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Burn Bans/Fire

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire--
Areas within the Galveston area observed decreased visibility on Wednesday as fires near Port Arthur burned throughout the day. Strong winds off the Gulf are expected to push smoke from the large fires into the Houston metro today and intermittently during the week. The National Weather Service in Houston and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are reporting that the fires are a series of grass fires in the McFaddin Wildlife Refuge and are not controlled. The opportunity of rain that is expected this weekend should temporarily reduce the chances of fire outbreak in the Houston area, though passing cold fronts will again blow dry air into the region.
KHOU, Brooks Garner, October 18, 2017

Smoky Haze Cast Over North Texas Thursday--
Residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex experienced degraded visibility and hazy skies Thursday morning due to dense particulates. The hazy skies were a result of a controlled burn at U.S. Highway 287 and Kimble Road. Many concerned residents called local officials to report smoky odors during the morning morning hours on Thursday. The smoke remained over the area, extending into southern sections of DFW due to a warm layer of air blocking rising motions and not allowing dissipation.
NBC5, Rick Mitchell, October 19, 2017


Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, May 2, 2017
U.S. Drought Monitor, May 30, 2017


Moderate drought creeps into Fannin, Water Board says--
Drought conditions deteriorated in the northern Texas over the past week. The Texas Water Development Board has identified a new development of “moderate drought” in the northeastern tip of Fannin County as reported in the weekly water report. Areas in the lower Rio Grande Valley had an improvement over the past week, with categorical lowering to abnormally dry or no drought conditions. Rain patterns throughout and for the remainder of the month are expected to keep drought conditions from becoming too severe.
The Herald Democrat, Michael Hutchins, October 16, 2017


This year will be ‘probably the best’ ever for Texas wine--
Winemakers in the Texas hill country have high prospects for a immensely successful 2017 wine harvest. Abnormally warm wintertime temperatures at the start of the year lead to the biggest grape harvest the Texas wine industry has ever seen, according to a co-founder Pedernales Cellars. The harvest was so robust, even Hurricane Harvey didn’t play a major destructive role. Dry air pushed into the High Plains protected the grapes from an expected summer storm. Consumers can expect to see high quality Texas wine on shelves at the beginning of the next year.
Austin-Statesman, Arianna Auber, October 2, 2017

Texas rice farmers cheer as USDA says mosquito-sprayed rice can still be sold organic--
Rice farmers in Texas were very concerned about the organic status of rice as a mass aerial spraying was needed to control hatching mosquito eggs in Southeast Texas. Egg hatchings were occurring in this region at a fast pace due to standing water remaining from Hurricane Harvey. The U.S. department of Agriculture has decided that the aerial spraying has not left the rice crop compromised.
San Antonio Express-News, Lynn Brezosky, October 6, 2017

Texas rice growers express relief after USDA ruling--
Rice farmers in Southeast Texas faced a heightened fear after Hurricane Harvey brought strong winds and devastating rains to the region. 20 percent of the state’s primary rice crop and approximately 50 percent of the secondary rice crop was destroyed by the storm, according to AgriLife Research Service Estimates in Beaumont. Farmers were forced to spray pest control contaminants on rice crops, but were allowed to maintain the organic designation as decided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, meaning crops will sell for more on the crop market.  
Southwest FarmPress, Logan Hawkes 3, October 11, 2017

Texas cotton suffer premature defoliation--
Farmers across the High Plains and Rolling Plains in Texas are looking for answers regarding the browning of their crops. Cotton fields are beginning to brown bronze which is usually indicative of premature defoliation. The alternaria leaf spot is the main cause of this browning which is seen every year at low levels. Plant Pathologists at AgriLife in Lubbock, believe the cause of the browning is the extremely wet conditions observed over the past 2 weeks. Overcast and wet conditions can be detrimental to cotton crops.
High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal, Staff Writer, October 12, 2017

Texas High Plains Cotton Struggling With Mediocre Weather Conditions--
Farmers in the Texas High Plains are now fearing both Hurricane Harvey damaged cotton crops and those that were spared. Agronomists from Texas A&M report that crops that were spared from the wrath of Harvey are not able to finish the growing season. Cool and cloudy weather conditions are limiting cotton crops from reaching their full potential. Cotton yields are expected to be somewhat lower than average due to these conditions.
AgWeb, Staff Writer, October 13, 2017

Area cotton crop to make big economic impact--
Some cotton farmers in the Coastal Bend experience a near complete decimation of their crops when Hurricane Harvey pushed through the area. For other farmers in the Coastal Bend, a once-in-a-decade crop yield was experienced. Numerous gins in southeastern Texas counties are setting new records for the volume of cotton handled. A new season record is expected to be set when production has ended in November. The cotton yield will also play a major role on the local economy bringing in more than the $71 million accrued last year.
KRIS6, Roland Rodriguez, October 24, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Cost Texas $200 Million in Ag Losses--
Economists at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service have reported that the state of Texas has lost more than $200 million in crop and livestock losses over the past year. Cotton farmers were among the worst hit after the harvest of the best crops ever in the state. Though ranchers extensively tried to move cattle to higher ground ahead of Hurricane Harvey, torrential downpours made it very difficult. Repairs to losses in fences, barns and animal-handling facilities were among the largest monetary expenditures. The AgriLife Extension Service and USDA-Farm Service Agency are working to share information on disaster assistance programs for farmers and ranchers recovery from Hurricane Harvey losses.
AgWeb, Sara Brown, October 27, 2017

