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Burn Bans/Fire


Firefighters run out of water at Texas house fire-- Firefighters scrambled to find a new water source during their attempts to put out a fire at North Texas home on Monday. Lightning from a passing thunderstorm in the area struck a home and caused to spark a fire. The firefighters initially brought 3,000 gallons of water with them which was not nearly enough for the fire and had to turn to the nearest fire hydrant with weak water pressure. Eventually, a tanker shuttled water back to the fighters and the scene was under control.
CBS DFW, Staff Writer, June 12, 2017

Firework sales underway, firefighters warn of injury and fire risks--
As firework sales ramp up heading toward the fourth of July, the Austin Fire Department warns residents that it is illegal to bring fireworks in the Austin city limits. Although firework injuries are a concern this time of the year, fire danger can cause just as much damage. Fireworks are a risk for starting grass and structural fires. According to the Austin Fire Department battalion Chief, the ground underneath fireworks should be wet down so that the dry grass cannot be ignited once fireworks go off.
Fox 7, Jennifer Kendall, June 24, 2017




Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, January 3, 2017
U.S. Drought Monitor, January 31, 2017


While drought conditions across Texas improved significantly during the past week, the southern Texas -- According to the US Drought Monitor, about one percent of Texas is experiencing drought and only 15 percent is abnormally dry.This is a significant change from 3.7 percent being in drought and approximately 30 percent abnormally dry. These improvements in drought conditions are due to widespread rainfall across the state in almost all regions except the Panhandle-South Plains. Warm and dry conditions in this region continue to dry out vegetation and exacerbate drought conditions.
Plainview Herald, Doug McDonough, June 8, 2017

Southwest drought status is mostly nonexistent -- The latest drought monitor maps have indicated that the Southwest United States region, including Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, is nearly drought free, an unusual start to the Southwest summer. Texas maps show only one percent of the state rated in drought, with only five small and scattered areas in Northeast and Central Texas showing moderate drought. Sparse areas in the state are rated as abnormally dry, but a large expanse of the state remains drought free. The Climate Prediction Center expects the El Nino-Southern Oscillation to remain neutral for the remainder of the year.
Southwest Farm Press, Ron Smith, June 13, 2017

Drought continues to shift across Texas, TWDB says-- According to the Texas Water Development Board, drought and abnormally dry conditions have retreated back throughout Texas on the back end of the state’s wetter months. For the month of June, the National Weather Service in Fort Worth have recorded between 0.54 inches and 1.55 inches of rainfall. Grayson County is expected to remain relatively dry for the remainder of the week.
Herald Democrat, Michael Hutchings, June 14, 2017

After drought, lake front home sales in Texas are on the rise -- Water-front home sales are now on the rebound after years of drought left Texas lakes parched. According to the Reserve at Lake Travis in Austin, sales of lake front homes in Texas are returning to rates close to what they were almost a decade ago. From 2011 to 2015, many lake and water reservoirs remained below normal levels. The resort community said it saw $30 million in sales last year.
Houston Chronicle, William Axford, June 16, 2017

Depending on conditions, Texas could be drought free by September -- The latest data from the Texas Water Development Board has shown that drought conditions in Texas are expected to improve this summer and into fall. Forecasters are expecting a wetter Texas summer than usual, and if this holds, drought conditions could be removed for most of the state by the end of September. Administrators at the Texas Water Development Board are still urging residents to be conservative with water even with the drought improvement news. Using water efficiently during these times will allow for assistance when the next substantial drought may occur.
KXAN, Staff Writer, June 20, 2017

Experts: Drought conditions could be removed for most of Texas by September -- The latest release from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) indicates drought conditions may improve by September, including rising lake levels. According the the Deputy Executive Administrator with TWDB, Texas drought is like an “accordion,” rising and lowering throughout different cities around the state. Even if drought conditions do lighten through the summer, Texas are told to continue conserving water due to the high chances of another drought around the corner.
Big Country, Wes Rapaport, June 21, 2017


Moisture levels and water availability looking good for most of Texas --According to John Nielsen-Gammon, the state climatologist, rain events in the past two weeks have highly benefited crops and available surface water around Texas. Although some moisture-deprived areas received quality rain with the last storm system, the panhandle missed out on any measurable precipitation. The Texas Water Development Board showed over 87 percent of the reservoirs monitored by the agency were full.
The Texas Tribune, Adam Russell, June 10, 2017

Variable conditions dominate as 2017/18 harvest begins -- According to the National Weather Service, the U.S. Plains received 1.5 to 3 times more rain than normal. Flooding rains, hail, and severe storms threatened wheat crop in Texas and Oklahoma as harvest began two to three weeks earlier than usual. Texas farmers planted about 10 percent less acres of wheat than way planted the previous year with an expected yield down 23 percent from the 2016/17 harvests as reported by the USDA. The USDA has also rated 31 percent of Texas winter wheat in good to excellent condition, down 5 percent from the previous week, and 17 percent of the Texas crop is in poor or very poor condition.
High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal, Stephanie Bryant-Erdmann, June 10, 2017

