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January brought normal to above normal precipitation for almost the entire state, with temperatures also coming in below normal for almost the entire state. North Texas had a lot of several instances of wintry precipitation, but that did little to nothing to alleviate the drought conditions in the region. Drought conditions improved in far west Texas and central Texas where accumulations were highes,t but tended to worsen in the Panhandle. Statewide reservoirs rose nearly a full percent from 64.1% at the beginning of the month to 64.9% at the end. Reservoirs in the northern portion of the state are still running low, which prompted Stage 5 Water Restrictions in Duncan and plans for watering restrictions in Tarrant County. Graham is hoping to add more filtered water to their water supply, but it is costing them $9 million to fix their water treatment plant in the meantime.

Agriculturally, the cold weather and winter storms have created some havoc with the harvesting of cotton; Frozen precipitation and high humidity have kept the cotton yields idle which could problematic delays in harvesting. Soil moisture remained good in the Lower Valley due to their wetter than normal season but in the northern parts of Texas, soil moisture is declining. Wet weather across the state helped ranchers see a 6% increase in inventory in January. Ecologically, livestock remained in fair condition and there was even a short period of unseasonably warm temperatures, which brought a brief sneak peek into fishing season. 100 sea turtles were cold-stunned by the cold weather toward the end of month but were able to be treated and released back into the Gulf.

At the start of the month, North Texas experienced 11 earthquakes within 27 hours in which the strongest of them was 3.6 in magnitude. In the middle of January, a winter storm dropped a foot of snow in Amarillo and prompted numerous schools and businesses to shut down for the day due to the unsafe conditions on the roadways. At the end of the month, portions of Central Texas saw record heat due to an unseasonal warm-up of temperatures with some locations getting over 80 degrees.
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