Thousands of monarch butterflies are still stuck up north--
Biologists in Canada have observed abnormal monarch butterfly counts during this season part of the season. The abundance of these insects in the region is due to the warm weather this late in the season and strong winds. Usually, the butterflies would have made or would be in the process of making their way to Texas and Mexico, though the spring-like conditions in Canada this season are allowing them to thrive coupled with inhibiting winds. Some may have trouble migrating once temperatures drop into the 50s which is when their muscles lose strength.
BDN, Seth Borenstein, October 27, 2017

Fall Pollen season: Juniper returns and cedar season begins--
With the ushering in of more fall-like conditions and the end of ragweed season, Red Berry Juniper is becoming the next pollen to aggravate allergies. Juniper grows well north of the Northwest Texas region, though strong northerly winds during this season spread the pollen into portions of Central and South Texas. Juniper season is expected to last from October to early December, peaking in November.
KVUE, Albert Ramon, October 30, 2017

Significant Weather


TX Marine Warning and Forecast--
The National Weather Service has issued a small craft marine advisory for areas in the Gulf. Strong winds will build overnight as a high pressure system and tightening pressure gradient over the northern Gulf interact to deteriorate sea surface conditions. The Gulf ocean water will become along with a gusty east wind.
SFGate, National Weather Service, October 1, 2017

Rain chances returning Tuesday--
Sunny and dry conditions are expected to continue for the North Texas region over the next week with some limited chances of rain. Clouds will move in into the Abilene area beginning Monday night. Scattered showers are forecasted to be intermittent Tuesday afternoon, with more increased chances for the entire forecast area of Abilene Tuesday night and Wednesday.  
KTXS12, Mark Rowlett, October 1, 2017

Could Tropical Storm Nate form this week?--
Hurricane is still in effect for the North Atlantic Ocean basin. A tropical disturbance is currently forming near the Yucatan Peninsula. The National Hurricane Center reports that there is a possibility of some slow development and an increase in organization as the week progresses. Warm ocean waters in the Gulf of Mexico will likely lead to explosive growth in the coming days.
KTTS, Jason Meyers, October 2, 2017

Hurricane Nate could be in Gulf by Saturday--
Tropical Cyclone Nate is expected to have impacts on the Gulf Coast states this weekend. The tropical system is currently a tropical storm, though passage in the Gulf of Mexico will allow the storm to strengthen to hurricane. Residents in Louisiana to Florida are advised to prepare for hurricane conditions during the next few days.
Beaumont Enterprise, Staff Writer, October 3, 2017

Wet weather causes major crashes, traffic delays--
Rainy weather Wednesday morning has led to traffic accidents in North Texas. A major accidents involving at least one 18-wheeler just before 7 a.m. blocked all main lanes and the express lanes on the southbound side of Interstate 35E at Belt Line Road. A similar accident in Downtown Dallas on the eastbound side of Interstate 30 involving a jackknifed 18-wheeler that is continuing to block traffic lanes at a fast and disruptive pace.
FOX4, Staff Writer, October 4, 2017

Nate weakens to tropical storm over Mississippi--
The National Hurricane Center is reported that Tropical Storm Nate has lost its hurricane status as of Sunday after making a second landfall on the Gulf Coast. The tropical system made two landfalls in the state of Mississippi on Saturday as a category 1 storm, marking the first time in over a decade a hurricane has made landfall in the state when Katrina ravaged in 2005. The storm is suspected to turn northeastward and bring heavy amounts of rain, with some regions receiving nearly 10 inches.
KHOU, Doug Stanglin, October 5, 2017

Meyerland H-E-B Will not Reopen After Harvey Flood--
An H-E-B franchise in Meyerland, a neighborhood in Houston, has been forced to close due to extensive damage caused by Hurricane Harvey flooding. The Memorial Day 2015 flooding event led to a complete reconstruction of the franchise grocery store, though the damage was extensive enough to close the store for good. H-E-B still intends to open new locations at nearby Houston suburbs.
Meyerland Patch, Scott McDonald, October 5, 2017

Nate weakens to Depression, brings flooding & power outages to Mississippi--
The Gulf Coast is currently recovering from the effects of Hurricane Nate. The storm was measured to have had maximum sustained winds near 85 mph though weakened to just a tropical storm as it moved inland. Flooding, storm surge, and power outages were widespread across the Gulf Coast as the storm brought heavy rains and strong winds. Emergency management agencies were reporting that over 1000 people spent Sunday night in shelters.
Click2Houston, Staff Writer, October 7, 2017

A tiny dog lost her home after the floods in Texas. But that wasn’t the end of her story--
A Houston-native dog is enjoying a nurtured life in Washington after being rescued from floodwaters in Houston. The chihuahua, named Lizzie, has traveled through across 5 states and countless rescue shelters and foster parents before ending up with her current parent in Washington. Animal rescuers are using Lizzie’s story to improve expedited efforts for providing lost or rescued animals with caring parents during natural disasters. The Arlington-based Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation is one of many groups working towards improvement by efficiently hastening the process of home-findings and lessening shelter over-crowding.
The Washington Post, Steve Hendrix, October 8, 2017

