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February was drier than normal for most of the state, including Houston, where Intercontinental Airport recorded its 8th driest February on record. The drought situation remained mainly status quo through most of the state but the dry weather led to counties in the Edwards Plateau degrading from severe drought (D2) to extreme (D3) by the end of the month. Even with a month filled with winter storms, the Panhandle and Texas did not see any significant improvements in drought conditions. Statewide reservoirs rose nearly a full percent from the beginning of the month, going from 65.0% to 65.9%. In East Texas, most reservoirs are at or near capacity. In the Panhandle, North Texas, and South Central Texas, reservoir levels are running on the low side, which has prompted experts in Austin and Amarillo to deliberate further water conservation solutions.

Agriculturally, Winter Wheat and Pecans are doing well across the state. Dairy production has increased 2% from the summer months and the number of cattle have increased after hitting a 48-year record low in 2014. Cotton is expected to have a large reduction due to the cold weather, so many farmers have turned to growing sorghum instead. Soil moisture fared better in the South Plains than in the Panhandle where the soil moisture was short to adequate. The counties of Hale and Swisher now have adequate soil moisture after previously suffering from drought conditions. Ecologically, there were more snow geese found in the state than in previous years. Unseasonably warm temperatures for a portion of the month brought out sand bass and other fish for early season fishing.

To start off the month, there was a 3.1 magnitude earthquake in Amarillo and an additional earthquake of 3.1 magnitude near Irving towards the end of the month. Dry conditions combined with the unseasonably warm temperatures sparked a few grass fires near the Denton area in the early part of the month. February was a busy month for winter weather all across the state, most notably in the DFW Metroplex. There was a fatal crash due to the icy roads near Carrollton, and a place slid off of the taxiway at DFW International Airport. There was also a big pile-up in Amarillo due to the icy roads. Places as far down as Huntsville experienced wintry precipitation due to the abundance of winter storms.
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