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Drought/Burn Bans/Wildfire/Water Supply

County-wide burn bans through February 1

Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, January 3, 2012
U.S. Drought Monitor, January 31, 2012

January 6 - Texas had its driest year on record in 2011: According to the National Climatic Data Center, this record was confirmed.
The Houston Chronicle, Eric Berger, January 6, 2012.

January 6 - Perry re-issues drought disaster declaration: A year later, the governor renewed his declaration for every county.
WTAW Brazos Valley, Chace Murphy, January 6, 2012.

January 7 - Volunteers fighting fires in face of financial woes: Communities support volunteer fire departments but the funds have decreased as an above-average number of wildfires devastated Texas.
Killeen Daily Herald, Mason Canales, January 7, 2012.

January 7 - Lawmaker suggests spending hundreds of millions on water plan: Texas is growing and water supplies will be crucial in the next few decades.
Austin American Statesman, Farzad Mashhood, January 7, 2012.

January 9 - Cuellar says drought help still available: Guadalupe County farm operators can obtain drought disaster assistance.
Seguin Gazette, Bob Thaxton, January 9, 2012.

January 10 - Experts warn in state hearing of drought's risks to electricity generation: Without power, economical losses will be felt nationwide.
Abilene Reporter News, Kelley Shannon, January 10, 2012.

January 11 - Worst drought in Texoma history: North Texas was devastated by the drought.
KTEN Texoma, Kris Hair, January 11, 2012.

January 11 - DFW lakes benefit from this week's rain: Water supply levels increased for North Texas residents.
The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Bill Hanna, January 11, 2012.

January 13 - Colorado snowfall drought lowering local water supply: Texans depends on the melted water for the Rio Grande.
KTSM El Paso, January 13, 2012.

January 14 - It's time to restore Houston's natural prairie: Houstonians are called to do their part in planting trees and taking care of the landscape.
The Houston Chronicle, Lan Shen, January 14, 2012.

January 15 - Water woes close Jonestown restaurant: Levels at Lake Travis deterred tourists and ultimately, income.
KXAN Austin, Heather Gillett, January 15, 2012.

January 16 - Harris County no longer in 'exceptional' drought: The State Climatologist provides insight into the future drought conditions.
The Houston Chronicle, Eric Berger, January 16, 2012.

January 16 - Drought blamed for increase in ticks: Pets and humans alike can suffer health risks to ticks.
KPRC Houston, Rachel McNeill, January 16, 2012.

January 17 - Conservation board deadlocks on cloud seeding: The Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District board could reach a unanimous decision.
Amarillo Globe News, Kevin Welch, January 17, 2012.

January 18 - Water supply concerns delay drought revisions: San Marcos tries to figure out a plan for future water supplies.
The University Star (Texas State), Andrew Osegi, January 18, 2012.

January 18 - Equipment-strapped East Texas volunteer firefighters face uncertain drought and wildfire season: Local communities help out the fire departments with fundraisers.
KTRE Lufkin, January 18, 2012.

January 19 - Stage Two of drought plan recommended by Lubbock water board: Water restrictions were imminent during the current drought.
KCBD Lubbock, James Clark, January 19, 2012.

January 20 - Boating business during drought: The low lake levels have pushed boaters to stay ashore.
KXAN Austin, Doug Shupe, January 20, 2012.

January 20 - Drought plan extended: Ennis fears for rough drought conditions to continue.
Ennis Daily News, Nick Todaro, January 20, 2012.

January 21 - Water sales increase in drought: Amidst strict water restrictions, reseidents still purchased more water.
San Angelo Standard Times, Matthew Waller, January 21, 2012.

January 21 - NTCC to host drought presentation by Texas State Climatologist: Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon will discuss "Drought 2011 and Beyond."
The Daily Tribune, January 21, 2012.

January 21 - Challenges for reliable power ahead in region: The drought has overburdened power companies.
Austin American Statesman, John Fainter, January 21, 2012.