Houston area flood maps based on outdated rainfall data--
The flood maps that help determine flood risks for new development and how much insurance costs in the Houston area have not been updated for as long as a half-century. Residents in the area are now aware of the growing flood risks after Hurricane Harvey set rainfall records in late August. Of the 39 Texas counties that experienced flooding during Hurricane Harvey, only seven have flood maps based on precipitation data from this century. Regions that are designated as flood-prone areas can determine the pattern of development, the value of homes, and the locations of roads and highways.
Houston Chronicle, Ryan Maye Handy, October 9, 2017

Recent heavy rain takes toll on some Texas pumpkin crops--
With the ushering in of the autumn season, it is now peak time of year to harvest pumpkins. Floyd County crops however have felt the effects of heavy rainfall across the South Plains. Muggy weather conditions followed the heavy rains and were not ideal for pumpkin growth. Floydada, Texas farmers agree pumpkin crop yields are down as result of diverse weather conditions this year. Pumpkin size is another concern for farmers in Texas and other Southern pumpkin growing regions as the intense heat during the summer months has caused the pumpkins to not reach maximum attainable size.
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Staff Writer, October 10, 2017

Houston neighborhoods with the highest percent of damaged apartments following Hurricane Harvey--
RealPage Inc. has reported that nearly 43,000 apartments were damaged in Houston following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Many of the apartments that flooded during the 64 inch downpours lay in the 100-year floodplains. The Spring/Tomball area was the worst hit percentage of apartments with over 20 percent of 15,000 units affected by flooding. The Woodlands and northwest Houston were the least affected areas in the metroplex.
Houston Chronicle, Fernando Alfonso 3, October 11, 2017

State says Harvey’s death toll has reached 88--
State officials have reported that Hurricane Harvey has taken 88 total lives as of October 13. The majority of losses were caused by meteorological factors such as wind, rain, and flood, leading to 62 deaths. Nearly a third of Harvey related deaths were caused by what was deemed, “unsafe or unhealthy conditions” during and after the storm’s passage. Disruptions in utilities, transportation, and medical care were most responsible to deaths in this category.
The Texas Tribune, Giulia Afiune, October 13, 2017

Flesh-eating bacteria in floodwaters claims 2nd victim, Texas officials say --
Health officials in the Galveston area are reporting that a second person has died due to contraction of flesh-eating bacteria in Gulf Coast flood waters during Hurricane Harvey. Contaminated stormwater was the cause of several deaths in Galveston County. Standing floodwaters provided the ideal temperature and moisture conditions for bacteria to grow. State and local authorities are reporting that there were at least 80 total flood-related deaths during since Hurricane Harvey hit on August 25.
CBS News, Staff Writer, October 25, 2017

Rain in Halloween forecast for North Texas --
National Weather Service forecasters are predicting a chilly and wet Halloween for the North Texas region. Showers and thunderstorms are expected to build in the area beginning Tuesday afternoon. A cold front passing into the area Monday afternoon will bring strong north winds up to 30 mph, lowering the high to only 55 degrees on Tuesday. Temperatures will then warm back up by Wednesday along with lowered rain chances.
Star-Telegram, Domingo Ramirez Jr., October 29, 2017

Warm Weather

Sunday will be sunny, warm in Central Texas--
The high temperature in Austin is forecast to reach 87 degrees on Sunday with a low near 69 during the night.  An Ozone Action Day has been issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the Austin and San Antonio areas beginning Sunday. According to the TCEQ, atmospheric conditions are expected to be optimal for ozone production. Riding a bike, walking, or sharing car rides are primary and effective ways of reducing ozone production.
Austin-Statesman, Rachel Rice, October 1, 2017

Exceptionally hot Monday, then a big temperature drop--
An exceptionally warm Monday is expected for Columbus Day. 95 degrees is the current record high for the DFW region, with temperatures on Monday expected to achieve or surpass this mark. Winds will be from the south-southwest 15-20 mph.
Dallas Morning News, Staff Writer, October 9, 2017

Bryan High School marching band members taken to Katy hospital with heat-related illness--
Two marching band students from the Bryan area were taken by ambulance to a hospital after suffering from heat-related illnesses at a competition in Katy. The Bryan High School Band was participating in the 32nd Annual Katy ISD Invitational Marching Festival at Legacy Stadium. Temperatures on Saturday were forecasted to be 91 degrees with a 98 degree heat index. The ill students began to feel the effects of heat after their performance.
The Eagle, Staff Writer, October 14, 2017

Warmer, More Humid--
Moist Gulf Coast air will be moving into the south Texas beginning Wednesday night and into Thursday night. The moisture will allow some low level clouds to form each afternoon through Saturday. The passage of a cold front into the area will increase rain chances beginning Sunday. High temperatures will be reduced to the low to mid-80s with highs in the lower 60s.
KGNS, Richard Berler, October 18, 2017

