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Weekly Climate Summary: 11/22/2021

This week in Texas weather saw dry conditions across the entirety of the state. The Big Bend region, the Panhandle, the Hill Country, and the Prairies and Lakes region all experienced less than 0.1” of precipitation across this period. In the Piney Woods region and along the Gulf Coast, the majority of counties also experienced less than 0.1” of precipitation. However, in both these regions a few counties such as Upshur County and Brazoria County saw slightly higher precipitation at 0.25-1.75”. The South Texas Plains were the wettest region in the state across this period. The southern tip of this region experienced between 1”-3.25” inches of precipitation, while Duval County experienced the most precipitation in the state across this period with 4.75”-5.5”.




This week in Texas weather was marked with warmer than normal temperatures across the state. For the entirety of the state, temperatures were at least 2 °F warmer than normal. The Panhandle, North Texas, Central Texas, the Gulf Coast, the South Texas Plains, and the Big Bend region saw temperatures 2-6 °F above normal. The Edwards Plateau region had even higher temperature departure, with many counties experiencing temperatures 6-8 °F warmer than normal. Moore County in the Panhandle saw the highest temperature departure in the state during this period with temperatures 8-10 °F warmer than normal. 





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