More intense storms, droughts among likely drastic changes, experts say-- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has found that 2016 was a year with far larger percentage of rain across the United States that came in theform of intense single-day events instead of gentler rainfall spread over time. Some are speculating that this occurrence will become a trend and pose a danger to farmers and other owners of property. The Texas State Climatologist has discussed that the rains could become more erratic with rain events not occurring frequently but being a lot more intense.
The Facts, Mary Newport, June 11, 2017

Watermelon crop looks good for Fourth of July -- Thanks to the warm and dry weather, the Texas watermelon crop harvest appears to be on time since it avoided many of the disease problems that have plagued other crops this year. Earlier in the year, watermelon shoots twisted together due to high winds and the crops didn’t spread out as they should. Cool weather and cloudy, rainy days slowed melon growth in May.
Abilene Reporter-News, Staff Writer, June 18, 2017


Significant Weather


Flash Flooding strands motorists during morning cloudburst in Corpus Christi -- Between two and four inches of rain has fallen over parts of Corpus Christi. Radar estimates indicated up to three inches of rain in parts of San Patricio and Refugio Counties. A funnel cloud associated with the severe weather was sighted in Annaville Thursday. Although rain chances are lower on Friday, there is a possibility for showers during the morning and afternoon.
Corpus Christi Caller Times, Natalia E Contreras and Fares Sabawi, June 1, 2017

Parts of Throckmorton, Texas, Evacuated Due to Flooding -- Areas in north-central Texas saw heavy amounts of rainfall on Friday, with some areas seeing flash flooding. Nearly one dozen homes and a prominent business in the town of Throckmorton were heavily flooded, with 15 other homes being evacuated and all roads in the town closing. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency for the town after nearly 9 inches of rain fell in the town during the morning hours and into the afternoon. Meteorologist are reporting that this detrimental rain event was due to a stagnant low-pressure system over Texas with a large abundance of moisture.
The Weather Channel, Sean Breslin, June 2, 2017

Watch a very Texas way of putting out a car fire -- A car driven through flood streets in Dallas, Texas stalled out and began to spark an electrical in front of a heavy equipment dealership. The driver of the car was one of four who were experiencing a stalling out in water a foot deep near Bane Machinery. Workers at the nearby equipment dealership saw what was occurring and alerted the general manager. The general manager then hopped into a front-end loader, dipped the bucket into the water and dumped it onto the burning vehicle twice to make sure the fire was effectively extinguished. The Dallas Fire Department then arrived seconds later.
WFAA, Kevin Reece, June 2, 2017

Flash Flooding Hits North Texas, Strands Drivers -- North Texas experienced a torrential downpours leading to flash floods across the entire area on Friday. The flooding required water rescue teams, numerous vehicle crashes occurred, and several house fires were started likely due to lightning strikes. A Dallas Fire-Rescue fire engine was involved in one of the vehicle accidents when the truck rolled onto its side when responding to a house fire during one of the heaviest rainfall occurrences.
NBCDFW, Staff Writer, June 2, 2017

Scattered storms through weekend -- Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to at least 52 calls Friday to assist drivers and residents dealing with flooding conditions due to the showers and thunderstorms. Some vehicles in the area were trapped in the flooded waters rising from two feet to fully submerged. Hail was associated with the severe storms. The rain chances will lessen by Monday.
WFAA Weather, Kyle Roberts, June 3, 2017

More showers today; sun returns tomorrow -- Rain showers are expected to continue on Monday afternoon in the North Texas region with scattered showers throughout the area. Some areas have a slight chance of receiving pockets of heavy rain throughout the day, though no severe weather is expected. Over the next several days, an upper level low responsible for these rain chances and those during the previous days will move to the east with sunshine and very warm temperatures coming back into the forecast for the remainder of the week.
WFAA, Jesse Hawila, June 5, 2017

Fast-moving storm pummels Austin, drops 1.1 inches of rain in 15 minutes -- A powerful storm moved through the Austin area quickly on Monday with almost no warning of its strength prior to the event. Over the course of fifteen minutes, the storm dropped 1.15 inches of rain near West Lake Hills. Due to the strong winds and torrential downpours, traffic signals were knocked down, business doors and windows blown open, and streets flooded. Many motorists were trapped on roads as the Austin Fire Department rescue team received many calls, though in almost all of the cases the people were able to get out safely.
KXAN, Calily Blen, June 5, 2017

Flash Flood Watch -- The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria area on Monday and is in effect until noon. Up to 7 inches of rain fell in the area over the past 24 hours in the region and short-range models are predicting another 4 to 5 inches along the coast during the morning hours. The National Weather Service has advised motorists to not drive vehicles into areas where water may cover the roadways, and any vehicles caught in rising water should be abandoned immediately.
KHOU, National Weather Service, June 5, 2017

Tuesday’s Weather -- The constant rain conditions experienced in East Texas since the beginning of June will now come to a close. On Tuesday, sky conditions will begin to clear for the majority of the day as highs will reach the mid to upper 80s. These mostly sunny sky conditions will continue throughout the week with temperatures increasing to near 90 degrees. Rain chances will not be in the forecast again until the next workweek.
KLTV, Jessica Faith, June 6, 2017

