The Killeen area’s first 100 degree day was July 25, and the area is expected to have triple digit temperatures again later in the week. This will be the first consecutive 100 degree plus days.
Killeen Daily Herald, Nealie Sanchez, August 1, 2016

North Texas: 100-degree temperatures expected for next eight to 10 days -- North Texas is predicted to experience 100 degree temperature days for the next 10 days. August normally has the most 10 degree days in the year. It is important to take the proper precautions while outside in the hot weather to stay safe. Some include remaining hydrated and making sure not to leave children and pes in hot cars.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Rafael Sears, August 2, 2016

Hot weather boosts El Paso Electric’s earnings -- The company received a boost in revenue or the April to August quarter. In addition to users needing more electricity, more customers were added. Their profit this year was $22.3 million up from the 21.1 million from last year. With this money, the company is going to become a cleaner utility. With eliminating coal generation, there is an annual decrease of 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide. This is the same as taking 95,000 cars off the roads.
El Paso Inc., Robert Gray, August 3, 2016

Triple digit temperature days continue -- Low rain chances were expected for the Big Country. With this temperatures in the lower 100s were predicted. Evening temperatures would finish around the 70s, with clouds in the western half of the area and clear skies for the rest of the Big Country.
KTXS, Hayden Nix, August 3, 2016

Heat woes over the weekend -- Triple digit temperatures welcome people into the weekend and hot temperatures are also expected to return on Sunday. Residents were advised to stay hydrated during outdoor activities and to apply sunscreen. Nighttime temperatures were predicted to be in the mid 70s for the weekend.
KTXS, Melissa Valdez, August 5, 2016

Triple-digit temperatures to continue Sunday -- High temperatures were predicted in the 100s with lows in the mid 70s. Winds were light at 5-10 mph. The remaining part of the week would be above average with highs in the 100s and mostly sunny skies. The heat indexes were dangerous for working, so outdoor workers would need to stay hydrated. Also, never leave children or pets in cars for any reason.
KTXS, Melissa Valdez, August 6, 2016

Heat Advisory Issued for SE Texas for Tuesday -- Many counties within Southeast Texas were under a heat advisory. With the advisory in effect, residents were advised to avoid strenuous activities outdoors and to limit those activities to the early morning and late evening hours.
ABC 13, August 8, 2016

Heat index up to 110 Monday afternoon in parts of Austin metro area -- Meteorologists at the National Weather Service put out a heat index and were advising central Texas residents to be alert for heat related illnesses.
The Austin American-Statesman, Staff Writer, August 8, 2016

Stay cool: Heat advisory in effect for Austin metro area until 8p.m. -- Under the heat advisory, residents were suggested to avoid extended periods in the heat. This is mainly because it increases chances for heat related illnesses. The Austin area was receiving increased humidity levels, which increases heat index values. The outlooks were 110 degree heat indices.
The Austin American-Statesman, Staff Writer, August 10, 2016

Austin’s hottest day of 2016 also 8th day of triple-digit temperatures -- One station recorded a heat index reaching 114. The Austin area experienced 100 degree temperatures for 8 days straight. One day they reached 105 degrees, which almost equaled the record of 106 set in 1923.
The Austin American-Statesman, Staff Writer, August 12, 2016

DFW reaches a record 107 as storms pop up across North Texas -- The DFW day area was under triple digit temperatures for 12 days straight. With these high temperatures, a heat advisory was in effect with heat indices able to reach 111 degrees. They had some relief as thunderstorms came in the afternoon. Some flights arriving in DFW were even delayed, and flights leaving were delayed 30-45 minutes.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bill Hanna, August 12, 2016

Rain chances start today and remain through the weekend -- Before rain reaches the Big Country, temperatures were predicted to reach the high 90s and low 100s. The front brought isolated thunderstorms and rain. The area will see anywhere from a half an inch to 2 inches.
KTXS, Hayden Nix, August 12, 2016

Cool Weather

Cooler weather on the way to the Big Country -- Tuesday would bring highs in the mid-90s.
By friday a cold front will bring 20% chance of thunderstorms during the day and a 30% chance of storms in the evening. Saturday has the highest chance of rain at 40-50% for thunderstorms.
KTXS, Melissa Valdez, August 9, 2016

Tracking milder weekend temperatures -- A weak cold front brought low temperatures to the lower 70s and highs to the lower 90s. Thunderstorms were possible on Saturday (20%). This would be flowed by dry weather Sunday and a stalled front bringing a better chance of rain for the first half of the workweek.
KTXS, Mark Rowlett, August 12, 2016

Cooler temps, rain for North Texas all week -- Storms could bring localized flooding. Overall, an inch or less of rain is expected for the metroplex with more rain to 3 inches could occur south of the metroplex.
WFAA, Greg Fields, August 15, 2016

Rain, cooler weather here for the week -- at least -- The East Texas area was beginning to grow weary of the continual mix of humid and hot weather. Relief for the region was forecasted to bring the area cooler temperatures and rain. The same storm system which brought relief from the heat to Eastern Texas caused major flooding and devastation to Louisiana.
Kilgore News Herald, Chelsea Katz, August 16, 2016