January 23 - Chance of rain delays burn ban: Amidst the drought, possibilities for rain have encourage Brownwood officials to delay an imminent burn ban.
Brownwood News, Lisa Tipton, January 23, 2012.

January 24 - City of Midland to get new water source to help with severe drought: They are creating a water system that operates locally.
News West 9, Anayeli Ruiz, January 24, 2012.

January 25 - Rain had little effect on lake levels, drought: The significant rainfall certainly helped the landscape, but it only made a small dent in the drought.
Austin American Statesman, Katie Glueck, January 25, 2012.

January 26 - Drought threatens water supply in Burnet County communities: City officials explore other options.
YNN Austin, Sebastian Robertson, January 26, 2012.

January 27 - Rain brings relief to county, Gonzales loosens water ban: Residents were relieved to have the Stage 2 water restrictions lifted.
Gonzales Inquirer, Lynn Adams, January 27, 2012.

January 27 - Restrictions likely remain despite rain: In Lewisville, residents are hopeful, but experts believe the drought will continue.
Lewisville Leader Star, Chris Roark, January 27, 2012.

January 28 - Tourism falls off at Texas parks hit hard by drought, wildfires, funding woes: The department is facing very tough times.
Abilene Reporter News, Kelley Shannon, January 28, 2012.

January 29 - Group looks at long-term availability of water in Texas: Plans are being put into place for future water supplies.
Odessa American, M. Ray Perryman, January 29, 2012.

January 29 - American Red Cross feels the heat as number of fires rise: The number of fires has increased and the workers are pushed to their limit.
Corpus Christi Caller Times, Julie Silva, January 29, 2012.

January 30 - Drought leaves Las Cruces Lake nearly dry: Water levels decreased and trash became exposed.
KVIA El Paso, January 30, 2012.

January 30 - Despite the drought, Lake Sam Rayburn generating at 47.1 million dollars a year: The Lake still attracts visitors from all over.
KTRE Lufkin, Francesca Washington, January 30, 2012.

January 31 - Dallas to keep drought restrictions despite recent rain: The precipitation was very helpful, but city planners have to live by long-term thinking strategies.
KERA Dallas-Ft. Worth, BJ Austin, January 31, 2012.


January 5 - USDA adds Central Texas counties to disaster list: Much of the state is still enduring an extreme drought, and agriculture has suffered huge losses.
YNN Austin, Dan Robertson, January 5, 2012.

January 6 - Houston seeks volunteers to help replenish trees: The drought has wiped out dozens of trees and city planners have an agenda for Arbor Day.
The Houston Chronicle, Allan Turner, January 6, 2012.

January 7 - Texas trees in jeopardy if drought continues: Over a half billion trees perished in 2011.
NBC 5 Dallas-Ft. Worth, Julie Tam, January 7, 2012.

January 11 - Winter population of snow geese hits record low on Texas coast: Experts believed the decline was not a sudden surprise.
The Houston Chronicle, Shannon Tompkins, January 11, 2012.

January 12 - Sunny skies are a welcome sight at Fort Worth Stock Show: After last year's icy disaster, the warmer winter is overdue.
The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Chris Vaughn, January 12, 2012.

January 12 - Drought putting a damper on hay supply: Agriculture in Texas has been deeply affected by the hay problem.
YNN Austin, Chie Saito, January 12, 2012.

January 15 - Cattlemen could make more money with heavyweight calves or stockers: A specialist provides tips for ranchers.
Liberty County Vindicator, Robert Burns, January 15, 2012.

January 16 - Ornamental grasses serve many functions: One of which includes drought-resistance.
Amarillo Globe News, Bob Hatton, January 16, 2012.

January 17 - Drought issues on feeding: A Texas AgriLife Extension agent shared valuable information and tips with ranchers.
Victoria Advocate, Joe Janak, January 17, 2012.