Nearly 6.9 million US Homes at Risk of Hurricane Storm Surge Damage -- Researchers have found that many US homes along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts are susceptible to extensive damage from storms and hurricanes, with the potential of damage costs exceeding more than one billion dollars from a single storm event. The research data has also found that a lower category storm that makes landfall in a highly populated area can be more catastrophic than a Category 5 storm that hits a small sparsely populated town or undeveloped coastline. Texas, along with Florida, has the longest coastal areas and is consistently ranked highly for homes at risks with 536,000 at-risk homes.
Insurance Journal, Tom Jeffrey, June 6, 2017

Man captures rare microburst wind formation over Austin during June 5th storms --  An Austin, Texas resident was able to capture a downburst event on a video time-lapse over the downtown area of the city. Air from the base of a thunderstorm rush downwards towards the ground at speeds near 60 mile per hour and dumped a large amount of rain. Other observers experiencing the event firsthand reported seeing a sheet of rain with air whipping around the streets.
Houston Chronicle, Heather Leighton, June 8, 2017

Rain and storm conditions are expected to continue for the afternoon hours in the DFW -- Gusty winds, frequent lightning, and heavy rain are expected for this morning and afternoon though none of the storms are likely to be severe. Some flights out of DFW International Airport have already been delayed. Clouds are forecasted to decrease later in the day with highs that will reach the mid to upper 80s.
WFAA, Kyle Roberts, June 9, 2017

Terrifying video shows a biblical microburst ‘rain bomb’ descending on Texas dwarfing the city below-- A driver along a Dallas, Texas road was able to capture rare footage of a microburst in the downtown area of the city. Sometimes referred to as a “rain bomb”, microbursts have the potential of dumping large amounts of rain and powerful winds in excess of 100 miles per hour suddenly in any region they occur. Microbursts are relatively unpredictable, but occur due to powerful sinking air associated with a thunderstorm and are usually around 2.5 miles in diameter.
The Sun, Paul Harper, June 11, 2017

Temperatures stay high and rain chances increase to begin the week-- The ArkLaTex region will see warm/hot temperatures for the week with some scattered rain chances for a few days. Humidity is rising in the region and will allow for nighttime low temperatures to be in the low 70s. Meteorologists are expecting the sea breeze effect to be stronger on Monday, leading to increased rain and thunderstorms chances during the afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 80s.
ArkLaTex, Josh Marcisz, June 11, 2017

A few showers to begin the work week-- Sunshine and warm temperatures are expected to continue for the Corpus Christi area with highs in the lower to mid 90s. An upper-level low in Southeast Texas is continuing to spin northeast of the area with rain showers remaining near that region. At the start of the work week a large upper-level low will be waking its way into the Central Plains, increasing winds and rain chances for the Gulf Coast area. Showers are expected to be isolated on Monday and Tuesday, with a chance of some thunderstorms forming, though no severe weather is expected.
KRISTV, Juan Acuna, June 11, 2017

Weak cold front bringing some showers and storms -- A weak cold front is set to move through north Texas tonight. It will help generate scattered showers and storms overnight tonight through Monday morning. Stome storms could produce gusty winds and heavy rain. The storms will help bring down temperatures on Monday, but the rest of the week will heat back up with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s.
Dallas Morning News, Brian James, June 18, 2017

Scattered showers across north Texas -- A cold front moved across the Red River and into Texas shortly after midnight, causing scattered showers for some in the region. Rainfall estimates between one and one and a half inches per hour are possible in the heaviest storms, and flash flooding isn’t out of the question. A low severe risk lies to the east of DFW, and damaging winds and hail the size of quarters will be the primary risks.
WFAA, Jesse Hawila, June 19, 2017

Another bout of rain engulfs much of Texas on heels of Cindy -- Up to five inches of rain fell Saturday in the Houston area with even higher accumulations in isolated areas from a storm that stretched from west Texas into north and east Texas. Flash flood warnings for counties west of Houston were extended into Saturday afternoon and flood advisories were issued for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Trinity River was near flood stage in the Dallas area along with the Sabine River near the Louisiana border in Southeast Texas.
KXAN, Staff Writer, June 24, 2017

Record Rain in North Texas This Weekend -- The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport now stands at 19,79 inches of rain for the year, 0.37 inches above normal. So far, June has seen over double its average rain total, making north Texas the fifth wettest June on record. However, the the remainder of June is looking dry despite some forecast models showing a slight chance for a few storms.
NBC DFW, Samantha Davies, June 25, 2017

2-inch rainfall postpones area fireworks -- Fireworks in Callisburg and Valley View have been rescheduled after heavy rainfall over the holiday weekend caused parks too muddy for visitors. The Callisburg Volunteer Fire Department has moved its annual Independence Day celebration to the evening of July 8. Valley View’s celebration will not take place until Labor Day weekend
Gainesville Daily Register, Megan Gray-Hatfield, June 26, 2017

Scattered showers to hit Harris County, with possibility of worse weather overnight -- As dark clouds move into the Houston area, chances for scattered showers this evening increase. Overnight, chances of showers and thunderstorms are 50 percent and rainfall amounts aren’t expected to be higher than a quarter-inch in most places. Coastal areas could see two or more inches of rain throughout the day.
The Houston Chronicle, Heather Leighton, June 27, 2017

