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Burn Bans/Wildfire

County-wide burn bans through January 1

Fire weather watch in effect -- The fire weather watch was issued for Potter and Randall County through Sunday by the National Weather Service. This was because of the strong winds coupled with low relative humidity across the Texas Panhandle. These watches are issued when there is a potential for fire weather conditions to exist.
Amarillo Globe-News, Donald Winslow, December 25, 2016

Wildfire warnings posted in Southern Plains, Florida -- The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for Northern Texas on Friday. This means the weather conditions are prime for any wildfire to spread quickly.
The Brownsville Herald, Staff Writer, December 30, 2016

Grass fires in North Texas burn more than 130 acres, threaten several buildings -- Over 100 acres were destroyed in Wise County due to fires. The weather was prime for the fire to spread with low humidity and 20 mph winds. A building was destroyed and several houses were uncomfortably close to the fire. No injuries were reported from this fire.
The Dallas Morning News, Caleb Downs, December 29, 2016


Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, December 6, 2016
U.S. Drought Monitor, December 27, 2016


Cotton harvest delayed, crop is good so far -- The cotton crops were better than what was predicted. Harvests were also delayed from when the rain fell on the crops. Many farmers wait until the conditions are just right to harvest and most of them are behind schedule from the weather.
Ballinger Ledger, Celinda Hawkins, December 14, 2016

A welcome change in weather -- Temperatures are predicted to become more mild than they were after the period of extremely cold weather. The strong winds, though, did some damage to the winter wheat production by blowing away its snow cover protecting it.
The News-Gazette, Meteorologist Greg Soulje, December 20, 2016

Significant Weather


Heavy rain in store for Southeast Texas this weekend -- The National Weather Service predicted 25 mph winds and a 90% chance of rain for Southeastern Texas on Friday. Rain chances stayed high through the weekend with 80% chance on Saturday through Sunday. Overall there would be some areas with 3-5 inches of rain, but it would not stay over a single area too long. Instead the rain would reach a wide area.
Beaumont Enterprise, Elizabeth Robinson, December 1, 2016

First Alert: A weekend washout on the menu for Deep East Texas -- A slow moving low pressure system was forecasted to bring rain to East Texas over the weekend. This was reported as a first alert not because of the severity of the event, but rather because of the possible need to change plans due to the constant rain. The rain will not be present for every second of every day, however moving the plans indoors will be wise to avoid having to change plans at the last minute. Forecasts show an accumulation of about 4-6 inches for most areas with a few areas possibly receiving more rain. Moderate flooding will be possible for some areas, and before that happens the dry ground will be soaking up much of the rainfall. During this time, the temperature will stay around the 50s.
KTRE, Meteorologist Brad Hlozek, December 2, 2016

Record-setting Rain Leaves Texas City Streets Submerged -- The Texas City area went about two decades without a downpour quite this strong, which surpassed the last record. Some areas were expected to have as much as 15 inches of rain in total over the weekend and into Monday. A shelter at Bay Harbour United Methodist Church was made available by the Red Cross for those displaced by high water. The NWS Houston/Galveston office issued a Flash Flood Watch for portions of Texas through sunday evening. This was in addition to the Flash Flood Warning for areas of Galveston and Brazoria counties. No water rescues were performed at the time this article was written, however the emergency officials were concerned by the amount of abandoned cars stranded on the road.
KTRK, Staff Writer, December 3, 2016

Record rainfall hits Galveston County -- A report stated 11 inches of rain fell over the course of a few hours according to the Texas City Emergency Management Officials. For citizens, this meant there was high water at almost every turn. Many drivers thought they could drive through the high waters, which lead to many drivers being rescued by emergency management officials. About 5 residential homes took on water. For those needing shelter, the Red Cross set up a shelter in League City for people displaced by the flood.
KHOU, Stephanie Whitfield, December 3, 2016

Heavy storms hit San Antonio Saturday causing minor flooding -- A storm brought 5.2 inches of rain to portions of San Antonio. Some city streets and highways had flooding which lead to the closing of some of US 281. In addition to this, about 30 other roads were closed within San Antonio. There were even two high water rescues. Thankfully no injuries were reported due to this event.
San Antonio Express-News, Chris Quinn, December 3, 2016