January 18 - Cotton yields low after drought-marred season: Bad news bears for agriculture.
San Angelo Standard Times, Jerry Lackey, January 18, 2012.

January 19 - From the ground up - drought impact on wildlife: Ranchers are forced to reckon with the span of wildlife now.
KBTX Bryan/College Station, January 19, 2012.

January 20 - New farming technology to get through drought: Drought-resistant technology is opening new doors for farmers and ranchers.
KFDA Amarillo, Ashley Paradez, January 20, 2012.

January 22 - Texas drought raises stakes for Wisconsin cranes: Wildlife is in danger along the Texas coast.
The Houston Chronicle, Associated Press, January 22, 2012.

January 22 - Will recent snow end burn ban?: Ector County debates over the state of the land after the record setting snowfall.
Odessa American, Nathaniel Miller, January 22, 2012.

January 23 - Rainfall benefits crops, but state still in drought: East Texas sees some relief from precipitation.
Jacksonville Daily Progress, Marivel Resendiz, January 23, 2012.

January 26 - Fort Worth woman's property floods again in heavy rain: Animals struggled to escape the rising waters.
The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Bill Hanna, January 26, 2012.

January 26 - Drought draws hogs out of woods and onto area lawns: They have become an enormous nuisance around the state.
Jacksonville Daily Progress, Faith Harper, January 26, 2012.

January 28 - Drought raises market for heifers to possible record level: At the Fort Worth Stock Show, the females are being sought for the purposes of rebuilding herds.
The Fort WorthStar Telegram, Punch Shaw, January 28, 2012.

January 28 - Drought hurts horse rescue: Forever homes are much harder to find during the drought.
Amarillo Globe News, Aziza Musa, January 28, 2012.

January 29 - South Texas farmers' optimism rises as rain falls: Agriculture has gained a boost from the recent rains.
The Houston Chronicle, William Pack, January 29, 2012.

January 30 - Drought could lead to higher beef prices: The cattle industry is in a 60-year low.
The Houston Chronicle, William Pack, January 30, 2012.

January 31 - Cattle shipped out of texas in record numbers during historic drought: The impact is being felt at every level of the economy.
Dallas Observer, Brantley Hargrove, January 31, 2012.

Inclement Weather

January 5 - Landlord program accepting applications: Rental properties destroyed by Hurricane Ike in Galveston County can receive financial assistance.
The Galveston Daily News, Galveston County Housing Assistance Program, January 6, 2012.

January 8 - Rain brings excitement for local residents: Bryan/College Station residents relish the occasion for rain.
KBTX Bryan/College Station, Rashi Vats, January 8, 2012.

January 8 - To collect debt, FEMA takes part of Ike victim's Social Security: Conflicting policies actually hindered a family instead of helping it.
The Houston Chronicle, Harvey Rice, January 8, 2012.

January 9 - Rain, snow fall in different parts of Big Country: Precipitation is a welcome sight in North Texas but the La Nina conditions are expected to persist.
Abilene Reporter News, Greg Kendall-Ball, January 9, 2012.

January 10 - Abilene sees rain, other places see snow, but all moisture welcome, experts say: Precipitation provides limited relief from the drought in Big Country.
Abilene Reporter News, Brian Bethel, January 10, 2012.

January 10 - Snow a mostly welcome visitor to San Angelo: Rick displays a memorable story in appreciation of snow.
San Angelo Standard Times, Rick Smith, January 10, 2012.

January 12 - Frosty cold to grip Houston for a few days: A Canadian cold front took residence in Texas for a little while.
The Houston Chronicle, Dale Lezon, January 12, 2012.

January 13 - Snow cables, not chains, preferred by Sherman Police Department: In Grayson County, people pursue possibilities to combat wintry weather.
KXII Texoma, Rick Springer, January 13, 2012.

January 14 - Hurricane center chief to retire: Bill Read announced his plans to retire from NOAA's National Hurricane Center.
The Houston Chronicle, Associated Press, January 14, 2012.

