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Burn Bans

County-wide burn bans through December 1

November 4 – Despite recent rainfall Fort Bend County Commissioners have been forced to place a burn ban over all unincorporated areas in the county.

November 5 – The Huntsville Fire Chief says that recent rainy weather has not been enough to lift the burn ban in place over Walker County.

November 5 – Rain has finally fallen in the Houston area but was not enough to lift the burn ban that has been in place over Harris County.

November 8 – The little bit of rain that fell over Orange County was just enough to lift the burn ban that has been in place. However residents are restricted to the burning of outside debris while the burning of residential trash is still banned.

November 9 – Although there is no current burn ban in effect over the Colorado County, commissioners are discussing the possibility of enacting a burn ban.

November 15 – A rise in the number of grassfires and the increasing threat of drought has forced Brown County commissioners to enact a burn ban.

November 16 – Tom Green County officials have decided to place Tom Green County under a 90 day burn ban as recent cold fronts and high winds have increased the chance for wild fires.

November 22 – Although Ector County is well under the Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) number (575) needed to automatically declare a burn ban, parts of the county have a KDBI near 650.


Monthly Change in Drought Classification

Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, November 2, 2010
U.S. Drought Monitor, November 30, 2010

November 3 – Heavy rains finally soaked Southeast Texas but the rain was not enough to eliminate current drought conditions.

November 9 – Recent lack of rain in the Lake Brownwood area has officials at the local water district worried, and they have decided to initiate the first state of the drought contingency plan.

November 10 – Even with recent rains, Orange County is currently in a drought and the Orange County Emergency Management Coordinator is helping to educate a public that knows more about hurricanes and storm surge than drought.

November 27 – Earlier this year, Brownsville was in the middle of an active tropical storm and hurricane season, but now officials with the National Weather Service say that Brownsville has drought conditions that are likely to worsen going into the spring.


November 1 – Above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation during the month of November has forecasters at the National Weather Service preparing for a potentially serious grass-fire season in North Texas.

November 4 – The fire danger persists despite recent rains in the Houston area, as a combination of high winds and overall dry conditions have officials expecting more grass fires than normal this season.

November 6 – Despite recent rains, fire restrictions are still in place in Texas National Forests.

November 16 – As temperatures begin to cool in the El Paso area, firefighters are seeing an uptick in the number of house fires.

November 23 – Only 0.15 inches of rain have fallen in Abilene so far in November and with cold fronts bringing windy and dry weather into the region, the fire danger in the area is extremely high.

November 24 – Humidities were extremely low after a cold front passed through Angelina County, and fire officials are worried about increasing threat of wild fires.

November 24 – Weather forecasters are saying the less snow is likely this winter across the Texas Panhandle, but with less snow comes an increased threat of wild fires.

November 28 – It has been 64 days since the Permian Basin has seen rain, leaving the threat of wildfires at an all time high in the area.

November 28 – The National Weather Service in Fort Worth put out a fire weather watch and a red flag warning because of a lack of recent rain, low humidity levels, high winds, and warmer temperatures.

Water Supply

November 1 – The Texas AgriLife Extension Service in San Antonio is teaching the public how to harvest rainwater, which is a way to say money and irrigate plants.

November 12 – With the threat of drought leading and associated lack of drinking water on the minds of many people, Austin Water and the City of Austin have designed a water tower that will only hold recycled water.

November 19 – State of Texas officials say that Corpus Christi ranks 2nd in state in water usage per person, and the city hopes to implement a water conservation plan in the near future.

November 20 – A rancher in Arden has been presented with the 2010 National Golden Spur Award for his diligent practices of conservation in his fields.

Agricultural Impacts

November 1 – Tennis ball-size hail hit San Angelo and several cotton producers in the area have reported a 100% loss in their fields.

November 2 – Warmer temperatures and drought conditions across the state are affecting crops and cattle production statewide.

November 2 – The producers who survived recent heavy rains and the tennis ball-sized hail have high hopes that their crops will be very profitable this year

November 2 – Hot and humid conditions have increased the fungus and scab on pecan trees statewide and producers are worried that local pecan crops will be short this season.

November 8 – Despite current drought conditions, a near record cotton crop expected this season.

November 9 – The University of Arkansas, the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and the Tarkington Vineyard in Victoria have introduced a new kind of grape that is more resilient to the cold conditions of the Gulf Coast.

November 9 – In the South Plains, winter wheat is in need of rain and in the Far West, ranchers are concerned about wildfires as grassland become drier and drier.

November 14 – The USDA has reduced its estimates on the value of this year's Texas cotton crop, but experts say October storms are only a small reason for this reduction.

November 15 – Despite concerns about the effects of the late October storm on South Plains cotton, cotton-classing grades showed no major reduction in overall quality.

November 16 – The price of pecans is up as producers cannot keep up with the demand. Producers say the lack of pecans is due to the fact that very little rain fell across the state during the growing season.

November 16 – In the Panhandle, area temperatures are near to above normal and soil moisture levels were variable. In the South Plains, topsoil levels continue to decline and rangelands begin to turn brown because of a lack of rain.