A wet Christmas, but severe storms unlikely -- The first day of winter in the DFW area was 10 degrees above normal with the average temperature measuring 66 degrees. By the end of the workweek a cold front will drop the high temperatures to the 50s with a chance of rain. The Christmas forecast is currently a high in the low 70s with a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms.
The Dallas Morning News, Claire Z. Cardona, December 21, 2016

Holiday forecast for Austin: Warm, possibly wet Christmas -- The Austin Christmas forecast has temperatures reaching the 70s and a chance of light rain. Within Texas, people in the Panhandle have the highest chance of seeing snow. This is still just a 15 to 20% chance. Most of Texas is expected to see some rain. No severe thunderstorms were expected for the DFW area, but a 50% chance of thunderstorms were possible. Central Texas’s forecast has temperatures 10 degrees above normal by Christmas Eve.
The Austin American-Statesman, Staff Writer, December 22, 2016

Weather Conditions Good for Weekend Travel -- The DFW Airport had a few delays and cancellations. There were just a few showers, but nothing else was keeping North Texans from good traveling weather. Later on, rain and thunderstorms were expected from North Texas to Chicago and might increase travel delays.
NBC DFW, Samantha Davies, December 23, 2016

Expect wet Christmas -- Denton County’s Christmas forecast predicted some storms to start by noon, which could last until midnight. The storms this year will be less severe than the tornadoes and $1.2 billion in damages seen last December. This year the more severe weather will be North of Texas, so travelers going to Kansas and Nebraska were cautioned to keep an eye on weather reports.
Denton Records Chronicle, Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe, December 24, 2016

Severe Weather

Tornado warning updates: Latest storm forecasts and maps as tornadoes hit the US -- There was a swath of tornadoes reaching from Louisiana to Tennessee. Texas near the coast had a chance of thunderstorms in a 3 day outlook by the National Weather Service. These storms would possibly hit from east Texas to the Texas coast.
Express, Alice Foster, December 1, 2016

Warm Weather

Weather Blog: Will it Snow in Houston this Christmas!? -- Houston has only one white Christmas on record! This occurred in 2004, so yes it is possible. However, a snow event is only expected to happen once every 20 years closer to the gulf area and every 10 years for the Houston area. This translates to not so great odds for a white Christmas in Houston. This year, at least a cold front will give Houstonians a temperature, which feels like Christmas.
KHOU, Chief Meteorologist David Paul, December 6, 2016

Cold? Not for long. After frozen Friday, Sunday’s high will be 70 -- The forecast for the DFW area was in the 70s from the National Weather Service. This was just 48 hours after one of their coldest days on record with 24 degrees. A high pressure system came in after the low pressure system bringing with it warmer winds from the Gulf of Mexico to briefly warm up Texas.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Mark David Smith, December 9, 2016

Roller coaster weather: This week has a bit of everything (minus the snow) -- North Texans are accustomed to constantly fluctuating temperatures. Forecasters ay this week will be no different. In the beginning of the week the highs will be in the 50s to 60s. Then the front coming in on Wednesday would bring much chillier weather and rain to the area, followed by high temperatures returning to the 60s by Friday. A National Weather Service meteorologist says it is common for the high temperatures to vary in North Texas at this time of year.
The Dallas Morning News, Sanya Mansoor, December 11, 2016

Cold weekend temperatures will be gone by Christmas -- Temperatures were expected to slowly climb through the week leading to Christmas. The highs were forecasted for 48 on Monday, 55 on Tuesday, highs in the 60s for Wednesday and Thursday and finally high around 63 for Friday. Christmas Eve’s high temperature forecast was 71 and Christmas’s high was 73 with a low well above freezing at 54 degrees.
Houston Chronicle, Fernando Ramirez, December 19, 2016

