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June of 2015 did not have as much widespread rainfall as the previous month, which brought historic rainfall totals to the state. The biggest rain event during the month occurred due to Tropical Storm Bill, which made landfall in Southeast Texas and made impacts in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. As for the drought conditions, at the beginning of the month only 0.64% of the state was under a moderate drought. That percentage has only gone down to 0.25% at the end of June. Hartley County in the northwestern portion of the Panhandle is all that remains under a moderate drought. State reservoirs now stand at 84.3% full which is only a 1% jump since the beginning of the month.

Agriculturally, farmers are having a tough time with the recent rainfall as it is delaying their harvesting of hay. Farmers need about 4 weeks of dry weather in order for them to harvest, which seems a bit too much to ask for with the current wet pattern. The wet weather is also bringing an abundance of stripe rust, which is causing issues for wheat crops in the Southern Plains. Ecologically, conditions for cattle and other livestock have never been better since the abundance of rainfall provided plenty of water and tall, healthy grass.

The highlight of the month was Tropical Storm Bill, which brought over 13 inches of rain near Ganado and El Campo. Bill brought rain to a large portion of the state including from Houston all the way up the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Even though the state has seen a lot of rain, wildfires are still possible problems. A lightning strike early in the month caused a grassfire in Jeff Davis County; 15 acres of land were burned before the fire was put out.
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