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Burn Bans

County-wide burn bans through October 1


Monthly Change in Drought Monitor Classification

U.S. Drought Monitor, September 3, 2013
U.S. Drought Monitor, September 24, 2013

Drought Maintains Stronghold on Texas after Years of Sparse Rain- The latest drought monitor update places much of Texas under drought conditions with some of the worst to the north and west of Houston. Taking a look at the deficits in rain since 2008 put into perspective how dire this drought remains. Houston and College Station are over 4 feet below normal, and Galveston is over 6 feet!
KPRC News, Eric Braate, September 6, 2013

Water, Water…Nowhere- The only county in the state without some kind of drought condition is Reeves County in far west Texas. The rest of us, on the other hand, have had little rain, and collectively the state’s water supply sits at 59% capacity, down from 66% this time last year. As water becomes scarce and the population grows so, too, do the fears of running out of water.
KETK News, Roger Gray, September 11, 2013

Rain a Welcome Sight for Many North Texans- More rain has fallen today than in the entire month of September, and the rainfall has many hopeful for the end of the long drought. Though rain has begun to add up over North Texas, the National Weather Service still says we are making up for 2011. Beneath the wet soil now the ground is still dry and 8-9 inches of rain are needed to erase the drought.
KTVT News, Joel Thomas, September 20, 2013


131 Acres Burned in Grimes County Fire, Crews Still Working to Control It- Off county road 306 in Grimes County, a wildfire was sparked during strong winds at the same place as a fire last month. The fire forced one family to evacuate as it came within 20 feet of a home, but by Monday morning the fire was contained by fire crews, stopping the spread.
KBTX News, Nicole Morton, September 9, 2013

Water Supply

Lake Buchanan Level Drops to 61-Year Low- Those who have lived along Lake Buchanan’s shoreline have never seen the water level drop this low for so long. As of Tuesday, the lake sits at 986.53 feet above sea level, which is well below the full level of 1,020 feet. The low lake levels have exposed trash and debris on the shore, adding to the eyesore of the drought ravaged land.
KXAN News, September 4, 2013

Drought Drying up Water Supply in Lakeside Communities- Small lakeside central Texas communities are suffering from the drought with lakes at record low levels. Governor Perry signed a proclamation indicating that the current drought is an imminent threat to all central Texas, and cities such as Ridge Harbor are particularly bad. The Lake Travis community is running out of water and has had to resort to trucking in water to keep the tap flowing.
KXAN News, Ignacio Garcia, September 6, 2013

Demand for Water in Texas Exceeds its Supply- The population of Texas is expected to grow as much as 30% over the next 50 years, and, combined with decreasing aquifer levels, there is just not enough water to go around. The drought has only aggravated the situation for low supply, and it is up to consumers to make the right choice to conserve water before we run out. Garden experts will be available at the Brazos County Fair to answer questions about conserving water and having a beautiful garden and lawn.
The Eagle, Charla Anthony, September 6, 2013

Groundwater District Considers New Rules- The Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District will host a meeting on October 10th to discuss changes to water regulations. The laws were written when the area was “wet” and need to be updated for continued supply of water as rivers, wells, and springs run dry in the ever persistent drought.
The Bandera Bulletin, Jessica Hawley-Jerome, September 12, 2013

Building Permits Granted for Lake Ralph Hall Reservoir- After nearly three decades of no new reservoir approvals, the TCEQ approved the funding and plan for Lake Ralph Hall in Fannin County. The lake will supply water to the rapidly growing North Texas area and will cover 12,000 acres of land once the North Sulphur River is dammed.
KXII News, Alexandra Cart, September 26, 2013

Recent Rains Ease Drought Restrictions in Llano- All the recent rainfall has caused the Llano River to rise, giving the city of Llano the opportunity to rescind stage 3 drought restrictions in exchange for stage 2.
KVUE News, September 30, 2013

Inclement Weather


Longview Roads reopen After Labor Day Flooding- The High Street underpass near Cotton and South Green at East Nelson was flooded during Labor Day rains. After several drivers were trapped in the water, the streets were closed, but after a few hours the streets were reopened.
KETK News, Nicole Underwood, September 2, 2013

Heavy Rain Floods Parts of Corpus Christi- Nearly 4 inches of rain fell on Corpus Christi on Sunday as gulf moisture poured into the Gulf Coast. The rain flooded parking lots near the Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus getting students in kayaks.
The Henderson Daily New, September 9, 2013

