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Weekly Climate Summary 07/31/2021

The past week in Texas weather saw continued precipitation across most of the state. Across the majority of central Texas, precipitation averaged 0.1”. Moving west across the state saw areas with increased precipitation up to 2” in the southern tip of the Trans-Pecos region. Furthermore, the northern portion of the Texas panhandle, as well as the southern portion of the Texas Louisiana border, had precipitation of 1-1.5”


Temperatures across Texas varied for this week. In the Texas Panhandle, we witnessed the greatest temperature departure from the normal with temperatures 3 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than in the past. Across the Red River, in some parts of central Texas, as well as down the Louisiana-Texas border also experienced warmer than average temperatures at about 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit warmer. For the remainder of Texas, we witnessed cooler than normal temperatures with areas of south Texas reaching 5 degrees Fahrenheit less than previous normals.


At the end of this week, a cold front began to sweep across the upper half of the state bringing temperature averages down in the panhandle and the northern central plains. Looking forward, the beginning of next week, this portion of Texas may remain cooler than average as a result of the front itself and increased cloud cover caused by the front. Precipitation showers will continue into next week and temperatures will begin to rise near the week's end.

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