Warm weather expected to stick around Waco area -- Christmas Eve felt like summer compared to the preceding colder days in the Waco area. The area was about 75 degrees in the afternoon. Christmas day was forecasted with a 76 degree high and a chance of rain. This warm trend was forecasted through the week except for Tuesday, which was only expected to reach 59 degrees.
Waco Tribune, Don Bolding, December 24, 2016

No White Christmas: Hottest Holiday on Record -- The average high temperature in the DFW area is 56 degrees on Christmas. However, the temperature was already 69 degrees in the morning and continued to increase during the day. The old record of 78 degrees made in 1922 and 1934 was beaten by 3p.m. and continued to rise to 80 degrees. A cold front was forecasted to come in overnight and bring the highs to the 60s.
NBC DFW, David Finfrock, December 25, 2016

Austin Experiences warmest Christmas Morning on Record -- The record, which was broken, was made in 1934 with a 64 degree morning temperature in Austin. This year the morning temp was 68 degrees. The daytime record high was not going to be beat though.
Spectrum News, Joshua Kleinstreuer, December 25, 2016

Warm Christmas temps will linger through the week -- The temperatures for the DFW area were slated to remain mild throughout the week. In addition to the mild temperatures, no rain chances were in the forecast until New Year’s Day.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Domingo Ramirez, Jr., December 26, 2016

Don’t sweat it: Record heat isn’t sticking around in Dallas-Fort Worth -- A record heat was made 88 years ago in the DFW area, but it was beat this year on the 28th. The old record was 81 and the new record is 83 degrees. However, a cold front was in the forecast to take away the warm temperatures and drop them to 25 degrees cooler.
The Dallas Morning News, Claire Z. Cardona, December 28, 2016

Austin shatters another daily heat record in December -- The area reached a record high for the second time in a three day span. This time the old record of 77 was surpassed at 83 degrees. Those who enjoy the warm summers appreciated this break from the cold, however another front was slated to cool off the Austin area to have highs in the 50s and 60s.
The Austin American-Statesman, Marty Toohey, December 28, 2016

Run of record heat to end with overnight cold front -- The temperatures reached 82 degrees on the 28th, which beat a record set over 100 years ago. Many viewed this as a nice break from the cooler temperatures, however a cold front was forecasted to bring temperatures down by about 20 degrees. In addition to the cooler temperatures it also brought a 70 percent chance of rain for New Year’s Eve.
Houston Chronicle, Keri Blakinger, December 28, 2016

This December, North Texas Has Endured Single-Digit Wind Chills, Record-High Holidays -- Another record heat day reached North Texas with the high at 83 degrees. To put this into perspective, this is 27 above the normal high for North Texas. Their Christmas was warm as well, and also beat the record high with 80 degrees. Overall, the DFW area went through any warmer than normal temperatures followed by cooler than normal temperatures. They had to stay weather aware to know what to wear and prepare from day to day.
KERA, Molly Evans, December 29, 2016

Cool/Winter Weather

Winter is coming -- The Amarillo area, which became accustomed to abnormally warm temperatures for the time of year, looked towards the possibility of cooler weather. Also, the region was expecting their first snowfall for the year. Activities planned for the outdoors might be canceled due to the weather. Rain was expected for the morning hours, transitioning to a rain and snow mixture then to just snow into the next day. Northern portions of the Panhandle were forecasted to receive up to a half an inch of snow. Mid range counties would receive the snow and rain mixture, while southern counties including Clarendon were slated just to receive rain. TxDOT prepared I-40 and I-27 with brine and crews to salt the bridges and any other areas in need of improved road conditions.
Amarillo Globe-News, Ron Balaskovitz, December 1, 2016

Coldest temperatures in 2 years on the way -- The arctic air was forecasted to arrive in Texas by Wednesday. Before the cold air, some rain was expected for Monday. No driving issues were expected due to the spotty showers. The temperature was forecasted to drop to 29 for the low and only reach 39 for the high on Thursday.