Winter weather forecast: Warm, dry for southern U.S.; snowy and cold in the Northwest, Great Lakes--
Forecasters for the National Weather Service are predicting a dry and mild winter for the southern tier of the U.S. This prediction is in contrast to what is expected for the northern U.S. region where a colder and wetter winter is predicted. The U.S. Climate Prediction Center has observed La Nina-like conditions to persist into the winter bringing above-average precipitation and colder-than average temperatures in the north and drier, warmer than average temperatures in the south.
USA Today, Doyle Rice, October 19, 2017

NOAA: Warmer, drier than usual winter predicted for North Texas--
Much of the US, including North Texas, is expecting another warm winter according to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The main concern is the chance for La Nina, which causes a warmer and drier weather for the southern US and a colder than normal winter for southern Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Northern Tier states. Temperatures in North Texas are forecasted to be 50 to 50 percent warmer than average winter temperatures, and precipitation is predicted to be about one-third drier than a typical winter.
KDFW, Staff Writer, October 20, 2017

KTXS Forecast: Quiet weather this week-
Monday will begin to warm up with highs in the low 80s. A dry cold front is expected to move into the Big Country in the early evening, causing lows to drop back into the mid 40s. Tuesday highs will be much cooler with temperatures in the mid 70s and mostly clear skies. Another cold front will blow in Thursday evening, bringing some of the coldest temperatures so far this season.
KTXS, Megan Murat, October 22, 2017

Cool Weather

KSAN Storm Team Daily Forecast Update - Sunday, October 8, 2017--
The morning temperature in San Angelo were a brisk low temperature of 50, then increased quickly to very warm 94 degrees. A cold front will lower temperatures to the mid 60s with a nighttime low of just 46 degrees. Winds will begin to increase late Monday night to speeds of 15-25 mph and gusts up to 35 mph. Wind chills make temperatures feel like the lower 40s. A transition of winds from the south will bring warmer temperatures Wednesday evening that will increase to previous hot, dry, and sunny conditions by the weekend.
Concho Valley, Scott Barry, October 8, 2017

Strong cold front will bring 50s to most of South Texas--
Even though Monday will be an unseasonably hot day with temperatures in the mid 90s, the next couple of days will begin to feel more like fall. A strong cold front bringing Arctic air will pass through the South Texas region Monday night. Northerly sustained winds will be 10 to 20 mph with gusts upwards of 30 mph, bringing drier and colder air. By the end of the week, warm temperatures will be returning to the area.
KSAT, Kaiti Blake, October 8, 2017

Grab your sweaters: Cool air sweeps into Central Texas--
Temperatures in the Central Texas region were unseasonably warm for the early parts of the month with temperatures being recorded in the 90s, though a cold front ushered in more autumn-like conditions Tuesday morning. Upper 50s to low 60s will be expected for the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday with afternoon highs reaching the mid 70s. Summer-like warm temperatures will be re-established by Friday.
KVUE, Nathan Gogo, October 10, 2017

Cool temperatures greet San Antonians, another fall morning on Wednesday--
The San Antonio region received its first experience of fall beginning Tuesday as cooler temperatures and windy conditions were brought into the area Monday evening. Most of the Hill Country saw temperatures in the 50s, while San Antonio observed 60s. Conditions are expected to be cloudy with lows of 59 and a high of 78 on Wednesday. Cooler temperatures will only remain for the next couple of days then warm back to the upper 80s.
KABB, Staff Writer, October 10, 2017

When will fall weather be here to stay?--
The Houston area has received autumn-like conditions sporadically over the past few weeks, though the cool weather has not remained for long. Based on recent year’s climatology, a settling-in of the cooler weather is expected in the final weeks of October and early November. It is not uncommon for warm fronts to pass through and raise temperatures temporarily, though an establishment of the cool temperatures will remain in the coming weeks
ABC13, Staff Writer, October 14, 2017

Strong cold front drops temps as rain clears out--
A strong cold front pushed through the North Texas region bringing much cooler temperatures overnight. Increased chances of precipitation and the possibility of isolated storms are expected over the next few days, though severe weather is not expected. Cloudy conditions will linger through Sunday afternoon proceeding clear and sunny conditions for the next 4 days.
WFAA, Staff Writer, October 15, 2017

First Alert Weather Day for Sunday morning--
The passage of a front on Sunday morning will provide the perfect lifting mechanism for strong to severe thunderstorms to develop along the boundary in East Texas. Strong winds and gusts along with pockets of large hail and heavy rainfall are possible from these storms. Winds from these storms may exceed 60 mph. The highest chances of severe storms will be in Oklahoma, though the North and Northeastern Texas regions will also observe a slight risk.
KLTV, Mark Scrito, October 19, 2017

Storm Alert: Sunday cold front to bring predawn rain, winds to Austin--
There is an 80 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms early morning Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. The wet weather and cooler temperatures may dampen the final day of the 2017 Formula One US Grand Prix on Sunday. A cold front moving through Austin early Sunday is expected to cool the high temperature in the upper 70s, with winds gusting up to 15 mph. Low temperatures will be near 50 degrees.
Austin-American Statesman, Julie Chang and Anusha Lalani, October 21, 2017