Storms move across north Texas Tuesday afternoon-- The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a Flood Advisory for northeastern Dallas County until 6:45 Tuesday afternoon. Heavy rain from storms caused minor flooding in areas with poor drainage, and the NWS reported three quarters of an inch to one inch of rain has fallen in half an hour, which could cause urban and stream flooding. The Federal Aviation Administration reports departure and arrival delays at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport due to weather.
NBCDFW, Staff Writer, June 27, 2017

Flash flood warning issued for Matagorda County until 10:30 am -- A Flash Flood Warning was issued Thursday morning for residents living in Matagorda County. Thunderstorms are expected to produce heavy rain across the warning area. Two to four inches of rain has fallen so far, but the National Weather Service warns an additional two inches of rainfall may be seen. After a week of rain, Independence Day weekend will be hot and dry with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s.
NewsFix, Staff Writer, June 29, 2017

Warm Weather

Stay safe through the hot Texas summer -- As temperatures are expected to continue to rise and remain high through the summer season, Texans are being urged to consider numerous tips to remain safe in the Texas heat. Directors at the Erath County Humane Society are urging pet owners to provide shade and fresh water for pets that have to be left outside for extended periods of time, such as when leaving for work. For children and adults that will be outside for an extended period of time, remain hydrated, drink plenty of fluids, wear loose, lightweight clothing, and remaining out of the late afternoon sun when possible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises motorists to check their tires regularly for any wear that may occur due to hot temperatures causing air to expand in the tires.
Stephenville Empire-Tribune, Autumn Owens, June 7, 2017

Typical summertime weather -- A few stray, isolated showers occurred during Wednesday afternoon west of DFW. Rain chances are forecasted to remain low for the new week or so, with a slight chance of showers early Friday morning. The weekend is expected to be sunny and very warm with highs that will be in the low to mid 90s.
Dallas Morning News, Staff Writer, June 7, 2017

Texas Mom Charged After Leaving Toddlers to Die in Hot Car -- A Kerrville, Texas mother is being charged with child endangerment after two toddlers died in a vehicle she left them in for hours. The mother initially reported that the girls had fainted while smelling unusual flowers. Investigators believe she intentionally left the daughters in the car when temperatures were in the 80s on Tuesday night and through Wednesday. Both daughters passed away at a San Antonio hospital Thursday.
Associated Press, Staff Writer, June 9, 2017

Forecast: Heat builds through the week across central Texas-- National Weather Service meteorologists are expecting temperatures to increase throughout the week with added humidity making its way into the Central Texas region from the Gulf. Heat indices are expected to rise to nearly 100 degrees by the middle of the week. Small rain chances are also forecasted for the first few days of the week and will diminish as the week progresses.
Statesman, Nolan Hicks, June 12, 2017

Soaring heat in store for much of Texas on Father’s Day -- Forecasters are expecting a high pressure system to dominate across a large portion of the western United States on Father’s Day weekend. This system will keep skies generally clear with above normal temperatures. Some regions throughout Texas will observe high temperatures near the high-90s and even passing 100 degrees. Humidity will remain relatively low across much of the state with precipitation chances being very low.
Weather Network, Mario Picazo, June 15, 2017

Heat indices are expected to be in the triple digits for most of North Texas on Saturday. Some areas will experience temperatures that feel like 105 to 109 degrees. Sunny skies and humid conditions are being forecasted for the afternoon hours on Saturday with a heat advisory that will be in effect for most of the region. Residents are being advised to avoid strenuous activity and remain replenished with water and other healthy fluids.
The Dallas Morning News, Staff Writer, June 17, 2017

Lubbock beats record temperature; heat expected to continue throughout the day--
Lubbock has shattered the record high temperature of 107 for June 17th set in 1924 with a high of 111 degrees. An all-time high temperature for the city of 114 degrees was set on June 27th, 1994. Many of the extreme high temperatures for Lubbock usually occur during or near this part of June, with the most recent extreme high of 112 degrees set in June of 2011. High temperatures, possibly even more records, are expected to continue into the latter parts of the month and into July and August.
KCBD, Cary Allen, June 17, 2017

Texas animal agency shares essential tips for pets and hot weather -- At least 90 days of hot weather are expected to follow the summer solstice in Texas. Animal agencies such as the SPCA of Texas are urging people to take care of animals’ changing needs during the hot summer months. Recommendations include walking dogs early in the morning or in the evening hours to avoid hotter temperatures, check the temperature of the pavement before taking your dog for a walk by pressing the back of your hand on concrete for five seconds, and providing shelter for animals left outside during the day.
Culturemap Dallas, Teresa Gubbins, June 23, 2017

How to stay safe while enjoying the warm weather -- Hot weather in Austin has brought a lot of attention to the Barton Creek area and has caused the Austin Fire Department to respond to a string of rescues, including people who have fallen off cliffs or swimmers that got separated from the group. Officials say to use common sense when enjoying outdoor activities and to understand where you are. The Austin-Travis County EMS is consistently training and preparing for emergencies.
Fox 7, Esmi Careaga, June 25, 2017