WFAA, Staff Writer, December 4, 2016

Toy Run a Success -- Santa came into town, but this time he was on a motorcycle with 600-700 others following him in the TriCounty Toy Run. This toy run was set up in order to help families who could not afford gifts receive donated toys distributed to local charities. The cold, wet weather kept some people from participating, however many still supported the cause. In fact $6,000 was raised in addition to 81 boxes of toys and 31 bikes.
Temple Daily Telegram, Artie Phillips, December 5, 2016

Pets need care in cold weather -- Once temperatures reach 32 degrees overnight, dog owners can no longer chain up their pets overnight. The forecast for the area was 28 degrees, so be sure to alert the animal services if anyone is violating that rule. A good rule of thumb from one veterinarian is if you are cold, your dog is most likely cold as well. If it is possible take your dog indoors during these cooler nights, but if you cannot there are some things you should consider. First your dog needs shelter, such as a doghouse, to protect them from the wind. Second, their water supply needs to be checked to ensure it is not frozen over. Lastly, make sure the dog house has three walls and a roof and is not sitting in standing water.
Palestine Herald-Press, Michael Maresh, December 6, 2016

Making sure your home is prepared for freezing weather -- How do you know when you need to protect your pipes? A hardware store owner says freezing temperatures over an extended period of time in a forecast are when you want to wrap your pipes. This is also when they advise a drip in your faucet especially if your home is older and air can go underneath the home causing your pipes to get chilly faster.
KXAN, Natalie Ferrari, December 7, 2016

Overnight Snow in Texas -- The Texas Panhandle experienced temperatures in the teens and wind chill approaching zero as the cold front came in. From just south of I-20 to Concho Valley about an inch of winter type precipitation was forecasted. This includes a bit of snow and snow/sleet mix.
Firsthand Weather, Christopher Nunley, December 7, 2016

Southeast Texas braces for season’s first freeze -- Freezing temperatures and strong winds made for a combo to cause SE Texans to need to take precautions to ensure the 4 P’s were safe. First, people needed to be properly clothed to stay warm and remember not to use heaters which burn gasoline in homes or enclosed areas. Second, pets also need to stay warm, and their fur should not be shaved. Children, elderly, and pets should not be left in vehicles since the temperatures can reach sub freezing if they are left in the car for too long. Third, pipes outdoors should be insulated with the hose disconnected from them. Lastly, plants should be covered with a plastic sheet or blanket.
Houston Chronicle, Carol Christian, December 8, 2016

Texas is freaking out over the first cold front coming in December, dropping temps below freezing -- This year the winter weather came all at once. Normally Texans are used to a gradual fall in temperatures. This year the winter season seemed to come in overnight.
Houston Chronicle, Heather Leighton, December 8, 2016

Quick weather shift blamed for pelican deaths in Texas -- A total of 64 pelicans died indirectly due to the weather. To seek shelter from the cold, they all roosted by a 3-4 foot traffic divider. A veterinarian believes they also moved to that location due to strong northerly winds and high tides. Many people were not paying attention to where they were driving and neglected slowing down to give the pelicans a chance to cross the road.
Houston Chronicle, Brett Barrouquere, December 10, 2016

Fog, mist and light rain expected Sunday morning in Central Texas -- In eastern Hill Country and east of I-35 drizzling rain and dense fog were forecasted by the National Weather Service. They expected these conditions to subside by 10 a.m., however the drivers commuting in the morning should be careful of the low visibility from the fog.
Austin-American Statesman, Mary Huber, December 11, 2016

Foggy weather to blame for fatal accident -- A 57 year old man was riding his motorcycle in the evening when he crashed on an exit ramp. That left him unconscious on the ground. The conditions that day were foggy and damp. Before he regained consciousness a car ran over him and remained with him until the motorcyclist was pronounced dead.
KZTV, Staff Writer, December 12, 2016

Tracking another series of cold fronts over the next week -- Three cold fronts were forecasted to come through the Big Country throughout the week. Before each of the fronts, the temperatures are expected to be above normal, and once it passes the temperatures will drop to below normal. The first one was expected to arrive by Sunday night. Then the second cold front should arrive by Tuesday. The last cold front of the week is forecasted to come in Saturday afternoon.
KTXS, Meteorologist Hayden Nix, December 12, 2016