Dry cool front moving into S.A. area this week, bringing expected lows in the 40s, 50s--
The National Weather Service will see pleasant weather from a dry cool front coming overnight Monday. High temperatures on Monday are expected to be in the low 80s, and low temperatures will be in the low 50s. Tuesday through Thursday will see temperatures nearing the 80s and lows in the lower 50s. Friday will start out mostly sunny until a front moves through the area, bringing clouds and cooler temperatures to the area.
My San Antonio, Alexandro Luna, October 23, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Weather Update--
Temperatures on Tuesday will be cooler than they were on Monday in the DFW area. The high will still be in the mid to upper 70s increasing each day to unseasonably warm 86 degrees. Cold front will be moving into area Thursday night bringing cooler Arctic air and strong winds from the north. These conditions will be relieved in the days proceeding the frontal passage allowing for temperature to then increase again.
CBS DFW, Jeff Jamison, October 24, 2017

Series of cold fronts will bring cold mornings, warm afternoons through weekend --
A series of cold fronts will pass through Texas over the coming days, bringing relief of sustained warm summer and spring-like high temperatures. Thursday afternoon is expected to be very warm, though the low will dip into the mid 40s. On Friday morning, cold Canadian air will be brought down into Central Texas with winds from the north reaching the 30s on Saturday and Sunday.
KSAT12, Sarah Spivey, October 24, 2017

First Alert Weather Day issued for Saturday --
Saturday morning temperatures in West Texas are expected to be the coldest of the season, with some areas having the possibility of freezing. A cold front passing through Thursday night will bring significantly cooler temperatures into the area. East Texas officials are suggesting that residents prepare pipes, pets, and plants for freezing temperatures on Friday night.

First Freeze of the season possible for Texas Hill Country this weekend --
The Texas Hill Country is expected to experience its first freeze of the season this coming weekend. According to the National Weather Service a strong cold front push its way through the area ushering in very cold northern air overnight. Low temperatures in the lower to mid-30s and clear skies are being forecast for the Hill Country beginning Friday night, Saturday night, and into Sunday morning. Environmental conditions will be too dry to initiate thunderstorms from the front, but a temperature drop of roughly 20 degrees is expected.
Austin-Statesman, Nolan Hicks and Katie Hall, October 26, 2017

Coldest air since January in Austin? Found out when it’s coming --
A blast of cold air will reach Central Texas by this weekend. The cooler air is arriving much earlier than normal. Temperatures in the morning will be in the 30s in the coming days throughout the region. The last time temperatures dropped below the 40s in Central Texas before Halloween was in 1996.
KVUE, Nathan Gogo, October 26, 2017

5 Things to know about Halloween weekend weather --
A strong cold front is expected to have large impacts on the Northern and Central Texas regions. Temperatures will remain below 62 degrees with lows in the 30s beginning on Friday. Northerly winds will intensify the wind chill temperatures during the nighttime hours. The front will also be very dry and is expected to not generate rain. On average, Central Texas sees about 4 inches of rain during the month of October, though Camp Mabry in Austin has only observed less than 2 inches. Once the front passes, rain chances will then increase to about 40 to 50 percent on Halloween (Tuesday).
Austin-Statesman, Robert Villalpando, October 26, 2017

Freeze Warning in effect for much of DFW Saturday morning --
A strong cold front passing through the DFW area will drop temperatures from 86 degrees to 47 degrees on Thursday into Friday. The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for parts of North Texas. Officials are advising to tend to plants and pets as the temperatures begin to dip. After the front passage, temperatures on Saturday will warm to 60 degrees and the mid-70s on Sunday.
Star Telogram, Bill Hanna, October 27, 2017

Austin hits unseasonably cool high of 63 Saturday --
Chilly fall conditions are continue to linger in the south central Texas area with highs of 63 degrees. Temperatures are 15 degrees lower than the normal maximum temperatures, according to the National Weather Service. High temperatures will continue to rise in the coming days with expected highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s.
Austin-Statesman, Taylor Goldenstein, October 28, 2017

Freezing start to Sunday, warming pattern arrives during day--
The National Weather Service has issued a Freeze Warning for counties in northeast Texas in effect from midnight to 9 a.m. Sunday. Winds will shift from the north to the south during the afternoon hours of Sunday bringing warm air into the region and increasing temperatures. Southwest winds will blow at approximately 10 mph by the afternoon along with mild temperatures.
ArkLaTex, Josh Marcisz, October 28, 2017

Record lows Sunday morning, chance of rain on Halloween--
The National Weather Service reports that the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport observed a record low temperature of 32 degrees Thursday morning. This was one degree cooler than the record set in 2008. The cool temperatures will be relieved by the afternoon to a high of 75. High temperatures will be increasing throughout the week with slight chances of thunderstorms on Monday.
Austin-Statesman, Rachel Rice, October 29, 2017

Cold temps shatter 107-year-old record in Houston--
The Bush Intercontinental Airport measured a record low of 36 degrees the morning of the 29th. The previous record low at IAH was measured at 39 degrees in 1952. The Hobby Airport also observed a record low of 39 degrees breaking the previous 42 degree record. Temperatures are expected to warm up to 70 degrees by Sunday afternoon. By Thursday, low to mid 80 high temperatures will return.
Click2Houston, Khambrel Marshall, October 29, 2017