Texas Toddler Found Dead After Crawling Into Hot Car as Temps Hit Triple Digits -- A Texas mother has been arrested for the intentional deaths of her two toddlers who were left in a hot car to teach the older child a lesson. After the children were unable to escape the car, temperatures close to 96 degrees Fahrenheit caused the children to have heat exhaustion and a heat stroke, proving fatal. 13 children left in vehicles have died of heat stroke this year.
The Weather Channel, Eric Chaney, June 26, 2017

Texas paramedics spot 98-year-old woman mowing lawn, stop to finish the job -- A Waco paramedic crew stopped to help a 98-year-old woman mow the lawn after seeing her working in 90-degree weather. The paramedic crew members were between calls on Wednesday when they noticed the woman appeared to be overheated. The ETMC paramedics turned the ambulance around and helped the elderly woman finish her lawn.
The Houston Chronicle, Fernando Ramirez, June 28, 2017

West Texas heat may mean more wind, and more wind power -- Hotter weather may be conducive to more wind in West Texas, a good sign for the part of the state that produces the most wind energy. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which experiments with long-term wind forecasts that extend beyond a week, found that hotter temperatures, backed by cooler air in the northwest and high pressure in the east, bring lots of wind to west Texas.
Houston Chronicle, Michael Paulsen, June 28, 2017


Cool Weather

Rain cools off Borderland Tuesday evening -- 100-degree temperatures were interrupted in El Paso by rain showers on Tuesday evening. Around 8 p.m. rain clouds passed through the area as strong winds and heavy rain fell. These showers are expected to continue through the overnight hours and the National Weather Service has issued a flood advisory for El Paso County until 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night.
KFOX14, Jessica Gonzalez, June 6, 2017

North Texans might catch a break in summer heat this year -- The Climate Prediction Center is has released outlooks suggesting a wetter-than-normal summer for parts of North Texas which could provide a break from the extreme Texas heat. Temperatures are expected to reach the upper-90s with heat indices as high as 104 by the weekend with slight chances of rain overnight Thursday and again on Sunday, providing a slight relief from the heat. The CPC models are forecasting the wet conditions to begin within the next 30 days.
Star-Telegram, Bill Hanna, June 15, 2017

Storms bring brief break from North Texas heat, but don’t get used to it -- Overnight storms are expected to bring down sweltering temperatures in Dallas-Fort Worth, but only briefly. A cold front and thunderstorms moved into the area between midnight and 7am The showers left behind slightly lower temperatures, but the rain chances are expected to dwindle throughout the day and temperatures are forecasted to climb back up.
Dallas Morning News, Claire Z Cardona and Naheed Rajwani, June 18, 2017


Severe Weather

Friday storms bring flooding, hail to North Texas -- Heavy rains and some hail attributed to a slow moving storm system caused damages and travel issues on homes and cars in the North Texas region. Multiple inches of rain falling in the region forced the National Weather Service to issue flash flood warnings for Dallas and Tarrant counties. Some residents have reported pea to golf ball sized hail falling in Mesquite as some news stations reported up to 4 inches of rain in Denton and 3 inches in Dallas.
FOX 4, Staff Writer, June 3, 2017

Severe weather leads to severe car issues -- The recent severe weather caused a lot of damage to cars, including shattered windows. The storm also knocked out power and caused the residents with damaged vehicles more issues while trying to get help.
News West 9, Eric Onyechefule, June 14, 2017

Parts of west Texas hit with grapefruit size hail -- Wind gusts up to 72 miles per hour and hail as large as grapefruit struck the Midland/Odessa, Texas region, damaging roofs and shattering automobile windshields. Insurance company catastrophe teams report a high volume of claims, and local insurance agencies are also trying to keep up with the number of claims. Auto body and glass shops in the area are expected to begin filling up quickly with damaged cars. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently reported that insurance claims for hail damage in Texas last year exceeded the previous two years combined.
Insurance Journal, Staff Writer, June 16, 2017

National Weather Service forecasts a 60 percent chance of a tropical storm developing in the Gulf-- A weather pattern in the Gulf of Mexico has a 60 percent chance of becoming a tropical storm in the next five days, according to the National Weather Service. It is still uncertain where the development would occur and where the track would be. Forecasters warn that it is important to monitor the latest forecasts going into the weekend. Forecasters predict an above average season this year, with 11 to 17 named storms. The Gulf Coast hasn’t seen a significant storm in nearly a decade.
Houston Chronicle, William Axford, June 16, 2017

Tropical weather likely in Gulf -- The National Weather Service is warning Gulf Coast residents that a broad area of low pressure forming in the Northwest Caribbean Sea has a high chance of developing into a tropical depression in the coming days which could threaten the area. It is too early to predict an exact path of the system though its movement is expected to continue into the Yucatan Peninsula and over the southern or central Gulf of Mexico into early next week while gaining further development. Currently, the National Weather Service puts the chances of the tropical disturbance developing into a depression or storm at 80 percent in the Gulf over the next five days.
Houston Chronicle, Brooke Lewis, June 17, 2017

