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Weekly Climate Summary 08/09/2021

This past week in Texas weather saw an increase in precipitation compared to the previous week. Especially in the southern tip of Texas and up the gulf coast. On the western border of the South Texas Plains along the Rio Grande river, precipitation reached upwards of 4” in some areas. Across the south and up the coast, precipitation accumulation ranged from 1-3” in most areas. For the remainder of the state, precipitation accumulation was between 0.1-1” of rain. Nearly the entire state experienced more precipitation this week compared to the 0.1” average of the week prior.


Across the state, no area in Texas experienced temperatures warmer than the normal. The South Texas Plains, Gulf Coast, and western Big Bend Country experienced temperatures 1-4 degrees below the normal. Across central Texas through the Hill Country, Prairies and Lakes region, as well as the majority of the Panhandle experienced temperatures 6 degrees or cooler than the normal. Specifically, In Foard and Knox county, temperatures were 10 degrees cooler. Compared to the previous week, temperatures were far lower than the normal this week. Last week, most of north Texas and the panhandle were above the long-term mean, while the rest of the state was only around 1-2 degrees cooler than the long-term mean.


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