Halloween forecast not a ‘treat’ for some--
Conditions are forecasts to be mild and breezy for the remainder of Monday with a high upper 70s. Cooler and wetter conditions will be brought in by cold front and upper-level disturbance on Tuesday. The best chances for rain will be Tuesday night into Wednesday morning with a cool 60 degree temperature and north wind, making trick-or-treating conditions dreary. A clearing of the skies and warmer temperatures will develop Wednesday afternoon.
KSAT, Justin Horne, October 30, 2017

TX El Paso/Santa Teresa Zone Forecast--
The National Weather Service reports that the lows tonight will be in the mid 40s for the El Paso/Santa Teresa region. Winds will be from the East at 15-30 mph and gusts upwards of 45 mph. Partly cloudy skies will persist through the night. Temperatures will increase as the week progresses to near 80 degrees by the weekend.
SF Gate, National Weather Service, October 30, 2017

Severe Weather

Increasing Severe Weather Chances for Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas by Friday--
Chances of severe weather are increasing this week in the Southern and Central Plains. A marginal risk of severe weather is in effect for regions of New Mexico and Colorado for Wednesday and Thursday with an isolated threat of hail. This risk will be expanding to Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas by the afternoon hours on Friday and increasing to a slight risk. By Friday, upper level winds in the Central Plains and Texas Panhandle will allow for the development of large hail, damaging winds, and some isolated tornadoes.
WeatherNation, Staff Writer, October 4, 2017

Severe storms, flooding downpours to threaten central US into Friday night--
Torrential downpours and severe thunderstorms are expected in parts of the Southern and Central Plains, including the Texas Panhandle. The amount of rainfall is predicted to temporarily ease dryness and drought conditions in the region. Flash flooding from heavy rain is also a significant threat on Friday. Severe weather, including hail, damaging wind, and some isolated tornadoes, is expected to form across northwest Texas beginning Friday afternoon and evening.
AccuWeather, Alex Sosnowski, October 5, 2017

Severe storms, tornadoes, target northern Texas, Plains--
Severe weather is expected to continue to build in the coming days as weather transitions into winter patterns and the jet stream moves south. Low pressure systems developing on the leeward side of the Rocky mountains will push up warm, moist, and unstable air northward from the Gulf. These conditions will provide ideal conducive properties for severe weather in the Plains and Southern United States. Convective outlooks provided by the National Weather Service suggest marginal risks for Plain states with higher chances near Mississippi as Tropical Storm Nate makes landfall.
The Weather Network, Staff Writer, October 6, 2017

TX Marine Warning and Forecast--
The National Weather Service office in Corpus Christi are reporting the possibility of hazardous sea conditions beginning Sunday night. Elevated seas are expected due to Hurricane Nate disrupting surface waters. Swells from Hurricane Nate will be moving into offshore waters through the morning hours on Sunday. Mariners with small crafts should be advised to avoid the Gulf Coast for the entirety of Sunday.
SFGate, National Weather Service, October 7, 2017

Jeff Ray’s Weather Forecast--
North Texas can expect to see increased rain chances beginning on Sunday. These chances are not impacts of Hurricane Nate though are due to increased moisture in the region. High temperatures will be in the mid to high 80s with low temperatures in the mid to lower 50s. A cold front will pass through the area Monday night, lowering temperatures by as much as 30 degrees and increasing wind speeds to more than 15 mph. Warm temperatures are expected to return by the end of the week.
CBS11, Staff Writer, October 7, 2017

TX Marine Warning and Forecast--
A frontal passage will cause strong northerly winds to blow across Gulf Coast waters on Sunday and into Monday. Sea turbulence is expected to build overnight with the stronger frontal flow. A small craft advisory has been issued for areas along the Texas coast as the conditions deteriorate. Gradual improvement is expected in the region beginning Monday afternoon.
Seattle Pi, National Weather Service, October 15, 2017

Severe weather returns this weekend across parts of Texas--
The strong cold front that moved into the state is expected to move out of the southeast region by the end of Monday. The absence of the front will allow for a high pressures to develop over a majority of the southern US allowing stable weather conditions and higher temperatures to persist during the coming week. As temperatures rise, the atmosphere will also become more unstable with an influx of Gulf moisture. Rain chances will increase for much of the state beginning Sunday.
The Weather Network, Mario Picazo, October 16, 2017

Hail, damaging winds, brief tornado, may be possible in Saturday night storms--
A cold front passing through North Texas late Saturday night may cause severe weather into early Sunday morning. Threats possible with this system are strong winds and hail. The possibility of a brief tornado cannot be ruled out as the storms move across North Texas overnight. Localized areas could see over an inch of rain, but rain totals will vary across the region. The system should be gone by Sunday morning.
KXAS, Staff Writer, October 20, 2017

KSAN 6 pm weather--
Isolated severe thunderstorms are possible late this afternoon into tonight. Hail and strong winds are the predominant threats with the storms. The cold front is expected to move through San Angelo later tonight around midnight, and low temperatures will drop into the mid 50s. Sunday afternoon will see a return of sunny skies and highs in the mid 70s. The coolest night will be overnight Sunday, where morning lows will drop to the low 40s. A second front will move through Monday evening.
KSAN, Scott Barry, October 21, 2017