Forecasters watching two systems likely to become tropical storms in coming days -- A broad area of low pressure located over the northwestern Caribbean Sea now has a 90 percent chance of becoming a tropical depression or storm over the next five days as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico. Residents of Texas and north Florida should keep an eye on the forecasts in the upcoming days. Gradual development is expected Monday and Tuesday as the system crosses the southern and central Gulf.
SunSentinel, Mike Clary, June 19, 2017

Tropical storm warning issued for Galveston and Houston -- The hurricane reconnaissance plane flew a mission to the storm and found that the center of circulation was defined enough to categorize the potential cyclone as Tropical Storm Cindy. Many models indicate a near direct impact on Houston by Wednesday evening. A Tropical Storm Warning has been extended west to include the cities of Galveston and Houston, meaning tropical storm conditions are expected within 36 hours.
KHOU, Blake Mathews, June 19, 2017

Texas is in Tropical Storm Cindy’s path, but what does that mean for Dallas? -- Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to make landfall Thursday over portions of western Louisiana and eastern Texas. Predicted tracks of the storm show that the heaviest rains to fall during the storm will remain well east of Dallas-Fort Worth, closer to Toledo Bend, along the Sabine River, and Shreveport. While moving through eastern portions of the state, the storm will inevitably swing farther northeast. A cold front from Oklahoma is expected to bring rain showers unrelated to Cindy on the weekend.
The Dallas Morning News, Claire Cardona, June 20, 2017

Cindy threatens Gulf coast -- National Weather Service reports predict Tropical Storm Cindy to make landfall early Thursday near the Texas-Louisiana border. Some storm conditions may affect impact service availability to those living in coastal areas, so a volunteer evacuation has been put in place for Bolivar Peninsula residents. Wind and rain will be the largest threats during this storm as gusts up to 60 mph and rain chances between three and five inches, ten inches possible in strong rainbands, are expected. Due to high tide occurrences near midnight and noon, coastal areas have the added threat of poor water drainage of the region with street flooding and home vulnerability.
Beaumont Enterprise, Staff Writer, June 20, 2017

Tropical storm Cindy: What it could mean for Austin weather -- Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to make landfall near the Texas-Louisiana border early Thursday morning. The National Hurricane Center indicates the storm will move northward towards Arkansas. Austin will be on the dry side of Cindy since the eye of the storm will hit just to the east of the city, but some rain and strong winds may impact the area. The effects from Cindy will be gone by the weekend.
Austin Statesman, Brett Collar, June 21, 2017

In Galveston, it’s business as usual after Cindy -- After a morning of strong winds and heavy rain, conditions in Galveston from Tropical Storm Cindy are beginning to calm down and the Tropical Storm Warning has been cancelled for the area. Officials in Galveston were busy over the last few days making preparations across the city. There have been no reports of injuries or damage in Galveston so far associated with Cindy.
ABC 13, Staff Writer, June 22, 2017

Tropical Storm Cindy to the East -- Tropical Storm Cindy has made landfall this morning in southwestern Louisiana, just east of Port Arthur. The storm is expected to bring heavy rain and flooding to east and southeast Texas today. Palestine, Athens, Tyler, and Mineola will likely see rain with this system later today and this evening. The rain will not impact the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Temperatures Friday are expected to be in the upper 90s with a chance of thunderstorms Friday night and Saturday morning. A cold front will blow through over the weekend and drop temperatures into the 80s.
Dallas Morning News, Staff Writer, June 22, 2017

Morning weather forecast with Jeff Jamison -- Rain chances will be low for north Texas on Thursday after Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall, but better chances are coming this weekend.
CBS DFW, Jeff Jamison, June 22, 2017

Cindy makes first strike of season in southeast Texas -- As Tropical Storm Cindy prepares to make landfall, high tides, rain, and wind speeds crashed into the Bolivar Peninsula Wednesday evening. Water and debris covered the only highway running through the peninsula early on as the storm begins to cross onto land. According to the Galveston COunty Sheriff’s Office, Highway 87 won’t be shut down unless it’s absolutely necessary. Cindy is projected to make landfall after midnight Thursday near the Texas-Louisiana border.
Beaumont Enterprise, Sara E. Flores and Morgan Gstalter, June 23, 2017

First Gulf storm of season elbows Texas -- Tropical Storm Cindy, which made landfall just east of the Texas-Louisiana border on June 22, was attributed to two deaths. Although Texas did not receive the brunt of the rainfall, Governor Greg Abbott ordered an increase in readiness from level four, normal conditions, to level 3, increased readiness. This activated four Texas Task Force 1 boat squads as well as two Texas Military Department vehicle squads. The Texas Department of State Health Services Emergency Medical Task Force, the Texas Military Forces Aircraft and shelter and shelter and feeding teams were also placed on standby.
Nueces County Record Star, Ed Sterling, June 29, 2017

A Category 5 Texas Hurricane: Where landfall would be worst -- Since Hurricane Ike in 2008, the last costly hurricane to impact Texas’ coast, people have been preparing for the next big disaster. According to the insurance risk management group Karen Clark & Company, Texas hasn’t experienced what it calls a “100 Year Hurricane,” or the most intense hurricane that has at least a one percent chance occurring in a given region, since the 1900 storm nearly wiped out Galveston. For Texas, a 100 Year Hurricane is a Category 5 storm with sustained wind speeds of at least 155 mph.
The Houston Chronicle, John Boyd, June 30, 2017