Most areas in North Texas are about to have the perfect Sunday forecast -- The North Texas area will have a chance to enjoy highs in the 80s, lows in lower 70s and clouds during the day. If any rain occurs it is forecasted for the Southeastern portion of the area.
KDFW, Staff Writer, August 21, 2016

Severe Weather

Summer storms damage Irving apartment complex -- The apartments were damaged by high winds. It left parts of the roof in pieces on the lawn in front of the complex. No one was hurt, and the man who lived in the most affected apartment was not home during the event.
WFAA, Marie Saavedra, August 12, 2016

Weather in Austin Causes Damage -- A tree damaged a woman’s car. This particular tree had also suffered from root rot, which makes it easier to fall over. The roots finally broke due to a lack of rain followed by a downpour. OTher damages include a gas leak, which had a chance to mix with the rain water.
KTBC, Bridget Spencer, August 15, 2016

Lightning victim remains hospitalized -- A person who was struck by lightning over the weekend still remains hospitalized and in critical condition. The National Weather Service urges residents to go indoor when thunder roars. Weekend storms did were not severe, but one cell in particular produced a large amount of lightning.
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Adam D. Young, August 29, 2016

Other Climate Impacts


Texas power demand to hit 2016 peaks this week amid heat wave: ERCOT - While the peak energy consumption is coming up, the energy companies are expected to be able to keep up with the demand. Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) reported an all time peak of 69,877 MW in August 10, 2015, and the forecasted demand is 70,588 MW for the summer 2016. So far this summer many of the major cities in Texas have been under heat advisories.
Reuters, Scott DiSavino, August 3, 2016

Weather facts: Bats on radar -- Doppler radars were built for tracking storms and rain, but they also pick up on other phenomena in the air. Bats can reflect radar energy like water droplets, so meteorologists have to ensure what they are seeing is weather related. Meteorologists have to be aware of bat caves to avoid predicting a rainstorm. This has also helped with bat research.
KTBC, Zach Shields, August 5, 2016

Fan donations needed as temps climb in Central Texas -- The week was expected to be the hottest in 2016 to date. One organization Family Eldercare, was built to give aid to adults over 55, adults with disabilities, and families with children under 18 access to a fan. They were running out of fans, and looking for donations. The business already distributed 5,000 fans. Kids without fans have a harder time learning during school hours.
CBS Austin, Sarah Navoy, August 8, 2016

Are Emergency Responders Prepared for Severe Weather? -- To stay informed on the weather, the Fire Department stays in contact with the National Weather Service. They also call the chief directly for important information and also send out alerts of possible issues they are expecting from watching the radar.
KGNS-TV, Valerie Gonzalez, August 19, 2016

Flood forecasting gets major upgrade -- Some scientists created the National Water Model, which would be able to aid in getting forecasters more data and decision making assistance during flooding events. It runs hourly simulations from the present conditions. In addition to the hourly forecasts, it also forecasts 30 days once a day and 10 day forecasts sometimes during the day. This newer model provides 700 times more detail than the previous model.
National Science Foundation, Aaron Dubrow, August 24, 2016

Flood protection grants approved by Texas Water Development Board -- The help will come in the form of financing early warning systems, improved flood response strategies and protection planning. The fund is $3.5 million dollars from the Disaster Contingency Fund. Because of the ability to help protect people and their health, these projects had priority for receiving funding.
KSAT, Dawn Brooks, August 25, 2016


Weather is main cause of Texas car insurance increases -- The Waco area has seen a 40% increase in prices for car insurance. One insurance agent did admit that the increase is due to severe weather. There are also more drivers in the cities and this drives up the prices because there are more cars, which will be calling in claims. In 2015 the prices were even higher, and since then they have reduced prices by 7%. This shows the insurance companies are trying to improve their rates.
KXXV-TV, Makenzi Henderson, August 16, 2016

Texas led states in natural disaster last year -- Texas was number one on the list of states most affected by natural disaster in 2015. InsuranceQuotes released a statement indicating Texas had 951 high wind incidents, 783 hail incidents, and 228 tornado incidents. A senior insurance analyst with the company urges customers to be proactive when it comes to purchasing insurance policies, like flood policies for example.
Midland Reporter-Telegram, Mella McEwen, August 28, 2016


Brock, Cougars not slowed by weather delay -- The football players were only able to get a warm up in before the time the game was scheduled to start, and they had to wait an hour indoors due to a storm. Another football game was canceled due to lightning.
The Eagle, Larry Bowen, August 28, 2016

Riders enjoy cooler temperatures at 2016 Hotter’N Hell -- The Hotter’N Hell bike road race was actually quite cold. The event coordinator said the weather was much better than the typical 100 degrees. About 13,000 riders participated in the race.
Times Record News, Patrick Johnson, August 29, 2016

Stormy weather leaves area teams with new season-opening forecasts -- One game was canceled due to a thunderstorm with lightning. Coaches in the area remember more cancelled games now than in the past. The cancellations put many teams at a disadvantage since they were behind on their schedules. Protocol is to stop a game for 30 minutes after lightning strikes before resuming the game.
The Austin American-Statesman, Rick Cantu, August 31, 2016

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