Dense fog in North Texas to linger into mid-morning -- The National Weather Service put out a dense fog advisory until 10 a.m. which might need to be extended. Fog in the area decreased visibility to less than 100 feet in bad areas and up to a quarter of a mile. Drivers were cautioned to slow down. An incoming cold front is expected to lift the fog and return sunshine to the area. Flights coming into DFW airport were delayed due to the fog.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Azia Branson, December 13, 2016

Rollercoaster weather pattern through Saturday -- A set of cold fronts through the Panhandle is causing the forecast to be a bit tricky. The first cold front on Wednesday will bring temperatures to the 60s and lower 70s in Seminole area down to the 30s and 40s for northeastern areas of the Panhandle. Temperatures will reach a lower high temperatures by Thursday in the 40s and 50s due to the cold front. Then new record highs are possible Friday in the 70s to 80s. In addition to this, winds will gust at 40-45 mph bringing with it possible fire dangers. A second dip to colder temperatures is forecasted for Saturday or Sunday with another front bringing arctic air to Texas.
KTRE, Meteorologist Cary Allen, December 14, 2016

Will arctic blast bring snow to DFW this weekend? -- A slight chance of snow was possible for North Texas with an arctic front coming through for the weekend. It will bring the temperature from the 70s down to a low in the 20s. A flurry or two of snow was possible for parts of the the DFW area. By Monday the temperatures will drop more to the high teens and reach the lowest temperature for the area in 2016.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bill Hanna, December 14, 2016

Winter weather is returning to the Houston area on Sunday -- Houstonians received a break from wintry weather with highs in the 50s and above. However, this will change with a cold front bringing the forecasted 78 degree high down to 37 degrees on Saturday. This cold is predicted to stay through Sunday and then through Tuesday temperatures will stay in the 40s.
Houston Chronicle, Heather Leighton, December 15, 2016

Big change in weather this weekend -- The North Texas area could experience some snow flurries and at least some cooler weather. Currently the National Weather Service is not expecting any possible problems to traveling. After the front comes through Saturday, the low will be in the 20s and the high the following day will be in the 30s.
Herald Banner, Brad Kellar, December 15, 2016

Cold front brings possible freeze for parts of South Texas -- The Coastal Bend area had pleasantly warm temperatures, which will be leaving by the end of the day and replaced by jackets and scarves weather. Including the wind chill, it was forecasted to feel like the 20s in the evening with a possibility for a freeze. The actual temperature will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s. This cold front also brought hazardous marine conditions such as rip currents.
Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Staff Writer, December 17, 2016

Abilene Preps for Cold Weather -- Abilenians prepared for the colder weather by stocking up on things to keep them warm from the stores. They were buying anything from faucet covers to space heaters. Many only experience a pipe bursting once in order to be extra cautious to keep it from happening again.
KRBC, Jonathan McMichael, December 17, 2016

Here are a few precautions you should take during freezing weather -- The wind chill made the temperatures in the Coastal Bend area feel like the teens, and it was the coldest weather there for the past three years. Because of this the National Weather Service gave out some advice for battling the cold. First, they remind people to put many layers on including gloves and scarfs. Then, if you are cold your pet is cold outside so take them indoors if it is possible. If not, their water source should be checked to make sure it is not frozen and they need to have a good shelter. Plants could also freeze and need to be covered with plastic if they are sensitive to freezing weather. Avoid using the oven or stove to heat the home and keep anything flammable 3 feet away from fireplaces and other space heaters.
Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Raul Altamirano, December 18, 2016

Weird Weather hits Central Texas -- Within a 24 hour period people enjoyed highs in the 80s and woke up to arctic temperatures and needing jackets to stay warm outdoors. Many viewers of the station were surprised by the swift change and sent in photos. Some showed icicles on cars, frozen fountains and more. One person left their sprinklers on and the water froze in the air making a sculpture of the frozen water.
KVUE, Staff Writer, December 19, 2016