Other Climate Impacts


Texas lawmakers respond to Trump withdrawal from climate accord -- As represented by their statements, a majority of Texas lawmakers are in support of President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. The issue appears to be a bipartisan issue as Republicans are showing heavy support for the President’s decision while Democrats are intensely criticizing. US Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz along with US Representative John Carter, all Republicans, have joined in commending the President’s actions as a way of boosting the US economy. US Representatives Beto O’Rourke, Lloyd Doggett, and Joaquin Castro, all Democrats joined in condemning the decision, citing its abandonment of global leadership and threatening of the climate and environment.
Austin American-Statesman, Katey Psenick, June 1, 2017

US governors to defy Trump over climate deal -- Three Democratic governors have committed to extensively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, despite President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords. In relative accordance with the Paris agreement, the three governors from California, New York, and Washington have joined in a pact to reduce emission by 26 to 28% from 2005 levels by 2025. The coalition hopes to attract more states in defiance of the Trump withdrawal to achieve a nationwide reduction in emissions.
Energy Voice, Staff Writer, June 1, 2017

Storms clobbered Odessa, again; more than 9,900 without power -- Flooded streets and hail from the severe storms Wednesday made commute a nightmare for motorists. Downed power lines caused power outages throughout Odessa that affected more than 9,900 customers and businesses. Although there are no reported injuries, the storm severely damaged the roofs on homes and windows on cars. Hail was reported to be the size of golf balls and baseballs. At one point during the night, nearly 19,000 customers and businesses were without power for several minutes.
OA Online, Silvio Panta, June 14, 2017

Climate disaster maps shows Texas is clearly the most apocalyptic state in the nation -- Climate officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have released a series of interactive maps representing the impact of weather events on the 50 US states. The study done to create these maps found that since 1980, Texas has been hit with 90 out the 203 total 1 billion dollar exceedance damage events in the United States. 2016 was the second-worst year for billion-dollar disasters, falling just behind 2011 with 16 weather disaster events. Some are speculating that climate change may be playing a role in the increasing frequency of these events.
Houston Chronicle, Fernando Ramirez, June 15, 2017

How much did 30 minutes of hail cost Texas -- Last week grapefruit sized hail fell in Odessa for about 30 minutes and caused nearly $480 million in damages, according to an estimate from the Insurance Council of Texas. Thousands of homes and about 35,000 vehicles were damaged from the storm. According to an official from the Insurance Council of Texas, a hailstorm has not caused as much damage in the area in 20 to 30 years. One car dealership reported that all of its 700 vehicles were hit in the storm, totaling an estimated $10 million in damages.
Statesman, Amanda O’Donnell, June 21, 2017

Texas ranks second among states in lightning claims -- Texas was second among all states in lightning related insurance claims over the past year, according to State Farm Insurance. This is the second year in a row that Texas holds the second-most lightening claims. 9,098 lightning claims were filed to State Farm in Texas in 2016, much higher than the 1,700 filed in 2015. The average Texas lightning claim cost State Farm over $9,500, resulting in over $87 million in total damages.
Fox 4 News, Staff Writer, June 23, 2017

North Texas storms produce lightning strikes, record rainfall and cooler temperatures -- Lightning from thunderstorms struck the Bank of America building in downtown Fort Worth and a home north of a city Saturday. Thousands of customers were left without power throughout the storm. The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport received 3.84 inches of rain Saturday, a new daily rainfall record from 1917 and 0.05 inches above the average rainfall for the entire month of June. In Tarrant County, nearly 20,000 energy customers were without power for several hours.
Star-Telegram, Matthew Martinez,June 24, 2017

Texas Boy Creates Device to Prevent Hot Car Deaths -- After hearing about the death of a baby in a hot car, a 10 year old boy from Texas invented a small fan that attaches to the back of a vehicle’s seat rest and begins blowing if the car reaches a certain temperature. The fan also has built-in Wi-Fi and GPS to alert parents and police if activated. The boy is currently raising funding for his invention to get a patent and bring his idea to life to prevent future deaths from heat exhaustion in hot cars.
The Weather Channel, Eric Chaney, June 30, 2017



Southwest plane struck by lightning, near by employee transported to hospital--
A southwest Airlines Ramp Agent was transported to the hospital after a lightning bolt struck a nearby airplane Sunday afternoon. The employee was reportedly working near an aircraft when it was suddenly struck by lightning. The employee said he felt the effects from the strike and was transported to the hospital as a precaution.
News 4, SBG San Antonio, June 4, 2017

Sunny but muggy for ROT rally riders this weekend -- The Republic of Texas motorcycle rally will welcome sunny skies and warm weather with a high temperature near 91 degrees in Austin. No rain is in the forecast for the weekend, allowing for a smooth ride. Sunday’s high will be near 92, with heat index values around 98 and high humidity. A small chance of rain remains on Monday.
Austin American-Statesman, Nicole Barrios, June 10, 2017