January 14 - Snowballs in South Texas?! Sure, if you know where to go: The Winter Carnival and Snow Day provided residents with a wintry delight in Edna.
Victoria Advocate, Camille Doty, January 14, 2012.

January 15 - Putting things off till a rainy day: Thunderstorms caught South Texans unawares.
The Courier of Montgomery County, Doyle Driver, January 15, 2012.

January 17 - Temperatures plummet as cold front blows into DFW: North Texans gathered up their winter clothes.
The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Domingo Ramirez Jr., January 17, 2012.

January 18 - Perfect weather for horse-made snow angels: An Austin station serves a story that is located in Washington.
KVUE Austin, Joe Fryer, January 18, 2012.

January 20 - Students given snow day: The Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children provided their students with snow for a day.
KSAT San Antonio, January 20, 2012.

January 22 - Strong winds bring dust to North Texas: Upper-level winds carried the remnants of a West Texas dust storm to DFW.
WFAA Dallas-Ft. Worth, Steve McCauley, January 22, 2012.

January 23 - High winds, dust buffet area: The Panhandle recieved a gusty day that picked up mounds of dust.
Plainview Herald, Doug McDonough, January 23, 2012.

January 24 - Rain, reports of hail falling in Central Texas: Many cities reported hail, with little damage.
Austin American Statesman, January 24, 2012.

January 24 - Snow, ice may cause limb breakage in some trees: West Texas residents take the necessary precautions.
My West Texas, Deborah Frost, January 24, 2012.

January 25 - Rain! Tornadoes! Hail! No, the drought ain't over: Severe weather impact the state for a short while.
State Impact, Terrence Henry, January 25, 2012.

January 25 - New Braunfels, Comal County receive up to 2.5 inches of rain: Flash flooding and tornados threatened Central Texas.
New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, January 25, 2012.

January 26 - Texas residents cleaning up after severe weather: A tornado touched down in Brenham.
KIII Corpus Christi, January 26, 2012.

January 27 - Police now say rain, not race, caused deadly crash: Poor decisions create poor results.
Austin American Statesman, Associated Press, January 27, 2012.

January 30 - Region finally gets some rain: The Rio Grande Valley receives some significant precipitation, but the drought still lingers.
The Brownsville Herald, Mark Reagan, January 30, 2012.

Other Climate Impacts

January 5 - Migratory bird report No. 19: Duck shoot commentary was reported for the entire state.
North Texas e-News, Texas Parks & Wildlife, January 5, 2012.

January 5 - Future master gardeners ready to dig into new lessons: A group of gardeners fought the drought and warm weather to become masters.
Abilene Reporter News, Charles G. Anderson, January 5, 2012.

January 6 - When snow falls in Austin, my family will be ready: A family found the perfect hill for snow-sledding, in a place that rarely sees snow.
Austin American Statesman, Todd Gernert, January 6, 2012.

January 7 - Take the plunge with Special Olympics Texas: The Polar Plunge Fundraiser is seeking entries for the event on January 21.
The Galveston Daily News, Special Olympics Team, January 7, 2012.

January 8 - Lake levels may be low but enthusiasm is high at Houston Boat Show: Despite the drought, attendees flooded the Reliant Center.
CultureMap Houston, Caroline Gallay, January 8, 2012.

January 8 - Energy assistance program aids local families: The Panhandle Community Services helped residents survive the chilly winter.
Amarillo Globe News, Brittany Nunn, January 8, 2012.

January 9 - Drought, shipping, storage costs raise food prices: High meat prices are prevalent across the U.S because of the massive decline in cattle.
San Angelo Standard Times, Jerry Lackey, January 9, 2012.

January 9 - Welcome rain causes road closures, increases Lake Conroe level: The rain caused problems but it was gladly accepted by local residents.
Your Magnolia News, Kassia Micek, January 9, 2012.