Rain Overwhelms El Paso Flood Control- The $500 million El Paso flood control program is nearing completion, but the areas that still do not have a projects completed were subject to flooding on Wednesday. Around two inches of rain fell in central El Paso flooding the west bound lanes of Interstate 10 and several side streets. The project, in the works since the devastating flood of 2006, was made possible by a tax on the city resident’s utility bill and, once completed, will be able to withstand a ’25 year flood’.
The El Paso Times, Aaron Bracamontes, September 12, 2013

El Paso Storm Gone; Damage Remains- The city of El Paso was taken by storm in a wall of water with many families forced to evacuate as the water levels rose in their homes. Families along Coker Road were displaced by flood waters and now are living in a shelter set up by the American Red Cross, and all the residents in the village of La Union were without utilities after an earthen dam gave way and washed out two roads and water and gas lines.
The El Paso Times, María Cortes González, September 14, 2013

Heavy Rains Close Several Low Water Crossings- With many of inches of rain falling on Central Texas, low water crossings were closed all across the city. Places such as Joe Tanner Road and Old Bee Caves Road flooded and had to be closed, giving drivers a longer route home.
KVUE News, Shannon Murray, September 20, 2013

Multiple Rescues in Overnight Flooding- Seven people had to be rescued from their vehicles due to high water on Travis County roads overnight and into early Sunday morning. Heavy rains forced 10 roads to be closed within the city of Austin alone during this time.
KXAN News, September 29, 2013

Several Inches of Rain Hit Henderson County- Heavy rains caused problems all over Henderson County over the weekend with rains topping out at 3.81 inches in Athens. The rain caused a portion of the Cain Center Roof to collapse and also damaged the Judicial Center. Several county roads needed to be blocked off due to high water or downed trees.
The Athens Review, Rich Flowers, September 30, 2013


We’ve Survived 40 Days of Triple Digit Heat- Just because August is over doesn’t mean that summer is over! The 4th of September was the 40th day this summer where temperatures in Austin were above 100 degrees, 5 more than last year, but still only half of what we saw in 2011.
The Austinist, Aleksander Chan, September 5, 2013

Don’t Get Defeated by Game-Day Heat- The season opener for the Aggies this year was hot, and more than 200 people were treated for heat related symptoms by EMS. The cool zones during the game received over 2,000 visitors and officials urge people to be aware of the risks associated with extended exposure to high heat.
The Eagle, Andrea Salazar, September 7, 2013

Hurricanes/Tropical Weather

Minor Coastal Flooding Affecting North Beach- Hurricane Ingrid to the south of Texas is causing water to spill onto the North Beach, flooding roadways and the beach itself. Motorists are urged to use caution while in the area and swimming is discouraged.
KIII News, September 15, 2013


Lightning Strikes Injure Two, Prompts Neighborhood Evacuation- A tank filled with pyrethrin gas was struck by lighting and ruptured in Humble at around 1 p.m. forcing HAZMAT officials to evacuate a nearby neighborhood while the insecticide was cleaned up. The same storm struck two men playing soccer in south Houston sending both victims to the hospital.
KHOU News, Rashi Vats, September 7, 2013

Lightning Strikes La Grange Oil Tank- An oil tanker was sitting at the La Grange Saltwater Treatment plant on Saturday morning when lightning struck it and set it ablaze. Large flames and black smoke poured from the tank and slight damage occurred to the plant before the fire was extinguished by 8:30 am.
KXAN News, September 28, 2013

Severe Weather

Severe Storms Damage Aubrey Man’s Home- Lightning is believed to have caused most of the damage to an Aubrey man’s home when a tree fell on two cars and a hole was punched in the roof of his home. Power was shortly knocked out to the neighborhood and the rest of the holiday weekend was spent cleaning up the damage.
KTVT News, Elizabeth Dinh, September 2, 2013

Lightning Show in Austin- Strong storms dropped well-needed rain and brought a lightning show to Austin overnight on Wednesday. Winds downed trees near empress Boulevard and caused 6,500 power outages, while 1.31 inches of rain were recorded at the Airport.
KVUE News, John Bumgardner, September 5, 2013

Storm Blows Roof Off Home, Downs Trees near Elgin- Strong winds associated with a storm on Wednesday blew off the roof of Judy Ellis’s home and filled her upstairs with rainwater. Winds also tore up a carport across the street.
KVUE News, Ashley Goudeau, September 5, 2013

Other Climate Impacts

Animals/Aquatic Life

LCRA to Release More Water Downstream- In order to maintain river and shoreline habitats the LCRA voted to release water from the Highland Lakes on Tuesday. Animals from Oysters to sea birds require the right mix of salt and freshwater to survive and the lack of flow from the Colorado River has put them in danger. This doesn’t come without a fair share of controversy, for residents subject to water restrictions feel that this is an unnecessary use for precious water.
KXAN News, David Yeomans, September 11, 2013