F1 in Austin 2017: Rain to clear out soon for USGP at COTA--
A line of thunderstorms associated with a cold front will move through Austin early Sunday morning but should not pose a threat to the Formula One United States Grand Prix today since there is no rain behind the current line of storms. The forecast for Sunday afternoon in Central Texas calls for dry, cooler weather and partly sunny skies. Although the Circuit of the Americas is currently experiencing heavy rain, the storms should clear out in the next half-hour. The Masters historic race, which begins Sunday morning, could potentially be affected by the weather, but most races do not start until late morning.
Austin American-Statesman, Kevin Lyttle, October 22, 2017

Significant weather advisory issued for parts of Bastrop County --
Bastrop and Fayette Counties have been issued a significant weather advisory beginning Tuesday evening. Moderate to heavy rain has been indicating by radar for the evening of Halloween. Flooding, wind, and the possibility of hail are the biggest threats from this storm. Rain exceeding an inch and dime-sized hail may develop in during this storm.
Austin-Statesman, Nolan Hicks, Roberto Villalpando, Katie Hall, October 31, 2017

Strong Storms for East Texas and Louisiana Wednesday --
East Texas should expect storms Halloween night and into the first day of November. Some of the developing storms may become severe and the Storm Prediction Center has placed a marginal risk of severe weather over portions of eastern Texas. The cold front that will pass through most of the state will become stationary Tuesday evening, providing lift for storms through Wednesday morning. Strong winds in excess of 40-60 mph and hail up to 1 inch and diameter will be the most significant threats of these storms.
Weather Nation, Staff Writer, October 31, 2017

Other Climate Impacts


U.S. Government Finalizing $29B Disaster Aid Package--
The President is currently working with congress to prepare a disaster relief package to help those affected by tropical cyclones Harvey, Irma, and Maria. The $29 billion disaster aid package combines funds that strengthen government-backed flood insurance programs and new relief for hurricane victims. A large portion of the funds from this bill will be appropriated to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Even with this package in development, some members are attempting to scrap the government-backed flood insurance program.
The Weather Channel, Andrew Taylor, October 3, 2017

Near the finish line--
Thousands of cars affected by Harvey have been placed in the Texas World Speedway while they await assessment by insurance companies. The exact number of cars is not known, though the Speedway has agreed to hold around 33,000 cars. Estimates from ICT report that nearly 10 percent of flooded vehicles with comprehensive insurance reside in College Station. The cars are expected to be gone by February, as the lease agreement with the company overseeing the operations extends for only six months. The cars will head to auctions, scrap yards, and possibly Hollywood, where Sony Pictures has asked for stationary cars to appear in the next Marvel film.
Bryan-College Station Eagle, Aimee Breaux, October 10, 2017

Texas Inmates Donate Over $53,000 to Hurricane Harvey Victims--
Inmates throughout Texas prisons have been donating commissary funds to Hurricane Harvey victims over the last month. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has reported that more than $53,000 has been donated to relief efforts by approximately 6,663 inmates. Fliers were posted outside of commissaries informing inmates that they could donate funds of a dollar or more in 104 facilities. The average amount donated was $8 and the largest donation was nearly $300. The large donation of funds was mailed to the American Red Cross at the end of September.
KTLA, Staff Writer, October 13, 2017

Gas prices continue to dip in Texas--
Gas prices across the state are continuing to remain low throughout the week. The statewide average gas price per gallon of regular unleaded fuel is $2.32 according to the AAA Test Weekend Gas Watch. Gas stations in Harker Heights are selling gas for as low as $2.09 per gallon. With the landfall of Hurricane Nate over the Gulf Coast last weekend many oil platforms and rigs were shut down and employees evacuated, though the storm did not cause extensive damage. Overall, the state is up 29 more cents on average from this time in 2016.
Killeen Daily Herald, Kyle Blankenship, October 14, 2017

Insurance company accused of delayed response to storm claims--
Residents in the Rockport, Port Aransas, and other Texas Gulf Coast cities are criticising natural disaster policies by a select few insurance counties. The expediency of the insurance response is getting the most criticism. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) is the one of the largest insurance providers along the Texas coast with over 234,000 clients totaling $68 billion dollars. TWIA policy options only cover wind and hail damage. There have been several reports of policyholders experiencing many field examinations without identification of funds, or not hearing from TWIA at all. The Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Helpline is currently open and will assist residents with any questions they may have to help resolve standing issues.
Click2Houston, Mario Diaz, October 16, 2017

Texas To Make First-Ever Flood Plan--
In the wake of the Hurricane Harvey disaster, the State of Texas is drafting a flood plan for the entire state. The project will examine the vulnerabilities of the state and create plans to mitigate them. $600,000 has been allocated to the Texas Water Development Board to create the plan, the first of which in the state, for completion in 2019.
Water Online, Sara Jerome, October 25, 2017