November 17 – Despite elevated salt levels in the coastal areas of Texas due to Hurricane Ike, dry and windy weather rice growers in Winnie were able to produce a good crop this season using RiceTech Hybrids.

November 18 – Precipitation has slowed the harvesting of cotton but yields have been strong.

November 20 – Officials in San Angelo say that the Wilde Farm in San Angelo produced record cotton yields this season. Sleet and snow in the Texas Panhandle the delayed cotton and corn harvest but have helped the winter wheat.

November 20 – Despite the severe weather event that damaged cotton in October, the fields in and around Lubbock have been able to produce record high harvests.

November 21 – Producers in the Big Country say that winter wheat is in the ground and is in need of precipitation.

November 23 – In Central Texas, crops are in need of rain and in the Coastal Bend area, dry conditions have negatively affected the growth of winter pastures.

Inclement Weather

Cold/Wintry Weather

November 10 – Officials in Abilene are warning citizens that although the weather is warm now, winter season is right around the corner and preparations for cooler temperatures and snow should be underway.

November 12 – Snowfall in the Amarillo area caused about 5,000 customers to be without power for a few hours.

November 12 – The El Paso area experienced its first freeze of the season and city officials are using the cold weather as an opportunity to request donations of blankets needed to keep the poor and homeless warm during the winter season.

November 13 – A low-pressure system and accompanying cold front brought three inches of snow to Amarillo, according to the National Weather Service.

November 18 – As a cold air mass headed for San Antonio, the city's homeless shelter began inviting the homeless in from the cold.

November 19 – Austin experienced its first frost of the season as temperatures dipped into the upper 20s.

November 25 – Black Friday shoppers that were camped out in front of stores in El Paso had to wear an extra layer or two as temperatures dropped below freezing and winds clocked in at over 20 mph.

November 27 – Temperatures at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport set a new record. According to the National Weather Service the temperature on November 27th dipped down to 22 degrees breaking the old record of 28 degrees set back in 1975.

November 28 – The recent oscillation of temperatures in the Houston area has affected Houstonian's health and happiness.


November 7 – Flood-prone Austin is part of the Central Texas flash flood alley and the city of Austin, along with FEMA, are preparing to redraw 12 watershed flood maps, which could force citizens to buy flood insurance.


November 11 – The affects of Hurricane Rita are still being felt in some parts of Texas, including a Galveston homeowner whose property was determined to be located on a public beach after erosion from the storm.

November 21 – Policemen, firemen, and paramedics are not the only ones who respond when a hurricane is threatening Texas. Texas Game Wardens use their boats, SUVs, and ATVs to help citizens caught in the path of a hurricane.

November 26 – Galveston city officials are waiting DNA test results to identify a woman that is the last known victim of Hurricane Ike.

Severe Weather

November 1 – A Kingwood man driving home from Plano was hit by an 18-wheeler on Interstate-45 after a tornado swept through Navarro County.

November 2 –Thunderstorms in through Central Texas caused a power outage during elections in Milam County, which brought two-thirds of an inch of rain to the area.

November 3 – Baseball and tennis ball-sized hail hit Camp County, damaging windows, skylights, and vehicles.

November 14 – Gale force winds were reported in El Paso, causing a dust storm to blow across the Borderland.

November 14 – According to the National Weather Service, Grayson County is now officially a Storm Ready county.

November 28 – A wind advisory was issued in El Paso after 55 mph winds caused downed power lines and debris to cover roadways.

Other Climate Impacts

November 20 – Students who've stayed in Texas since evacuating areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina have shown marked improvement in their new schools.

November 21 – Volunteers for an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house in Lubbock ran into some problems at the beginning of the project, when cold weather delayed the pouring of the foundation and winds prevented the putting together of the modular home.

November 25 – The Unites States military meteorologists help forecast in times of battles, such as an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran based at Austin Camp Mabry.

Air/Water Quality

November 4 – The Texas Commissioner of Agriculture is warning that the Clean Air Act, which regulates particulate matter (PM), cannot be fully regulated because some of the PM comes from dust kicked up on county roads.

November 10 – Texas is the only state that has refused to revise its permitting rules on carbon dioxide and other green house gases to include new federal limits.

November 16 – The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency have announced that they would grant Texas A&M-Kingsville a $1.5 million engineering grant to fund fuel stormwater projects

November 19 – As the Environmental Protection Agency tightens national ozone standards, Houston continues to making improvements to work towards attainment.

November 22 – Plans for a concrete plant near Fort Worth neighborhood school has residents in an uproar about the air quality in the area

Animals/Aquatic Life

November 8 – Deer hunting season is officially under way and hunters say that deer numbers are up 10 percent from last year, even though warm and windy weather provided unfavorable conditions on opening weekend.

November 9 – Scientists believe that this years hard freezes and snow might have stopped the West Nile virus from spreading across Dallas County this year.

November 13 – In Port Aransas, seventy endangered whooping cranes have been spotted. Officials say that this year's numbers are up from last year and there could be more cranes alive than have been spotted because a recent cold snap sent some of the cranes further south.

