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November saw temperatures reaching record lows almost of the state and some areas picked up more precipitation than normal. A few counties in the Southern Plains are now free of drought conditions thanks to the above average rainfall, though areas in north and north-central Texas received less rainfall than normal, worsening conditions there. An early season winter storm brought snow and sleet to several parts of north Texas; this was a part of the abnormally cold spell that struck the nation mid- month. Statewide reservoirs were able to maintain their levels at 62.5% of conservation storage. There are growing concerns, however, in the Rio Grande Valley and in Tarrant and Palo Pinto Counties where water supply is continuing to decline. TCEQ has placed Stage 3 Water Restrictions for cities in Palo Pinto County as a result.

Agriculturally, the cold weather had a drastic effect on the cotton harvesting. Cotton ran about two weeks behind normal due to cooler than average temperatures over the month. The areas of Texas that received above normal precipitation (Southern, Central, some Eastern regions) had adequate to good soil moisture. In the Panhandle where temperatures were extremely cold and windy, some of the cotton crop were lost. Fortunately, dryland grain sorghum crops were above average in yield. For ranchers, most the livestock remained in good condition and made it through the abnormal cold spell. However, horn fly populations fell.

In the middle of November, a record breaking cold spell was experienced across the entire nation with record low temperatures being set in every climate division. This was a part of the system that brought early winter weather to portions of north Texas where roads were iced over. Lubbock reported over 100 accidents in a 12-hour period and in four of those accidents there was a fatality. A week later, parts of Texas were dealing with flash flooding. In Austin, three people had to be rescued from the flooding waters. In El Paso, over 5 inches of rain fell in a 4-hour period.
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