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Weekly Climate Summary 09/06/2021

This week in Texas weather saw minimal precipitation for most of the state. The vast majority of central and southern Texas saw precipitation accumulation at or less than 0.1”. Northwest of San Antonio saw greater precipitation with areas in Kerr and Gillespie counties receiving up to 1.2”. The northern portion of the Gulf Coast as well as up the Louisiana border saw increased precipitation accumulation at around 0.3-1.2”. Some counties along the coast such as Matagorda, Harris, and Galveston observed 1.8-2.1”. Finally, the western Panhandle along the border of New Mexico and down through the Big Bend region of Texas saw precipitation accumulation within 0.3-0.9”. Specifically Jeff Davis and Presidio counties in Big Bend saw the most precipitation in the state at 1.8-2.7”.


Temperature's in Texas this week exceeded the normal for the majority of the state. The areas of the Panhandle, along the northern border of Oklahoma, and along the Rio Grande border of Mexico saw temperatures 3-9 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the normal. For the rest of the state, temperatures were slightly lower yet still warmer at 3 degrees higher than the normal. Tarrant, Parker, Hood, and Johnson counties west of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex were an anomaly compared to the rest of the state as the temperature here was 9-12 degrees cooler than the normal.



No severe weather was experienced throughout Texas for this week. Looking forward to next week, the Climate Prediction Center estimates above normal temperatures for the entire state with increasing probability from 33% in the southern tip of the state to 80% in the Panhandle. As for precipitation, the CPC estimates a 33% chance for dryer conditions than normal in Central and East Texas. North and West Texas have that probability increased to 50%.

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