Abbott presses Congress for an extra $61 billion to rebuild after Harvey --
Texas Governor Greg Abbott flew to the Capitol to argue the case for more federal funds to assist in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Abbott suggests the extra funds will relieve local governments of spending out-of-pocket costs to repair flood losses and damages. According to official reports, 61 percent of the funds will go to flood control projects, 33 percent towards housing, and the remaining will go towards hazard mitigation and infrastructure repairs.
The Texas Tribune, Morgan Smith, October 31, 2017


Long-Delayed Houston Flood Control Project Could Soon Become a Reality--
8 new Brays Bayou bridges will replace those that were damaged during Hurricane Harvey after approval of a financial package by the Texas Water Development Board. The Water Development Board reports that the replacement and extension of the bridges will  increase stormwater conveyance capacity, lower flood risks, and address the issue of water quality. $47 million in improvement bonds will be purchased by the Board in the City of Houston. Construction of the bridges are a part of the effort known as “Project Brays” which seeks to widen some new water channels and detention ponds.
Houston Public Media, Gail Delaughter, October 17, 2017

10 million cubic feet of storm debris removed--
Since the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Texas Department of Transportation has collected the equivalent of about 186 football fields. TxDOT crews have been working continuously in areas from Corpus Christi to Houston and some towns in between. Over 600 TxDOT employees have worked weekly rotations removing debris from roads and land. Currently, work has been completed in 10 counties and cities and is expected to continue in the follow weeks.
KRIS, Staff Writer, October 17, 2017

Flood Vehicles From Hurricane Harvey Hitting Resale Market--
The Texas Department of Transportation is reporting that an estimated one million vehicles suffered flood damage after Harvey. Many of the damaged vehicles have ended up in the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown waiting to be repaired, resold, or scrapped. Cars are also packing the Texas World Speedway. The vehicles are expected to be gone by February as the racing season begins in March.
CBS Miami, Staff Writer, October 18, 2017

Small earthquake rattles I-10 between Houston, San Antonio--
Some southern Texas residents may have felt a small jolt on Friday after a rare 2,9-magnitude earthquake with an epicenter near Flatonia, rattled the area. The USGS said it struck just after 2 pm at a depth of 2.11 miles. There were no injuries or reports of damage.
KTRK, Staff Writer, October 20, 2017

Report: Woman killed in fatal two-car crash in heavy rain--
A woman dies Sunday morning near Houston after a truck hit her car on US 59 near FM 1314, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter. Her vehicle had been parked in the left lane of traffic when the truck hit the back of her vehicle in the heavy rains on Sunday morning.
Houston Chronicle, Lindsay Ellis, October 22, 2017


All 5 former presidents to attend storm recovery concert--
The five-living-former United States Presidents will be attending a benefit concert at the end of the month at Texas A&M University. The George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation will be hosting the concert to help aid victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria which damaged the Gulf Coast and Puerto Rico with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to resources that will have the most significant impact. “Deep from the Heart: The One America Appeal” is a joint effort first launched by the former Presidents last month.
FOX8, Staff Writer, October 4, 2017

Harvey modifies events in Southeast Texas, cancels ACS and Cattle Baron’s Ball--
The American Cancer Society has been forced to cancel the annual “5K Color Rush” sponsored by the Gift of Life due to the immense flooding and destruction in the Southeast Texas region. The organization’s largest fundraiser, the Southeast Texas Cattle Baron’s Ball, was also cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey. As a means of gaining donation funds, the organization will host the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk” at the end of October in Beaumont.
ABC12, Ezzy Castro, October 6, 2017

Harker Heights holds 7th annual coat drive--
Residents of Harker Heights are working to make the 7th annual coat drive the most successful yet. Activities director for the City of Harker Heights hopes to begin collections early as cooler weather begins to set in. The director has set the goal of 300 coats for collection with donation sites including the Harker Heights City Hall, Recreation Center, and Library Activities Center during normal business hours. The drive will continue until October 31st.
KWTX, Staff Writer, October 11, 2017

Oklahoma football: Another Red River slugfest, by the numbers--
The University of Oklahoma Sooners completed a win over the University of Texas Longhorns this past weekend in a matchup that was both entertaining and historic. The Sooners have won six of the last eight games competed against Texas. The high temperature was recorded at 90 degrees, just three degrees less than the record set in 1991.
Sports Illustrated, Chip Rouse, October 15, 2017

East Texas, visitors from all over celebrate 84th Texas Rose Festival parade--
Pleasant weather allowed for a successful Texas Rose Festival Parade on Saturday in Tyler, which received a large turnout from the community and cities as far as San Antonio and Austin. Over 100 entries participated in the parade, along with pre-parade performances by a local high school band and drill team.
Tyler Morning Telegraph, Augusta Robinson, October 21, 2017

Texas lawmakers introduce bill to make hot air balloon rides safer--
A group of Texas lawmakers unveiled legislation on Monday designed to make hot air balloon operations safer after last year’s deadly crash in Texas. A new mandate would require that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employees have medical certifications for commercial balloon pilots. These regulations come after the worst hot air balloon disaster in US History, when a balloon crash left 16 people dead last year due to piloting in unsafe weather conditions near Lockhart, Texas.
The Hill, Melanie Zanona, October 23, 2017


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