DPS reminds Texans to travel safely this summer -- The Texas Department of Public Safety is reminding motorists and pedestrians to be very aware of all road and other travel conditions during the summer months. During bad weather conditions, DPS is urging drivers to slow down or exit roadways and take a break as construction, heavy traffic, and unfamiliar areas can make driving conditions difficult. If drivers are to remain on roadways during inclement weather conditions, they are being advised to not attempt crossing flowing streams or drive across flooded roadways.
Stephenville Empire-Tribune, Staff Writer, June 13, 2017



Inclement weather delays Texas Tech-Delaware NCAA Lubbock Regional -- Lightning and rain have delayed play at Texas Tech’s Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park. The Blue Hens, a team making their first regional appearance since 2001 were looking to take advantage of runners on second and first base with one out at the top of the second inning. Texas Tech’s 43-15 team is expected to take this win and advance past the 34-21 Blue Hens.
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Carlos Silva Jr., June 2, 2017

Fort Worth Regional, with host TCU, postponed by weather -- The Fort Worth Regional opening games were delayed on Friday due to rain and lighting in the area. Virginia and Dallas Baptist teams are scheduled to play first on Saturday, followed by the top seed and host TCU playing against Connecticut State. As weather conditions are varying this weekend, the rest of the tournament schedule is to be determined. This will be the fourth straight year a regional tournament is hosted by the TCU team as they seek a fourth straight appearance at the College World Series.
The Facts, Staff Writer, June 2, 2017

WFAA Weather: Scattered storms through weekend -- The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for areas in North Texas until 7 a.m. on Sunday. Roadways are already saturated from previous rain events so motorist are being advised to stay alert of any flooded roads. Some vehicles in the Dallas are being trapped in flooded areas with water at depths in up to 2 feet. The Dallas Fire-Rescue team has already responded to nearly 52 calls on Friday to assist drivers and residents who had to deal with flooding conditions.
WFAA, Kyle Roberts, June 3, 2017

Day 2: Free Press Summer Fest canceled after severe weather in the area-- After severe weather hit the area, the remainder of the Houston based Free Press Summer Festival in Eleanor Tinsley Park was cancelled due to a flash flood warning and continuing intense weather. Hundreds of music fans taking cover from lightning in a downtown parking garage after they were forced to evacuate the park Sunday afternoon for nearly four hours.
ABC 13, Christine Dobbyn, June 4, 2017

Rain forces delay of TCu-Virginia and sends second game in FW Regional to Monday-- An hour-long rain shower postponed the start of a Fort Worth Regional winner’s bracket game Sunday between TCU and Virginia. The start of the tournament was delayed when rain washed out two games scheduled for Friday. Two games were played Saturday, but after a three-hour delay because of rain.
Star-Telegram, Carlos Mendez, June 4, 2017

Texas heat affecting playgrounds and splash pads -- The Waco Police Department placed thermometers in parked cars to warn of the dangers of leaving someone in a car where temperatures can go from 137 degrees to 159 degrees in a matter of 40 minutes. There have been a total of nine hot car related deaths in the United States with three of those occur in Texas alone. Local doctors are also urging parents to take head of playgrounds and splash pads during the summer months as their surfaces can reach temperatures high enough to cause scalding injuries. Any part of the body that remains red and irregular a few hours after the burn has taken place should be considered seriously and that child should be taken to the hospital.
News Channel 25, Taylor Durden June 7, 2017

Rain Puts Hold on Texas Motor Speedway Activities -- On-track activities have been delayed at the Texas Motor Speedway due to morning rains that have saturated the track. Practice was also delayed in the morning hours until track conditions permit. This weekend’s events are ironically a part of the Rainguard Water Sealers 600, the ninth race of the 2017 Verizon IndyCar Schedule.
Verizon IndyCar Series, Staff Writer, June 9, 2017

Texas storm uproots tree as man mows lawn -- An Odessa, Texas resident was completing the weekly chore of mowing his lawn when a passing storm uprooted a tree in his backyard. The large tree was swaying heavily in the force of the strong winds and was finally succumb due to a powerful gust. According to meteorologist, thunderstorms swept through western and southeast Texas with winds, hail, and rain.
The Washington Post, Staff Writer, June 13, 2017


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries Division has recently released around 90 male and female large-mouth bass into the Buffalo Creek Reservoir. These “super fish” were initially kept and bred in Athens, Texas at the ShareLunker program to better understand their genetics and gather other important data. Once drought conditions subsided after rains brought for more vegetation, the Fisheries Division released the fish hoping they will populate and also be caught by fishers to further replenish the lake.
Times Record News, Claire Kowalick, June 8, 2017

Watch: Thousands of dead fish are washing up on the shore in Texas-- Fisherman along the Texas coast are arriving to see mile-long stretches of dead fish along some Texas shores. A large number of the dead fish are menhaden, but also include larger fish such as flounders. Some marine biologists are correlating these fish deaths to rapid algal bloom growth sinking to the bottom of coastal bodies of water and restricting circulation, therefore deoxygenating the water.
Shropshire Star, Staff Writer, June 12, 2017


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