World’s largest Wind Farm Coming to Hale County- The world’s largest wind farm is to be erected over 122,000 acres in Hale county over the next few years bringing over 100 high paying jobs to the region. Hale Community energy plans to place 650 new wind turbines all across multiple landowners’ fields across Hale county. Work will be completed by 2018.
Lubbock Avalanche Journal, Josie Musico, September 24, 2013

Water Coming Out of Gas Pumps in North Tyler- Flash Flooding filled more than just streets on Friday when an uncovered top to the gas tanks at an A&W grocery store gas station filled with water. Gas was still sold to customers from 5:30 am to 8:00 am before the manager was notified and the pumps were shut down. Only 5% of what was sold to customers was gas leading to expensive and time consuming repairs on vehicles. A&W Grocers footed the bill for all repairs to vehicles sold bad gasoline.
KETK News, Alexa Vogue, September 25, 2013

Rain Creates Sinkhole at Shopping Center- A problem that has been several months in the making finally made a grand appearance in the form of a 12-foot sinkhole. Heavy rains washed away the soil beneath a section of walkway by Zinger Hardware. The area has been cordoned off since April and the store has seen a drop in sales since then.
KXAN News, September 30, 2013


City of El Paso Public Health: Be Careful with Well Water- With all of the recent rainfall some private wells may have become contaminated with water runoff or leakage from faulty septic systems. Before anyone drinks out of the water it should be tested for dangerous bacteria that is especially harmful to children and the elderly. Contact the city of El Paso Department of Public Health for more information.
KTSM News, September 18, 2013


Residents Could be Cited for Having too Many Weeds- After all of the rain the Borderland has received weeds have begun sprouting in homeowners lawns, but the city still expects yards to be weed free. Workers are going around seven days a week looking for lawns out of compliance, de-weeding them, and then handing out a citation and fine.
KTSM News, Monica Cortez, September 11, 2013


Rain Played Role in White Wing Season- The second weekend of dove season was more of a fizzle than usual with fewer hunters out due to rains. The rains are good for doves though, for the birds love to hang around near where water has collected and it looks to be a good few weeks ahead.
The Nueces County Record Star, Joe Martinez, September 17, 2013


Zaffirini Promotes Drought Photo Campaign- State senator Judith Zaffirini of Lerado has asked for residents of Texas to submit photos of the drought for the “What does your Texas Drought Look Like?” campaign. The program aims to use the photographs for the education of residents about drought awareness.
The Alice Echo-News Journal, Ofelia Hunter, September 6, 2013


Return to Heat Means Return of Cramps for Texas High School Football Players- The last week in August is the first week in High School Football games, and with the heat on cramps plague all teams in the heat. Though the exact cause of cramps is a mystery, hydration is a thought way to avoid them, so coaches encourage and require constant hydration throughout the week, not just on game day.
WFAA News, Ted Madden, September 5, 2013

Late-Summer Heat could take a Toll on Area Football Fans- Heat related illnesses are the highest weather related cause of death in the US, and the onset of football season has paramedics alert. Temperatures during the games this weekend will be in the upper 90s and in the stands at Baylor’s Floyd Casey Stadium can easily approach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts say to stay hydrated and wear proper clothes to keep you cool in the game.
KWTX News, John Carroll, September 6, 2013

Festival Fans Scoff at Rain- The Texas Pecan Festival in Groves went on with a slightly abbreviated schedule on Friday and Saturday with the annual parade and some stage events canceled. Still many people came out despite the rain and enjoyed the festivities, but vendors were feeling the slow sales as fewer than normal attended.
The Port Arthur News, Mary Meaux, September 23, 2013

Texas Reds Organizers Happy with Attendance Even with Rainouts- Two to three inches of rain fell on Saturday during the annual Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival in downtown Bryan. The rain forced the main stage acts to cancel and reschedule their shows and pushed crowds inside. Despite the rain attendance was still high for the event.
The Eagle, Beth Brown, September 29, 2013


Crews Working to Repair Washed out County Road- Just down the road from Lindale Junior High Prairie Creek overflowed it’s banks on Friday and washed out County Road 474. The culverts beneath the road were too small to handle the flow of water and new bigger ones are being ordered. Repairs will take over two weeks .
KLTV news, Jamey Boyum, September 24, 2013

Weekend Rains Cause Massive Sinkholes- Heavy rains over the weekend cause three sinkholes to devour sections of three Brazos Valley roads. A sinkhole has forced the closure of FM 1155 and FM 2193 in Washington County and Straub road in Brazos County. TXDOT says that it could take several months to make repairs to the roads.
KBTX News, Nicole Morton, September 30, 2013

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