Dallas police investigating death as weather-related -- A woman was found under a tarp by Fair Park. They currently do not know why the woman chose to take shelter under a tarp. They believe the extreme cold weather was likely the cause of the death. It is still under investigation. Remember to always wear a hat, as much of your heat leaves the body through your head.
WFAA, Chad Selby, December 19, 2016

Weather Authority Update: Colder weather on the way -- Another arctic cold front will bring temperatures to the 40s in West Texas and then some light rain will also come with it. Traveling in Texas should be safe, with the possibility of some snow in New Mexico.
KOSA, Tom Tefertiller, December 21, 2016

First official day of winter -- People in Brazos County experienced cold temperatures coming and going and wanted to know how much longer the cold bursts would last. Meteorologist Bob French noted the cold arctic air will still be coming through March.
KAGS, Kerrie Hall, December 21, 2016

Central Texas temps to cool off in next few days -- Temperatures are slated to drop as a cold front was expected to go through the area on Wednesday. Before the temperatures dropped, a new record high of 82 was made at the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport the day after Christmas.
Killeen Daily Herald, Artie Phillips, December 27, 2016

Ups and downs of local weather -- The Central Texas citizens experienced many shifts of their wardrobe during December. They were reaching for scarves, jackets and boots one day and shorts and tshirts the next day in the most stark differences. The wind bringing in the changing temperatures also brought with it different allergens.
Killeen Daily Herald, Darla Horner Menking, December 31, 2016

Other Climate Impacts


Weather delays downtown Houston freeway closing -- Inclement weather actually canceled a pre planned closing of I-45. This put a kink in the road construction plans, because they normally rely on weekends in order to close the roads. This one closing will continue to delay them on the rest of their project. However, the managers are still sure the construction will be complete in late December or early on in January.
Houston Chronicle, Dug Begley, December 2, 2016

Favorable weather forecast for Wednesday’s Delta 4 launch from Florida -- Delta 4 is a military communications satellite, which was scheduled to launch Wednesday evening. The Air Force meteorologists were optimistic for good weather conditions. Their only concern was cloud thickness during the takeoff.
Spaceflight Now, Justin Ray, December 4, 2016

TxDot introduces new trucks to help battle winter weather -- The Wichita Falls has 83 snow plows across 9 counties. This year they added two tanker trucks to the fleet. The new tankers have a chemical that melts snow and ice and can hold 6 times the amount of the older models on the fleet. It is a priority for the Texas Department of Transportation to keep the roads clear.
KAUZ-TV, Sarah Hines, December 17, 2016

It’s happening: Sub-freezing temps arrive as ‘brutal’ front blows through Dallas -- Many people were left without power right as temperatures were cooling off. The forecast showed temperatures dropping to the 50s from the 70s within 2 hours and then into the 20s overnight. Meteorologists at the National Weather Service noted it would feel like the single digits outdoors with the wind chill. Overnight crews were able to restore power to many customers.
The Dallas Morning News, Claire Z. Cardona, December 18, 2016

Cold Weather To Blame For Power Outages Across North Texas -- Residential electrical company, Oncor, stated about 1,400 people were without power. The trees and branches stuck on power lines were to blame. Strong winds from the cold front were the likely cause of the loose tree branches stuck on the powerlines.
CBS DFW, Staff Writer, December 18, 2016

Texas sees over $6 Billion of losses tied to weather in 2016 -- These damages were done to homes and automobiles. A hailstorm in the San Antonio and Bexar County alone caused %1.4 billion in damages, which broke the previous state record for a single storm.
The Insurance Insider, Ted Bunker, December 30, 2016


Winter weather brings plenty of rainbow trout in Central Texas -- Often bass and catfish are more populated during the warmer months in the water. However, the waters began to cool off and some anglers did not know what to fish for. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department then decided to introduce rainbow trout to the water across Texas for the winter months. You can always check the TPWD to make sure the area you wish to fish in was stocked with rainbow trout.
The Daily Tribune, Staff Writer, December 6, 2016

Hot fishing in cool weather -- The fishing results have been good regardless of the weather this year according to captain Nathan Beaubout. On one trip a group was able to get 30-40 trout and 6-7 reds. This was just off the coast of Seadrift.
Lone Star Outdoor News, Lili Sams, December 14, 2016