November 22 – A wildlife and science professor at Texas A&M University has introduced a new breed of rabbit called the Altex that is more heat resistant than other breeds because of the its long ears, long body, and thin fur coat.

November 22 – The milder weather has bees in Central Texas out and on the attack and have acted more aggressively during this warmer fall season.


November 17 – Climate change can bring both risks and opportunities to many companies. For instance, Levi Strauss & Co. fears that flooding and droughts will be the norm in many parts of the world where manufacturing plants are located. Conversely, John Deere sees climate change as an opportunity to expand the sale of equipment to new parts of the world.

November 23 – A Texas A&M University professor says that clouds play a major role in climate change.

November 27 – The Austin City Manager has begun implementing Austin's Climate Protection Plan by directing other city leaders to come up with a plan for a switch to renewable sources of electricity.

November 27 – With a La Nina pattern picking up steam it means that the South Plains will see a warmer, drier winter.


November 6 – Williamson County has been officially denied Federal Emergency Management Agency aid to help in repairing damages caused by Tropical Storm Hermine.

November 7 – Residents of Texas who suffered damages from Tropical Storm Hermine will have to find another avenue to pay for the damages because the Federal Emergency Management Agency rejected Governor Perry's appeal for funding for a second time.

November 10 – After the rejection of funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for damages suffered during Tropical Storm Hermine, North Texas residents are turning to low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration.

November 12 – After the first snow of the season, the city of Amarillo is already discussing how to budget for winter weather.

November 15 – Texans are now officially paying the highest home insurance rates nationwide, and the high cost is being blamed on the propensity for extreme weather events to occur in Texas.

November 18 – Two years after Hurricane Ike, not a single house in Harris County damaged by the storm has been fixed or received funding to repair damages.

November 18 – The United States House of Representatives has approved a yearlong extension to agencies in Houston and Austin to use $44 million in Hurricane Ike funds.

November 19 – An Austin business is giving residents, businesses, and schools a new way to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation.

November 24 – Farmers Insurance says they are increasing insurance rates in Texas because of weather losses during the past year.


November 3 – Lightning has caused 12 house fires in the North Texas city of Southlake this past year and city officials are wondering if the city might see a higher frequency of lightning strikes than surrounding areas.


November 4 – Deer season has opened and hunters are very excited about this year's deer count after rains that fell just before the season opened helped vegetation grow, has brought out an abundance of deer.

November 5 – Texas bird hunters say that in the North Zone Duck a cold front that blew in brought new birds to the area. In the Coastal areas, bird hunters say the area could use more rain and if dry conditions remain, hunters should look for birds at lakes and reservoirs.

November 6 – Oyster season if officially underway and this year looks to be a good season. Galveston Bay has not yet fully recovered from Hurricane Ike, so much of the demand will come from the lower bays this year.

November 6 – During the opening weekend of the duck hunting season, there was a lack of geese but hunters noticed that a week later, geese returned after southerly winds brought an increase in temperatures.

November 13 – Fishermen are reporting some of the best fishing the coast has seen in some time due to below normal tides brought by north winds behind a cold front that recently hit the coastal areas.

November 15 – The Texas Forest Service is reminding Texas hunters of the high wildfire threat that is plaguing the state. Hunters should refrain from building camp fires during windy and dry conditions.

November 17 – Store owners in Llano say that this deer season has brought big bucks to the area again as rains through the spring and summer greatly increased the deer population.

November 21 – Recent cold fronts have pushed ducks into Texas and made the opening day of the state duck hunting season opening great for hunters.

November 23 – The Texas oyster supply booming with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

November 25 – Texas bobwhite and quail hunters are waiting for the weather to get colder, which see an increase in birds.


November 11 – Pitcher Cliff Lee said that he is not a fan of pitching in the Texas heat, which may hurt the Texas Rangers chances to resign the coveted pitcher.

November 11 – Waco city officials are working to be sure that Mother Neff State Park is a safe and fun place for residents to visit. The park is susceptible to flooding during heavy rain events the city has decided to move the park to combat these issues.

November 14 – Over a hundred Texas A&M students camped outside of Kyle Field and braved cold temperatures, rain, and wind to get the best seats for the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

November 24 – A burn ban in place in Robertson County has put a stop to the unofficial Texas A&M University student bonfire.

November 25 – Despite the cold weather in Dallas on Thanksgiving, Cowboys fans were outside tailgating before kickoff and kept warm by firing up their barbeques.


November 3 – Rescue workers were forced to work through rain to remove the body of a woman who was killed when a train hit her car.

November 5 – Recent rains has forced the Texas Department of Transportation to extend the closure of the Continental Avenue Bridge in the Dallas area.

November 7 – As the weather gets cooler, deer begin to come out of hiding and the Texas Department of Transportation wants motorists to be on high alert for deer near roadways.

November 11 – An elderly woman was killed and 2 others had to be airlifted as the result of a traffic accident in Cut and Shoot. Rains caused an SUV to hydroplane and crash into another SUV.

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