January 10 - Rain, cold front set picture-perfect stage for U.S. Olympic marathon trials: The weather was ideal for runners.
The Houston Chronicle, David Barron, January 10, 2012.

January 11 - Cedar Creek Lake's 15-year-old gay bar Friends closes as result of tough economic times brought on by drought: The bar hosted numerous charitable functions over the years.
Cedar Creek Lake (website), David Webb, January 11, 2012.

January 12 - Cloud seeding: Is it working?: The cost and yield are compared.
WOAI San Antonio, Steve Linscomb, January 12, 2012.

January 13 - Melting snow carving potholes everywhere: West Texas residents avoid the bumpy roads.
KWES Midland/Odessa, Nick Lawton, January 13, 2012.

January 13 - Keep your pets safe with these freezing cold weather tips for pet safety: For example, please keep the pets indoors, if at all possible.
The River Oaks Examiner, Houston Humane Society, January 13, 2012.

January 14 - Drought impact skips Sandhills Rodeo: Careful preparations and moments of rain helped the rodeo to thrive.
KOSA West Texas, Tatum Guinn, January 14, 2012.

January 15 - Looking forward to good 2012 on water: Fisherman have hopeful outlooks for 2012.
Victoria Advocate, Danny Goyen, January 15, 2012.

January 16 - Weekly Weather: that spring feeling in the dead of winter: The weather is following an abnormal track this time of year.
The Houston Chronicle, Eric Berger, January 16, 2012.

January 17 - Drought has impact on local bee populations: The honey tastes sweeter than normal.
The Houston Chronicle, Rachael Gleason, January 16, 2012.

January 18 - Keep skin hydrated through the cold season: Beauty tips for winter conditions.
The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Courtney Ortega, January 18, 2012.

January 19 - Bucking the drought: Deer hunting was extremely slim this year.
San Antonio Express News, John Goodspeed, January 19, 2012.

January 19 - Chris Benz Spring 2012 Collection perfect for SA's never-ending heat: Even during the winter, the Texas heat causes summer fashions to thrive.
San Antonio Current, Fashionation, January 19, 2012.

January 21 - Outdoors: Fishing for cold-water catfish: Winter is a wonderful time for catfishing.
Amarillo Globe News, Ryan Shelton, January 21, 2012.

January 22 - Dust storm cancels flights: American Eagle and American Airlines had to cancel numerous flights.
NBC 5 DFW, Greg Janda, January 22, 2012.

January 23 - Dust storm stirs up allergies: Dust and pollen caused allergy problems for many North Texans.
NBC 5 DFW, Sara Story, January 23, 2012.

January 24 - Drought compounds state parks money woes: They are in a dire financial situation.
San Antonio Express News, Gary Scharrer, January 24, 2012.

January 25 - Rain soaks Dallas-Fort Worth, creates travel headaches: Over four inches of rain fell on DFW and there were several high-water rescues as a result.
The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Tom Leferink, Terry Evans, & Eva-Marie Ayala, January 25, 2012.

January 27 - More than a rain dance: one lawmaker's plan for a thirsty state: The proposal is modeled after similar plans used by Australia, India, and Argentina.
State Impact Texas, Mose Buchele, January 27, 2012.

January 28 - New data not so sunny on U.S. natural gas supply: The estimates were drastically lower than the previous report produced by the Energy Information Administration.
San Antonio Express News, New York Times, January 28, 2012.

January 29 - Gardening: time to repair storm damaged trees: Snow can naturally break trees, but residents must do the clean-up themselves.
Odessa American, Deborah Benge-Frost, January 29, 2012.

January 31 - Rethinking the yard in drought-stricken regions: New options are explored by homeowners.
The Houston Chronicle, Betsy Blaney, January 31, 2012.

January 31 - Wounded Warrior families play in snow: A Winter Wonderland was displayed at Fort Sam Houston for families.
KSAT San Antonio, January 31, 2012.

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