An abundance of ladybugs takes over South Texas -- A pest management specialist noted that the ladybugs are thriving because there is more food available to them. Ladybugs have had more food due to the type of weather occurring. They thrive in warmer periods after wet and cold weather. In Blanco, Texas some residents took pictures and videos of the ladybugs covering their homes and even finding their way indoors in an attempt to stay warm.
KVUE, Joseph Lopez, December 13, 2016

Fleas thriving during Central Texas’ warm winter -- Fleas enjoy warm humid weather. The adult fleas are killed by cold weather, while their young still in eggs and larvae just await warmer temperatures to hatch. Veterinarians recommend just keeping your pets on flea medicine year round to keep them protected. Also look for eggs around floor boards and other small spaces.
KVUE, Rebecca Trejo, December 26, 2016


Crowd braves cold, wet weather to enjoy 58th Carol of Lights -- The temperatures reached the low 30s as people attended the Carol of Lights. This caused the attendance to drop, but thousands still showed up for this special event. Many participants were wet, slightly miserable and freezing, but it was still worth it for them to come. Others opted to watch the event from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the live feed of the event.
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Erica Pauda, December 2, 2016

Texarkana, TX Christmas parade delayed -- A threat of inclement weather moved the parade date back to Tuesday the 6th. This parade had over 100 floats including some lead by live camels. Each of the floats were lighted in order to be entered into the parade.
KSLA, Eric Pointer, December 5, 2016

Coldest air of the Season So Far Headed to Texas -- A few showers are expected along with the strong cold front forecasted to arrive in Houston Wednesday night. North of I-10 freezing temperatures were forecasted by Friday morning. Citizens were reminded to keep the four P’s safe, including people, pets, pipes and plants.
KTRK, Casey Curry, December 6, 2016

NTSB: Lockhart hot air balloon pilot in deadly crash knew weather was dangerous -- In July a hot air balloon fatally crashed near Lockhart despite the pilot having knowledge of the dangerous weather conditions. Wind speed, wind direction, and cloud heights are critical for operating the hot air balloons. They were advised not to and he chose to pilot the hot air balloon anyways.
KUVE, Staff Writer, December 9, 2016

Bitter Cold Weather Can Make Common Ailments Even Worse -- This even causes already healthy people such as runners to decrease in their performance capacity. Some can even feel pain in their joints and bones as the temperatures drop. Other problems include breathing problems and heart strain.
CBS DFW, Staff Writer, December 9, 2016

North Texas Residents Try To Stay Warm During Cold Snap -- Runners and cyclists had to start piling on more layers to stay warm, and even so some were still cold in their toes and fingers. Some even cut their activities short due to the strong winds. Parents watching their children playing sports also had to bundle up.
CBS DFW, Staff Writer, December 17, 2016

Arctic cold front coming -- Freezing weather was on the way and was brought by the strongest arctic cold front of the year according to the National Weather Service. People were advised to be mindful of pets and plants which are outdoors and to dress properly for the freezing temperatures. Much of West Texas was slated to feel like the single digits with the wind chill and actual temperatures would be in the teens and 20s. This was an abrupt change from the current temperatures nearing the 70s.
Big Spring Herald, Staff Writer, December 17, 2016

Unseasonably warm weather a pleasant site for Alamo Bowl visitors -- The San Antonio normally averages highs in the 60s, and this year tied the record for the highest high temperature of 83 degrees. Visitors from out of state were thankful for a break from the cooler weather in their home states. People also took the time to enjoy the great outdoors at Woodland Park, where they were able to fish, bike and play sports.
KHOU, Phil Anaya, December 27, 2016

Rainy weather should clear up before midnight festivities, but more storms on the way -- Some storms were expected during New Year’s Eve for Houstonians. Many areas might see an inch of precipitation, with some areas southeast of U.S. 59 receiving more rain. The rain was expected to be over in time to enjoy midnight activities outdoors.
Houston Chronicle, Keri Blakinger, December 31, 2016

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